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This story is a sequel to Thomas, Twilight, and the Magic Railway

Following the recovery of Lady and the defeat of Storm King and Diesel 10, life goes mostly back to normal on Sodor. Join the engines and their drivers for some more thrills, spills, and exciting adventures from the rails. After all, it's Great to be an Engine!

This collection will be a mixture of adaptations of both TTTE and MLP episodes, Christopher Awdry stories, and some original material thrown into the mix.

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I'm still of the opinion that a Arry and Bert should have been sent to CF Booth to be turned into razor blades or cannibalised for spare parts, given that this adaptation does suffer from the same problem that the original did in that the gruesome twosome got off scot-free..

You can say that again about Arry and Bert, and don't get started on another certain episode with them I would honestly take a rocket launcher to those 2 blockheads!

Can't wait to see the episode when Sir Topham Hatt to say when things go wrong when he's trying to get to Lady Hatt's birthday, "Bother bother."


Would that episode be a season 8 one, by any chance?


I seem to have hit a home run of sorts.

I'm not adapting everything in S5, remember.

I'm not referring to just that one, I'm also referring Middle Engine. Cause it's dangerous for engines to pull and push cars at the same time, yet those 2 blockheads pull that trick anyway!

What's really annoying is Sir Topham Hatt does absolutely nothing about their antics. No scolding, no punishments, no nothing.
(Okay there was that in the episode "Halloween", but that was basically the only time)
I mean he tells Diesel to stop being a jerk yet Diesel keeps doing it. What is it gonna take for Sir Topham Hatt to see Diesel won't let go of his tricking deeds?

I mean many fan series did better handling with it. ShunterProductions, Victor Tang, NWR1991, WildNorWestor. Even you.

Nice new story. Looking forward to some of your original work.

Then again, he didn't do anything about them trying to pull off their own version of "Cupcakes" here, either. This is a good start, but Sir Topham Hatt giving them what they deserved would have made it even better (and that's before we get to the idiot in charge of the crane).

If you've ever read Cheerilee's Garden, Sweetie Belle's demise is very similar to the fate Stepney nearly suffered.

This collection will be a bit more...varied.

There'll even be some CGI stuff in there.

And some fixfics in there too.

The show has produced some awful ones, like Wonky Whistle.

Do an epsiode when Twi gets sick and Shining has to fill in as Thomas' engineer. I would like to see that and maybe have the two go to Boulder Quarry after it was shut down.

Shining drives Bear, remember?

Although like I've previosuly stated, we've still got the problem of the antagonists not getting what they deserved. There may well be numerous cases of illegal vehicle dismantling and metal theft traced back to the gruesome twosome and their drivers.

Very true. I think there's a fanfiction in that.

And a dead Terrier, to boot.

I know that maybe have Bear in the works being mended. Maybe call it 'Thomas and Shining' that would work for an epsiode title. I would like to see if Shining can handle Thomas' cheeky personality and would end up becoming friends in the end. It would be nice to see those two get along.

You had me worried then. Thought you were gonna bring Timber Spruce into the show. (shudders)

Will American locomotives appear on the island like Hank, Rosie, Sam, and a few others?

"Hey, ho, away we go!"

Heh, I'm thinking of using that as a Highball quote for future Trainz Sessions :3

And Electra is... a Blue EM2."

Noice. XD

That was a funny pun in my opinion

The only American engines plausible are Rosie and an S160.

You really went there, huh? Nice.

Rosie maybe. Hank and Sam are out of gauge.

I wrote the entire chapter specifically to make that joke.

This episode had to be fixed, in my opinion.

That's the new one they've just got running at Grosmont.

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