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Glad to be here at last.


This story is a sequel to Ghost Train: the Untold Story of Timothy

There have been many tales to come from the Island of Sodor, most of which have not been told. In this new collection, join me for another journey into the world of Thomas and his friends as we witness new sites and, for the first time, Thomas journey beyond his Island home for a special celebration.

A sequel collection to my earlier Thomas anthologies, these tales are a mixture of TV series stories, Christopher Awdry stories, fan stories, MLP episodes, and my own original material.

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"Because people will see you on television and read stories about you on the internet and then you'll go 2D and start bouncing and-"

"Whatever is she talking about?" asked Toby. "I'm a three dimensional object last I checked, and besides, why would that be of any concern to us? We're not on the internet!"

Very clever jab at that. :raritywink:

on one of the crossing barrier arms have way

I think you're missing a word inbetween have and way: gave

This was an interesting story. And welcome back.
One story I hope will be made is the season 2 episode, "The Runaway". I can actually help out with that one, since I have an idea on who could be Thomas's relief driver to take Twilight's place while sick, what could happen before Thomas runs away from his faulty handbrake, and what can be said at the end.
I'll give you a clue on who Thomas's relief driver could be. "I just don't know what went wrong."

Awesome touch on using the RWS into for this!

Huh, I never knew which line Thomas was taking in this story

When I was younger and actually happy my family and I watched Thomas. Mostly me and my brother though. But I lost happiness and I don’t watch anything but horror, death, and a few other things now.

James, Percy, Rainbow, and Gordon, Pinkie, and Twilight, and Thomas #1!
Let's go go go! Hear The Tales of Sodor
Let's go go go! Explore with Twilight and Thomas!
Let's go go go! And meet new friendly faces
Friendship's just a train ride away
Magical Friendship Adventures
Thomas and Friends: More Tales from Sodor! (Giggle)
How was that, Blue?

Thanks for coming along for the ride once more.

I thought it would be fun to reference the format used by the audio books, and it seems to have paid off.

Doesn't quite scan, but A+ for effort.

These stories take place before the events of The Last Goodbye, as stated on the front page.

That's a typo. I'll correct that.

One issue with the Christopher Awdry stories was that he didn't always have the best of grasps on railway geography.

I'm sorry to hear that. I wish you luck with rediscovering happiness.

Wait and see if that one turns up. We're in for the long haul with this collection.

well, how would yours go?

Well, I couldn't say most people would have expertise on railway locations, I certainly don't

Then again, that's comparing him to his father, whose understanding of railway operations and equipment was second to none. He notes in the introduction to the 1997 illustrated edition;

In my book in my study, I have a great file of letters. These letters are from railwaymen, parents, and children. Many of them are to say that my books are the only ones they will read to their children, as the others are so innacurate!

Fun fact; Ted Robbins is the 1st Cousin once removed of Paul McCartney.

This show is full of unintentional Beatles connections.

Ah, of course. Cause one of them narrated Thomas.

Ringo Starr to be precise. Although interestingly, Ringo Starr was voiced by Paul Angelis in the 1968 film Yellow Submarine. And yes, Paul Angelis was Michael Angelis' older brother.

Huh, I never knew that fact about the Yellow Submarine film.

Funny thing is, I believe I have a vhs copy of the film.

I don't know if it ever got a DVD release.

The Reverend really was a remarkable writer.

Thanks. This is an adaptation of a Christopher Awdry book.

Thanks but I don’t think that I have anymore happiness inside me. Happiness, laughter and a few good feelings have been drained from me and replaced with pain, sorrow, depression, anger, bitterness.

Sorry to hear that. Please don't take this the wrong way, but have you considered seeing a councillor to help?

Setting the story nowadays actually makes more sense, as in 1990 there was still no freight on the S&C.

And nowadays the route is an incredibly busy freight corridor. Even in covid times, the WCML is ludicrously busy.

Every therepist I see always leaves so I stopped. My mom still has me in therapy but I’m not opening up to anybody anymore.

Requested by Thomlight Sparkle specifically.

So, any way any of us could help?

No. It’s my problem not anyone else’s.

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