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Sonata Dusk separated from the other Dazzlings and ended up in Equestria herself. Twilight found her and managed to not only reform her (somewhat) but has fallen in love with her as well. Now Twilight deals with a marefriend who is a bit like Pinkie Pie but keeps suggesting they take over Equestria together.

I did say that she was reformed somewhat, didn’t I?

Inspired by a Date At Dusk by keaton-furman-prower.
Cover image is COM: Got a Case of Fishy Love! By MustLoveFrogs, used with permission.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 10 )

The ending bwahahahahahahaha...

This... sort of feels like it sped past all the interesting parts? There're nuggets here, like Sonata wanting to take over Equestria and the sirens stealing the geodes, that only got, like, a paragraph of exposition, when I think either of those scenarios would be more interesting if explored in-depth than what this story actually showed me.

wow, totally fumbled the trigger on the post button.

Anyways, I agree that the concept is amazing, but it could use a little more in areas. I still like it as is, and patiently wait for more in this particular AU

I really did enjoy this oneshot any chance of a sequel, or at least seeing more stuff with this pairing?

continue please ?:fluttercry:

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