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Wrestling AU.

Sunset Shimmer is the smug bullying heel in the Cantlerlot Wrestling Alliance’s wrestling ring, out of the ring she is the kind loving girlfriend of Twilight Sparkle. She brings Twilight to the wrestling organisation and they become rivals in the wrestling ring. Their onscreen rivalry heats up and the fans can feel the electricity between them.

The picture is Sunset Chop by XJKenny on Deviantart, used with permission.

Chapters (12)
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This was interesting. As both a major Twilight and Sunset fan, and a fan of older WWE, WWF, WCW, and ECW, I can definitely see this playing out. I like how you included a description of one of the dramatic video packages they use, and it's just an interesting concept overall. A couple of suggestions, though. A lot of the story is written in an active voice, instead of a passive voice. For instance:

Right outside the ring entrance Twilight was there wearing the Women's Championship belt around her waist and there was Sunset there wearing the biker's jacket that served as her in ring attire.

I would recommend writing it in the past tense instead of the present, and with a few more descriptors, like so: "Just outside the ramp leading to the ring, also known as the gorilla position, stood the champion. The gold belt held a flashy, yet somewhat dignified manner, as it made its presence known around her waist. Opposite her stood Sunset, poised and confident, yet extremely provocative in her biker's jacket." Something like that.

But all in all, this was a fun read! Have you considered making the CWA into an active series? I've actually been weighing the pros and cons of doing a wrestling/pony crossover on my own page.

This feels like an outline to a story, like there’s a lot here that could be used for a lot more than a one-shot.

Thanks and I might do a follow up

9990725 Cannot resist:

Also got a story recommendation Champion's Road by OmegaPony11.

I would be very interested to see more of these two in the ring again

"It will be fine Twilight and this means we won't have to pretend to hate eachother now. Besides; as much as we act out there I don't think the fans are fooled. I have seen the forums and they all can feel the electricity between us." Sunset told her confidently and Twilight gave a nod. "Good luck Twi and may the best woman win." Sunset told her leaving and Twilight wished her good luck as well.

Inserting romance into a rivalry is a lightning rod of passion.

Good story.





Got a new chapter if you want to tell me what you think

Really like the story you have done so far, if your open to this idea then how about one where Sunset and Twilight are practicing moves with each other. You can have scenes such as Sunset doing the stinkface, the chop like the picture for the story or Twilight practicing her finisher and freaking out that Sunset got knocked out.

I like the chapter, please keep it up. And I just now have the mental image of the Sirens as Luchadors.

Pretty good chapter, but I hope Sunset doesn't get too crap from the other girls, otherwise it would get really annoying to read.

Remember to tell me if you have any ideas yourself please and thanks

I like how you spell the fact that a lot of wrestling is basically glorified stage acting.

I love the sport as well as the show

I know, I promise I'll let you know if I come up with a new ideas or anything to add for the Dazzlings suggestion.

Also sorry for the late response I was at work and two if you really do go through that bikini calendar idea, just let the girls have some stress-free fun

This was funny AND....romantic.

That was unnaturally adorkable. Bravo.

It's a good thing the girls were actually having fun with the photo shoot, I know they would have murdered Photo Finish's assistant for not putting the film in the camera. :rainbowlaugh:

So what did you think of the chapter

Will keep that in mind but got another chapter

Something else in store for them and got it updated

That was a cute little chapter, hope we see more of these slice of life kind of chapters in the future.

I'm surprised that there hasn't been any reprisals for Twilight becoming a wrestler. I mean I would expect that Shining would object due to the career threatening injuries and so forth. I could see some of Twilight colleagues reproach her for pursuing wrestling on top of being a scientist and quite possibly former bullies from Crystal Prep would most likely threaten her.

Might keep it in mind thanks

Since this is an au I don’t know if twi went to crystal prep here

10011946 True, you could also alter the events where the bullying wasn't as bad but Cinch did blackmail Twilight into competing.

I am enjoyong this and as an avid wrestling fan I its great noting your references (laughed at BBQ Jim and Blue Blood)

Thanks and welcome to any ideas you have and glad someone pointed out Jim

Used your idea thanks

So what do you think of this new one and any ideas on the dazzling please

No matter the dimension, Shining will forever be "Must Protec Sister!" man.

Another fine chapter, shocked Twilight's parents didn't come over and react to the photo-shoot as well. Still surprised Pinkie didn't throw a "Happy Championship Win Twilight" party :pinkiegasp: and a "Congrats for kissing your girlfriend on national television" party. :pinkiegasp:

Ever thought about making Luna "Nightmare Moon" based of the Undertaker or Sting (yes, I'm an old school WCW fan and will always lord over Crow Sting)

Sorry I don’t plan on. Putting everyone in the roster and the princesses were still probably the principals here

Fair :) wasn't sure what your plan was for your story :)
Looking forward to reading more of it

This sounds really good. Keep up the good work.

I like the mixture of fear and pride Cadence and Twilight showed at the photo shoot.

Shining is a real big stick-in-the-mud, isn't he? Great chapter and happy New Year!

Think I already received that one

Got some mroe blogs for the story if you have any ideas please

This was a lot better than I expected. It's safe to say you don't need me or anyone else for ideas anymore :twilightsmile:

I still prefer ideas and feedback, so what do you think of the events that happened

Also sorry but fight and action scenes were never my strong suit.

Unless the in-ring action is secondary - or even tertiary - might I suggest finding someone you could trust with helping you with that? Perhaps even writing it for you? Like I said if it's not a primary thing for this story, then don't worry about it.

As for the story itself, I've liked it...perhaps minus Shining's overprotectiveness but suppose that comes with the territory of being a big brother. I do wonder if you had thought of Pinkie Pie, Rarity or even Fluttershy being part of CWA, even if just part-time. Maybe Sonata could find someone new with them if a threesome isn't in the cards. ;P

Comment posted by cornholio4 deleted Jan 5th, 2020

Sonata the Siren placing Twilight under her spell? Interesting. I'll admit, thinking on it, sort of wish I spoke with you earlier on this story; could've seen Adagio trying to split SunTwi apart...least in storyline.

I didn't expect that ending but it was great

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