A Siren’s Love

by cornholio4

A Siren’s Love

It was morning in her crystal palace and Princess Twilight Sparkle had awakened to a weird smell that smelled like it was coming downstairs. She got out of her bed and walked downstairs to where the main table was.

She smiled as she saw setting up breakfast was her new marefriend Sonata Dusk who was in her new pony form and her fixed pendent around her neck.

About two months ago she had discovered her coming through the magic window and was shocked by it; but the state the Siren had been in made Twilight look at her in both pity and concern.

Apparently when they were defeated and their magic lost with their Pendants; the Dazzlings were finding it hard to survive without being able to leech energy from conflict. They had turned on eachother and soon the final straw came when they went their separate ways.

Sonata actually seemed heartbroken when she was recapping the story since it seemed despite their often arguments; she did see the other two as her friends. Sonata didn't know where to go so just went on a search to try and find a way back to Equestria as she didn't like the human world and tolerated it thanks to her friends and certain other things she liked there.

She had found the portal in the statue and didn't realise it worked when she fell through. Twilight sighed and told her that she was welcome to stay at the palace to the Siren's surprise.

She told her friends and the other Princesses about it who were willing to give her a chance. It worked as Sonata did seem to have a lot of positive qualities and Twilight saw she could be quite nice when she was not plotting and scheming with the other Dazzlings.

When she felt that she could give Sonata a little more trust she managed to fix her pendent using one of the shards of Queen Novo's Orb that she had gotten from her. Sonata used it to give herself a new pony form and was quite happy to not have ponies running away from her in fear due to her towering size or thinking she will brainwash them with her singing.

Plus as they gotten closer Twilight had found herself being attracted to Sonata and was quite blushing when she started awkwardly flirting with her. It led to them ended up sharing a kiss and the rest was history.

"Morning twilight; using some beef I ordered from the Griffon Kingdom I think that i have finally figured out how to make tacos; Equestrian style!" Sonata told her with a smile and Twilight giggled as she sat down and saw that it did smell like the food she found at the Canterlot High School's cafeteria.

Sonata had pretty much reacted in horror when she found out Equestria didn't have a lot of the foods she loved in the Human World and had set out to recreate them herself.

"Thanks Sonata; but where is Spike since he usually handles the breakfast..." Twilight asked and glared when she saw the guilty look on Sonata's face. When though she had mostly been reformed like Discord; she could not help her old habits shining through. "You didn't knock him out and hid him tied up somewhere; did you?" Twilight asked accusingly and Sonata shook her head vigorously.

"Of course not; I just told him that Rarity desperately wanted pancakes with hot sauce in bed stat... I was a little surprised that he fell for it to be honest..." Sonata told her and Twilight shook her head; Sonata had a mischievous streak that could rival Discord, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash put together.

Spike then went into the room furious and looked at Sonata's direction angrily; "Liar! Rarity wanted a lie in and when she had a taste of the pancakes I made for her to your specification she had threw me out and told me never to wake her in the morning again!" Spike shouted and Sonata looked like she was holding back a laugh and Twilight just shook her head.

"Say Twilight; when are you going to tell Starswirl about her again?" Spike asked and Twilight just stayed silent and Sonata snorted at the mention of the wizard.

Sonata had been told of Starswirl the Bearded and that he and the other Pillars of Equestria had recently been freed from the limbo they had been in for about a thousand years. Twilight had yet to let him and the Pillars know of her for fear of how they would react.

Though she had a hard time following the story of how they were sent in the first place as they couldn't bother to remember the other pillars and focused on Starswirl as the adversary that banished them. They didn't even bother to remember that there was a 7th pony that brought them together and Sonata had first thought that Stygian was one of the Pillars when it was explained to her.

Twilight guessed this was a part of how underappreciated Stygian felt which led to his resentment and then the incident that allowed him to be possessed.

"Why tell him at all? I got an idea; if you tell him and he tries to start something then we shove him into the Portal. Make him stay in that awful place like we had to; he is a bajillion years old and just a unicorn so he may not last long there. It will be good riddance I say." Sonata stated with a glare and Twilight shared at it; it was clear that Sonata still had resentment against Starswirl and knew it may not be pretty if and when they do eventually meet up again.

"Especially since I got plans that don't involve that stupid hat wearing old geezer banishing me again; they involve spending time with the most beautiful mare in Equestria as we plot to take over Equestria..." Sonata told her and Twilight's blush reddened at the compliment and then her eyes raised at the last bit. "I am serious; the other Princesses are not doing so good when there is actual threats in Equestria and it is up to you and your buddies. We take over and become benevolent queens of Equestria for all eternity since you're an Alicorn and I am still a Siren beneath this disguise. Plus next time the Yaks threaten war we will have an excuse to take over their land as well." Sonata suggested and Twilight gave her a look.

Was it a good sign when your Marefriend who you were helping to try and turn over a new leaf was still suggesting world domination plans? Probably not...

"Fine, we will just wait until they retire and all then we take over without bloodshed." Sonata said and Twilight just smiled as they kissed eachother.

They heard steps coming down the stairs and heard a familiar voice say "Twilight; sorry I was in a hurry and could not find the journal so I just used the portal. You know those magic Geodes I told you that we found at Camp Everfree? Well two of the Dazzlings returned and managed to steal them from us. I came over asking for help specially since one of them is unaccounted for..." They turned and were stunned to see an equally stunned Sunset staring back at them with a blank expression.

"Well I guess she is accounted for now..." Sunset managed to say once she had found her voice.