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Defeated by the Rainbooms, Aria and Adagio finally have enough of Sonata Dusk, and banish her from the group with some incredibly harsh words.

Broken and remorseful of her actions, Sonata sits alone at a cafe, wondering what to do with her life. It is there that she meets a boy who might be able to help her. A boy who might allow her to redeem herself for her actions with the Dazzlings.

A boy who kind of resembles one of her former rivals.

Just some silly shipping that I dreamed up because I honestly can't think of anything else. Seriously, writer's block is baaaad.

Also, Dusk Shine X Sonata Dusk = DuskDusk OTP. Don't deny it.

Seriously. Just try to think of a better ship name than DuskDusk. I dare you.

Also, I totally made a group for it. For realzies.

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DuskDusk OTP! :pinkiehappy:

Do you regret what you did.

Missed a question mark.


I liked it. Thanks.

You need to write more about this! Will she get introduced to the other gender-swapped members of the Human Cast, including Sunset Glare?

Nice story name. xD Reminds me of my first story.

5219484 Small world. What's up, Lulu?

Meh, I personally like SonataShine better. LOL!

oh god i love this. i just found my #2 OTP.

And you want to make up for it, don’t you?”

You missed the quote mark at the start.

"And you want to make up for it, don’t you?”

Other than that, this is a very sweet and short story. I would like to see more of this story but you don't have too if you think it's fine as a one shot.

Great job! :twilightsmile:

Wamuu X Jonathan Joestar OTP. Looking forward to reading this.

I like it.

5219388 5219980 Dangit. Fixed! :twilightsheepish:

5220056 5219473 5219506 I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

5219855 5219388 As long as no one accuses Dusky of stealing their waifu, we should be right as rain :yay:

5219484 I don't know. Honestly, Twilight was the only one who jumped up to me, since Dusk Shine shares the "Dusk" with Sonata, so this is kind of a "The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine" thing. Of course, there could be others who get R63d...

5219684 To each his own, I guess. DuskDusk still sounds cooler :derpytongue2:

5219725 5219980 I have to admit, I kind of enjoyed writing this more than I should have. I might write more in the future :raritywink:

5219426 I ship Sombra with Luna :unsuresweetie:

5220042 ...what :rainbowhuh:

5219684 Shinata? Maybe not.

I got it! Duskata! ok maybe not... :twilightblush:

Please continue this!!! :pinkiehappy:

This is gonna take bit of explaining.

It's a Jojo's bizarre adventure thing. In the section of fandom ven diagrams where Jojo fans and pony fans intersect, the Dazzlings are equated to the Pillar Men, the villians of Jojo part 2. Sonata Dusk is Wamuu, the guy on the right in that picture, while purple twin haired girl who's name I forget is Esidesi on the left and Adiago is Kars in the center.

Jonathan Joestar is he protagonist of Part 1 of Jojo. He's the typical goody two shoes, hot blooded hero with a good sense of justice. Since that's how I tend to view Dusk Shine, He's Jonathan Joestar.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Sorry if I bored you there.

More. That is all.

It was a good read but...I dunno, you can definitely feel just how much of an "Escape from writer's block" it is while readin' it
Adorable little premise though

Seriously. Just try to think of a better ship name than DuskDusk. I dare you.

SonaShine or ShineAta, both of which sound like pokemon.

5220093 I don't have a waifu for anyone to steal so...

You know, I find it funny that this is tagged with romance and is considered a shipfic, just because of a girl and boy are interacting in a friendly matter with each other. Really, it ends more on a friend-shipping note that has a high probability of turning into a romantic thing (though the lack of blushing from either parties lowers the odds), but then again, in both real life and fiction, it really is hard for boys and girls to be close friends without there being some romantic feelings cropping up, it's just natural. It is definitely a rare occurrence on this site for stories specifically about mares interacting with males of any species to not end in love, and usually clop.


...More please?

Double Dusk! Also, you used the word began way too much. Mix it up a little, its a bit distracting. Over all I like the story, but some of the dialogue was confusing and clunky. Great for a short writers block killer though!

Please make a sequel I'd be so happy


(On which note, may I propose that Sonata Dusk's R63 counterpart be named Cadence Twilight? :trollestia:)

:rainbowlaugh: This needs to happen.
I'll be honest: I didn't find this story particularly interesting, but that bit of the author's note made reading through the whole story completely worth it.

this was a pretty enjoyable read, not going to lie

Cute story! I love the idea. For such a small "escape from writer's block" fic, this was very well written. I hope to see more of this ship popping up.

Love this story! Also subsribe to a underrated reviewer Star Dust.

I demand a sequel!!! Like for realzies.

Challenge accepted, and I could only come up with one other name! :rainbowlaugh:

SonataShine! :pinkiehappy:

DuskDusk= Perfection \o/

Aria said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “I mean, I was so busy trying to not get killed by an angry mob that I never realized just how bad we screwed up!”
“You see, Dagi?” said Sonata. “Some people never notice when things go wrong!”

She's so friggen cute!

“Well, maybe I wouldn’t have had to do that if you didn’t spend all your time being a useless, brain-dead, taco-obsessed ditz!”


Hell, you practically revealed the full extent of our plans to Sunset Shimmer by accident. Do you realize how stupid you have to be to screw up like that?”

But she's so cuuute!

She could no longer take it. She turned away from them and ran away, sobbing all the way.


She had sat her many other times in the past, harvesting the discord of the patrons along with her fellow sirens.

Sat here

“But seriously, you look like you’ve had some trouble. And a pretty girl like you doesn’t deserve to be left alone like this.”

He knows what he's doing.

“Wow,” said Sonata. “Nobody’s ever said I was funny before.”

We have on this side of the screen.

he pushed the white chocolate smoothie in her direction.
“But… why?”
“I think you need something to cheer you up.”

He's almost got her on the hook now.



Well that was adorable

Happy Sonata is best Sonata.

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