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As an immortal alicorn princess, Twilight Sparkle has lived for a long time. However, her friends were mortal ponies, and they eventually all died. A hundred years after they have all passed on, Twilight can only think about them, and how much they meant to her. Now that they are nothing but memories, how can she carry on?

The answers she seeks may come from a most unexpected source: another alicorn, one who once threatened to cover Equestria in eternal darkness, but whom Twilight considers a daughter. With her help, Twilight might just find that she is truly not alone.

This story takes place after the events of Magical Mystery Cure and Past Sins, which was written by Pen Stroke. Nyx and Past Sins belong to Pen Stroke.

Also, check out this CinemaSins-Style review.

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Author of 'The Prince of the Night' + Nyx = Instaread and like.

Title should be "When All You Have Are Memories"

I like this story as short as it was, however I fell that talk between Nyx and her guards would use a bit of editing, as for the rest of the chapter, seems fine to me.

Heart wrenching. I got a lump in my throat as I read this, and even blinked back some tears.

2453603 I wandered by to tell you just that, actually. It'll help you when you're finding readers. People see things that aren't capitalized and they don't do well. Usually. Or as well as they could.

2464539 Well, he could've at least said something about the story :ajbemused:

Fixed it anyway.

2464707 True, I usually do actually try to comment on the story when I do this. I do it a lot--it bothers me, and so instead of just being pissy about it I decided to inform people, many of whom genuinely don't know any better.

I liked it :D thumbs up or the cool idea and making it d'aw

Truly amazing.

*looks at stories*OH SHIT IT HAS 666 VIEWS... MUST. CHANGE. NOWWWWWW

There's exactly one thing this fic is missing.
Offhand lines about how Spike and Discord have been in reaction to the deaths of Rarity and Fluttershy.

You obviously stated Spike is still alive, and there's no chance Discord is dead, and you know those two would have had a reaction to those events.

I'm just curious, how did they take it?

2850024 I've been meaning to make a sequel about Spike for some time. I'll see where that leads me :twilightsmile:

I'll look forward to reading that.:yay:

Spike either did what Twilight just did, holed himself up in a mountain for a few decades, or went GODZILLA!!!! and leveled a town in pure angst.

Discord probably had a relapse into his old ways.

Someone's been reading Nyx's Family...

All four (five?) fics of that universe, actually.

This is an amazing story, and I am very glad it was referred to me :twilightsmile: I am currently drawing it, because it was a drawing contest haha. It will be finished tonight, and I will post it here. I hope it does this story justice! I accidentally forgot to put the elements on the ponies, but you can't have everything. :derpytongue2:

Touching story. Very nice melding of two stories into one, and making them fit together perfectly. This offered a far more poignant emotional effect than many would be able to do.

I should also mention that the title of the story should be: When All You Have Are Memories. "Memories" is plural, and therefore, so should the verb. Verbs must match their modifiers in number at all times.

3546969 Grammar Shmammar. I'm keeping my titles.

Sometimes, in my nightmares, I turned back into the Mare in the Moon, and I... ended up destroying everything I loved.


Aside from that this was a nice read^^ I always enjoy reading about Nyx (If its done with respect to the character) so yeah good job^^

One thing I have to ask about these "who wants to life forever?" stories.... does it really never occur to Twilight that she could make new friends? I mean Luna managed to do that and I'm sure Celestia did too. So why does she never notice the obvious answer?


I just answered my own question.... it's TWILIGHT! She NEVER sees the obvious answer^^

Though the story is touching, I didn't really like it that much. I'd argue that if Twilight is incapable of forging new friendships a century after her friends passed away, then she pretty much failed at truly grasping Celestia's lessons after all. I also found it quite insensitive how Twilight mentions in her letter how Nyx truly understands her better than anypony when Celestia herself has lived for millenia and the number of friends, students and close acquaintances she's seen come and gone undoubtedly goes into the triple digits, if not more :ajbemused:

A much better lesson to learn would have been to focus on the memories and time they shared instead of on their loss, to forge new friendships to acquire even more memories to cherish, and not to wallow in endless mourning. That you're only as alone as you allow yourself to be. Finding solace from her loss only in the friends that she will never lose is not a particularly good thing to do, because she's relying on them as an emotional crutch instead of experiencing personal growth as either a pony or a princess.


To be fair, your avatar is a pokemon trainer Fluttershy with Angel Bunny as a Pikachu. I think you can be expemt this one time.

Nice story, thanks. :pinkiesad2:

The curse of immortality would definitely be something worth exploring with Nyx's character. Including Twilight in this, it's nice to see that they can stay together.

I was thinking that one thing that would benefit this story would have been some sort of mention of lost loves. Surely at some point, both Twilight and Nyx married - and subsequently outlived their husbands.

Oh, also: One very small typo.
just trying to remember the hurts
Should read just trying to remember them hurts

5125646 Huh. That never crossed my mind when I was writing this. Mostly because Flash Sentry hadn't been revealed yet.

I certainly should consider that at some point :trixieshiftright:


It doesn't have to be Flash... :pinkiesick:

5129853 Ah, a Flash hater. You guys crack me up :rainbowlaugh:

But yeah, could be somepony else.

It's also possible that they turned their husbands into alicorns :twilightsmile:


Ah, a Flash hater. You guys crack me up :rainbowlaugh:

Heh. Actually, just an Equestria Girls hater.

This pretty much sums my thoughts up on that topic:

Doesn't Rainbow Dash live above the town?

5354168 :facehoof::rainbowwild:
Pedantic much?
Technically, it's still outside of town.

but wouldn't something have to be outside of city limits in order to be considered

out of town

? sorry if it seems like I am trying to troll you here. :pinkiesad2: other than the confusion about whether or not Rainbow Dash lives outside of town, the video summed up my feelings about Equestria Girls as well. :pinkiehappy:


I've never had the impression that Dash's sky-home was within Ponyville proper. Wouldn't it be seen in some exterior shots if it were?

She probably lives outside of town, just like Flutters, but also in the sky.

Not necessarily. The exterior shots might not necessarily catch it. Rainbow Dash owns a personal cloud condo that resides on the northern edge of Ponyville. When you click on the previous sentence, you will find the website that told me that.

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