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Thought shall be the harder, heart the keener, Courage the greater, as our might lessens.


Glimmer remembers being an Archmage of the God-Emperor of Crystal, but she doesn't remember anything before that. It was taken from her. But its not such a bad life. Her work is taxing but stimulating, and she has a strange companion whose daily postulations and questions have become a bright spot in otherwise eternally overcast city at the edge of the world.

Originally written for DrakeyC for the Jinglemas collab.

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Comments ( 10 )

Hooray for new wulfwords! I liked the choppy, bored loneliness that Starlight's thoughts had.

As always, Sunburst is a bit more than he seems at first. Let's hope she finds something in the book that's been missing.

Pronouncing that title like an idiot

A nice what-if sombra came back and won. Wonder where everyone else is.

I was going to ask why the title was in French, and then I remembered the other fic.

This was interesting! I admit that:
a) it's rather late,
b) I'm rather drunk, and
c) I've never been great at reading into things

but this is a nice little piece. Cynewulf words are always good words.

What does les jeux font faits mean in English?


The translation given in the source, which may be giving a fake translation as a joke, is "The Game is Set". the source being House of Leaves

9406758 It's a fake translation if it was done on purpose. It should be "Les jeux sont faits" I think.

I know. It's a reference to House of Leaves. It's not the actual french because that's the joke in the book.

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