Applejack falls out of her own world and into another when a bit of technically illegal treasure hunting goes horribly wrong.

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Congrats on 100 stories! Now, time to read the hell out of this.

I'm doing stuff again... not that anyone cares. But its nice, I think?

I care! I really liked this one too. Your Applejack has one of my favorite voices, and though the story was largely only dialogue the feel of it was very natural. At no point did I feel it could be called just dialogue. The ominous fortune teller and tarot element added heaps of fun mystery to it.

Very tasty symbolism. On par with the bag of shredded cheese, I was just pillaging. I would certainly read this again.

This is basically made of pure, distilled atmosphere. I love it. And not just because it inspired my next ponyfic, either!

Captivating and chilling. Your skill with prose is unparalleled, and coupled with a strong voicing for your characters kept me entranced throughout.

I've got to read up on tarot sometime. Everything I've read with them make them seem endlessly fascinating as someone who enjoys introspection from time to time.

Horizon does readings sometimes and he’s very good. If I weren’t so great at burning bridges I would probably have hit him up for insight. He gave me a reading right before scarlet moved in that was pretty meaningful for me at a crucial juncture

Tarot cards have always been interesting to me the idea that something as mundane as images on cards could divine the fate of men is for whatever reason appealing to me

As for the story as a whole I don't think I fully got it but I enjoyed it regardless

I've been present during some of his online readings, and I always regretted that I never asked him for a reading.

A friend of mine once did a reading for me a while back, though, and it was... interesting. Enlightening, but uncomfortable. Definitely something I'd like to do again, or learn to do for myself.

Wow. I usually prefer the setup of a story to the resolution, and boy did this deliver a whole lot of one of those two elements. Almost belligerently mysterious, the quality of the prose is enough payoff on its own. I’m going to have nightmares and I won’t even know what they’re about.

I don't quite know what I read, but I have a feeling that... I REALLY want to know.

Well! This was an intensely Cynewulfian story. Beautiful prose, deftly woven-in references, every little bit heavy with meaning, and a slowly but inevitably building mood and atmosphere; in this case, a deeply ominous one. (Even Moth Light's name takes on unsettling possible meanings as the story progresses towards its end!)

Also, I loved the dungeon-delving gunslinger-ish Applejack and what little we got to see of her Equestria. Yes, of course Rarity's the party rogue. :duck:

Speaking of you doing stuff again: I do care! You write more ponyfics, I will read them, and most likely enjoy them greatly.

I love knowing just enough about Tarot to follow along. I love how atmospheric this story was, Cyne!

This was a great atmospheric story. It's interesting that you chose to use an Applejack from an AU rather than a canon-based one, which makes me wonder about the significance of her backstory to her current predicament. While reading, I assumed she got trapped in whatever they were trying to steal, but then the possibility of the dungeon itself eating her mind came up.

Moth Light is an interesting character. I'd have to read the story again to get a better understanding of what her deal is. My impulse is to think she's a manifestation of the dungeon, those monsters she mentioned that eat when they don't have to. She's a part that wants to hold off on eating Applejack fully, but by the end of the story, it's time to eat.

...wow...this wasn't ominous at all...superbly done, as always!

This story has, for me at least, a familiar "flavor". It's very close to the feeling I get playing Bloodbourne; conpletely unrelayed settings, but the underlying 'don't look, don't look' vibe really comes through. Well done!

I think my favorite image is the train claws. Something about the description morphing from a colorful metaphor into reality is so unsettling.

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