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I like writing about the worst day of a character's life; it lets us see the mettle inside.


The charge is FWI—flying while intoxicated—and the filly is recovering from a broken wing and shattered jaw.

Judge Book Thrower has run Canterlot Juvenile Court for seventy years, doing everything she can to help foals turn around their lives and make better decisions.

Every few months, Princess Celestia shows up In Book Thrower’s courtroom and takes a special hoof in one of the cases, trying to help foals who would otherwise have nopony to help them.

Today, the judge and Celestia must find a way to help a special filly before she descends further into alcoholism and delinquency.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: not a Cozy Glow story! Pinkie Promise.

Follows my Unexpected Stories Over Drinks but reads completely independently.

Now has a sequel: Spoiler title

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Wow. Beautifully written, but what a wretched life for Luna. She's going to be sent to fight and suffer over and over again until she dies. She'll never have a chance to have a family or get an education or master a skill. On top of that, she has to adhere to the rigid expectations of bourgeois society on pain of abuse and imprisonment without hope of receiving protection of said society. She's a minor for the purposes of denying her even what base, fleeting purposes are available and an adult for the purposes of being sent into battle. She can't even hope to someday retire from her role as meatshield to an ungrateful and self-righteous public; the only way out is death. Any other attempt to leave will be counted as treasonous. No wonder she went nuts.


Thank you very much for the kind words!

I’m currently writing a follow-on novella or novel where Luna can’t shake or shirk her duties, but she can at least hope to come out of the shadows. It will hopefully be bittersweet and less depressing than this one while maintaining some of the pathos of this one. 14 of an estimated 20 chapters are written, hoping to drop it in the Spring.

I'm glad to hear it. I was just thinking that I'd love to read a sequel and here you've already been writing it.

I’ll make a mental note to try to remember to reply to your comment again when I finally drop the first chapter.


Not the novel I promised, but a novelette inspired by your comment! Thanks.

TPrincess Luna’s Unconvincing Disguise
A hurting princess needs a friend. Can Luna make her own friends, without the Elements’ or Map’s help?
SockPuppet · 15k words  ·  56  3 · 686 views

I'm a little confused. It looks like you posted a link to this very story.

Fixed! I’m an idiot sorry.

This is amazing.

I'm.not sure what words to put down, but as someone who battled with drink in years past in order to deal with pain and to "just grit down and get the awful job done", this story struck a chord with me.

As a light-hearted aside, this is the first fic I've read that adequately addressed the appearance of Luna in the pilot episodes.


Many thanks! I appreciate the words.

She was fourteen, biologically, when she was raped by Nightmare Moon.

... huh:rainbowhuh:

Well, As for “fourteen,” all I can say is I wrote this before I watched the “Horse Play” episode that put a lower bound on Celestia’s age. (My little one controls the MLP Netflix remote so I don’t get to watch them in order.)

For “rape,” Celestia loves Luna and is probably trying to think of the late banishing unpleasantness in the least-incriminating possible light.

At least, that’s my take on the situation. YMMV.

Your really made my heart bleed for Luna.

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