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Sweetie Belle, having learned the value of practice and effort, takes it to the one being who least needs or wants life coaching in all Equestria... Tirek.

Written (belatedly) for the Springtime Sequel-Slash-Sandbox Switcheroo, inspired by the two stories contibuted to the site by DreamAlex. (Sorry, but this is the only inspiration that came to me; your stories really don't lend themselves to sequels by other authors.)

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I love this one :)

...though are you sure that Sweetie Belle woudn't do that?

Tirek looked at the guards. "She's going to be in here with us before much longer, isn't she?" he asked.

"We've already reserved a cell for her and her friends," one of the guards said. "It's still under construction though. We're repaving the path to it with good intentions."

Coutresy of SpellboundCanvas

I ship Sweetie Belle and Tirek so much

Can I please get a link to DreamAlex's profile?

Sweetie in Tartarus. Reminds me of a joke. A Lutheran one, so don't say we're humorless.


A bus full of a Lutheran ladies organization drove off a bridge one day, and Saint Peter went down to visit Lucifer. "Luci," he said, "we're full up, and we've got this nice bunch of older ladies who just dropped in on us. Can you find a corner to keep them in for a little while? Just until we have room."

Well, don't say the devil doesn't have compassion (or at least the urge to see what kind of mischief he could get up to with a group of elderly ladies), so he let them in. A week later, he's up at Saint Peter's desk, hammering on it with one fist.

"Pete!" he bellowed. "You've got to get those ladies out of my home! They've got bingo games going and raffles and quilt sales to the point where they've raised the funding to extinguish the lakes of fire, and by next week, they're going to air condition the whole place!"

I wish they'd do something like this in canon. Not this, for pretty obvious reasons, but something like it.

I laughed several times, and I particularly appreciated a standalone Sweetie Belle who wasn't whiny and spoiled :pinkiehappy:

I see that Sweetie is of the Patrician's School of Conquest. Good on her, it tends to work:trollestia:


Sweetie's got a point, Rarity probably COULD take over the world.

What's this about Dinky's power level?

Fantastic work, especially in light of the latest episode. It's a small leap from hippogriffs to centaurs. And I, for one, welcome the future rule of Empress Dinky and her Cutie Mark Advisors.

This was brilliant. :D

I really loved that ending. Would be great to see a future epilogue chapter with Tirek chatting with his new neighbors!

This was hilarious. But I doubt Tirek got all the ponies magic. Definately not Starlight's village, at least. If he had, there would have been no vault of Cutie Marks,

Lord Vetinari?

Considering the events of the recent season finale, apparently Tirek actually took some of these lessons to heart.

That is so adorable! Sweetie and Apple Bloom just look so apologetic and sad. But Scootaloo's expression is just such absolute dread, like, "I am so bucking dead."

The most believable part of this fic is that Pinkie would know when Tirek's birthday is and send him a cake. :rainbowlaugh:

That was a good story. For some reason I'm not surprised those three have a cell reserved for them.

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