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Who am I? Why, I'm just a passing through Kamen Rider... Got it memorized?


It's the weekend of CanterCon, and Sunset and the girls are all attending this year. Unlike the year before, however, the group decided to make this year special by attending in style. And what better way to do that, but with Cosplay!

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Plugsuit, I know it.

I'm not going to even try and figure out who went as what, so I'm going to have to pass on guessing who the Human Mane 7 went as. Other then that I really love this story and see that avatar pic that was used for this story finally has been used for a story, I remember seeing it on a site somewhere saying that someone should write a story based on said picture before.

I couldn't figure out everyone but Applejack and Fluttershy's costumes Applejack is Saitama and Fluttershy is Zero Suit Samus sorry that I couldn't get all of them :twilightsheepish:

Applejack = Saitama from One-Punch Man
Twilight = Futaba from Persona 5

Not sure about the others, though.

Applejack is Saitama from One Punch Man
Rarity is likely Cinderella
Fluttershy as Zero Suit Samus sounds attractive
Pinkie is Harley Quinn
Twilight is Futaba Sakura from Persona 5 (one of my favorite games)
But, I don't know which vampire/vampire hunter Sunset or what punk character Rainbow dressed as. Those are the only two I'm blanking on.

BTW, this story is pretty great! I'd actually like to see more if it's possible. Maybe see what costumes the girls can recognize from the crowd and there would definitely be cameos from the other students. Hell, I bet that it would be a surprise for them to see Cadance, Celestia, or Luna in cosplay themselves (Cadance more likely because she would be in matching/complimenting outfits with Shining Armor).

Canterlot High needs a mascot.

Is there going to be a part 2?

Applejack: One Kick Stallion.
Fluttershy: Zero Suit Samus
Pinkie Pie: Some variation of Harley Quinn.
Rarity: Um...Cinderella? IDK.
SciTwi: No clue.
Sunnybun: Van Helsing?

Sunset is Lady Maria from BloodBorne
Fluttershy is Zero Suit Samus from Metroid
Applejack is Saitama from One Punch Man
Sci-Twi is Futaba from Persona 5
Pinkie Pie is Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad
Rainbow Dash is Gentaro Kisaragi from Kamen Rider Fourze
Rarity is Cinderella

Okay, that's probably why I didn't know the costumes for Sunset and Rainbow. I don't watch those shows or play that game.

Honestly, which Kamen Rider is good to start with if you haven't seen the franchise before? I've been a fan of Power Rangers since I was a kid and I've gotten into the new Lupinranger VS Patranger Super Sentai show (Side note, I wonder which of the girls would wear customized versions of the outfits in that series), so that's some info to help me out if I want to watch Kamen Rider.

Okay, I've heard of that show in the franchise. Thanks for the suggestion.

Since you like Super Sentai/Power Rangers, Den-O is a good start. It's very light hearted and has good comedy.

Kiva is also another good start for the Kamen Rider series. It has most, if not all, of the tropes the Heisei era Kamen Riders use. Not to mention the story and characters are great!

If you start with Den-O, you can watch Kiva right away once you finish Den-O. And once you finish Kiva, I recommend to watch W, OOO and/or Fourze.

However, both Kiva and Den-O are from the early 2000s, so keep that in mind if you ever decide to watch those shows.

Kamen Rider Gaim is another very good Kamen Rider to start with. And is more recent.

I personally watched the Kamen Rider series in the following order:
Den-O, Kiva, W, OOO, Fourze, Gaim, Drive, Amazons -it's a reboot from an older Kamen Rider, don't watch it if you can't take gore, Ex-Aid and currently I am watching Build.

I also watched Kabuto, Decade, Wizard and Ghost... But I do not recommend Wizard, it's boring and bland; while Decade and Ghost are terrible.

Kabuto is good, but REALLY old. Also I haven't finished watching it... And I can't really recommend a show I haven't finished watching it.

Alright then. Thanks for the list! And thanks for the gore warning, but I watch/read Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Fist of the North Star, so violence like that won't be that much of an issue I think.

You're welcome. I give that warning to anyone who wants or might want to watch Kamen Rider Amazons. It's a very heavy show and story... But, since you've already seen JoJo's and North Star? Shouldn't be an issue.

Best muffin ever, lucky.

:yay: Yay! That muffin looks so cute! :rainbowkiss: Best prize ever!

But being serious: I wasn't expecting RD dressed as Gen-chan; Sunset as Lady Maria and Twilight as Futaba just made me squeal like a little girl. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh and Fluttershy as Samus? That's pricessless... And it's even more amazing that she knows her costume will attract clients! :rainbowlaugh:

Can't believe I missed Lady Maria considering how much I love Bloodborne. I totally spaced on the weapon description which, in retrospect, was a dead giveaway.

Yup, the Rakuyo it's what made me realise it was Lady Maria... Although the bloody scarf and hat did sounded familiar. :moustache:

I know why Sci-Twi chose to cosplay as Futaba and it’s so cute. Especially considering how they’re both considered the cinnamon buns of their respective groups.

This is based off the image (which is a very nice image by the way)

Get in the Fucking EVA Twilight!!!

Seeing this in the Featured List is a really weird coincidence, considering there's a big convention in my town this weekend.

But anyway, good work! I'd love to see you elaborate on how the girls enjoy their con activities.

Cover art link in description please?

Story sounds interesting too, but got too much stuff, sorry.


It's uotapo's Sunset Helper #10. Hope this helps.

Yup. Very similar in characters. But, Futaba's story is much more tragic.

8794963 No one should have to through the tragedy Futaba endured. On the bright side, at least she has friends by her side.

Okay, I REALLY want to see someone make a fanart of all the girls in costume!

OH MY GOD I"M SO GLAD I WAS RIGHT ABOUT RD!! Seriously, Kamen Rider Fourze was all ABOUT FRIENDSHIP!! and SPACE!! RD dressing as him is AWESOME!! And Lady maria for Sunset is just dope, she's gotta be rockin' that look so hard! Flutters in Zero suit from Metroid....yeah, she'll be making a killing and breaking hearts, I just know it.

AJ as Saitama though!!! And with her Geode power, SHE COULD DO IT!! OH MY GOD SOMEONE MAKE THAT A FIC PLEASE!!

Pinkie as Harley...about the only thing more appropriate would be Deadpool Pinkie, and that's an overdone trope. Well done!

Cinderella...Rarity, I dare say you may have overdone it, though it fits her to a T.

Don't know much about Persona 5, but Twilight being another class of Cinnamon Roll is perfect, so well done!

One question though, COULD DASH FIND A FOURZE DRIVER AT THE CON AND GET IT!!?? PLEASE!?!?!? My Kamen Rider Nerd urge NEEDS THIS!!! Plus an adventure with her using geode speed to rush off and dress in the actual Kamen Rider gear in the space of a smoke bomb just to freak out the geeks and stuff would be amazing!

Ok, gushing over, great fic, loved it, hope to see more!

It would be really cool to see them in these outfits. Especially Sunset's costume, Twilight's outfit, and Fluttershy in her cosplay. One cool, one cute, and one hot.

Okay first, Zero Suit Fluttershy would be really interesting to see as art. Considering her swimsuit is a wetsuit for diving, we already know she looks good in those kinds of outfits.

Second, that idea with AJ using her strength in costume would be perfect! Especially with Saitama's normally low-effort attempts through most of the show when I watched it.

Deadpool is a pretty common costume at conventions, so I wouldn't be surprised if Pinkie went and goofed off with every Deadpool cosplayer she met there.

Twilight as Futaba makes a lot of sense when you've played or watched Persona 5. Spoiler free comparison though, both are adorable and nerdy girls with great skills involving tech and have had difficulty making friends before meeting the main characters.

I'm pretty sure that Rainbow Dash would get the thing and go into a second costume with some help from her magic, friends, and a few smoke bombs provided by Trixie. Speaking of her, I think the most likely cosplay for her would be Zatanna from DC Comics.

A lot of these sound like animes, which I don't watch. To be honest, the only character I got was Rarity as Cinderella... assuming I'm even right about that. Did Cinderella have a tiara?

Trixie as Zatana I can see too easily. And yeah, Fluttershy IS a work of art...literally, and Zero Suit only makes it better! That said, now I have images of Pinkie Harley and a group of Deadpools doing Gangam Style in a huge impromptu dance-fest...I WANT TO SEE THAT SO BAD NOW!!

Again, great fic, hope to see more like it...and yes, RD pulling off a Henshin would likely be the point I could die happy.

Anyone else want to see their actual con experience?

How about a few more chapters about their time at the con?

In order:
1. Sunset = A Hunter from Bloodborne
2. Applejack = 'One Punch Man' Saitama
3. Pinkie Pie = Harley Quinn
4. Fluttershy = Zero Suit Samus
5. Twilight = Futaba from Persona 5
6. Rarity = Cinderella (?)
7. Rainbow Dash: Gentaro from Kamen Rider

And that's the moment I finally realize: I'm a f*cking nerd.

Sunset was currently in the process of putting on the finishing touches of her costume, adjusting a triangular finned hat with a white feather poking from the top atop her head. She was outfitted in an ashen leather long coat with velvet lining on the inside, with a white scarf dyed red as if soaked in fresh blood wrapped around her neck with an emerald brooch on top, and knee-high black boots. Hanging from her hip in holsters were a pair of silver prop weapons, one a saber and the other a dagger, both with a special clasp designed to connect the two at the hilt into a twin bladed sword.


Fear the old blood.

Short, but sweet. :twilightsmile:

Join the club!

The only reason I am giving this a dislike is it's marked complete. For a story that is basically an introduction chapter.

And then they were displaced

Imagine them running into VP Luna at the con dressed up as some anime character or another.

Ya'know, this makes me wonder as to why so few people cosplay as me.
Guess they don't have the 'stomach' for it. Har!

Late to the party, but all I could guess was Applejack was One Punch Man and Flutters is Zero Suit Samus. I think.

From date of posting, Anime Boston is just 2 weeks away, as is BABScon.
AB is, of course, in Boston.
BABScon is in the San Francisco Bay area.

First thing I can come up with is a goth character.

Or maybe a Dark Knight (like Cecil was) Or maybe some kinda Vampire hunter or night based character. Heh, or for laughs and grins "Moon Princess Serenity"

i believe rainbow was josuke from jojo's bizarre adventure.

Cinnamon buns HB? Please clarify.

We are all nerds here Crow. :eeyup:

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