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Twilight and Sunset get locked in school.... And a frighting Thunder Storm has cut out the electricity. Fluttershy is there to save the day! "Yey."

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Wow. That was definitely interesting and cute.


Thanks So Much I guess I did good :yay:

So what does A L.K.O.T.L. mean?

6387953 A little kiss on the lips

So cute! :twilightsmile:
This must've been the 20th time I've read it! :facehoof:


6532564 thats good to know. :yay:

this story is adorable, I love it! :twilightsmile: just be sure to not misplace commas. Also, make sure to use the correct punctuation and capitalization.

This was a brilliant little story ^-^ I loved it. A little gory, though.
"Whatever do you mean, gory? There's no gore in here at all!!"
...I beg to differ.
"Well, fine, prove it!"

"About time." Pinkie said pulling something out of her back.

Pinkie just impaled someone (or possibly herself) and was putting the weapon away. CONFIRMED.
^-^ I'm kidding.
...OR AM I?!

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