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I got a job at taco hut in order to make some extra dough. I only worked for a day. Four hours, in fact. This is the story of why three cute teenage girls made me quit.

A dare piece with Damien Darkside
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So, things started easy. People came through the drive through in their cars. They order a burrito or a combo or something simple. It was easy to follow the motions. 'Would you like a drink?' 'Would you like to try our new Cinna-Puffs?' Then they pay. I give them their stuff. Simple.

It's never that simple. Nothing is ever as it should be in a drive-thru.

You see, it wasn't the three girls that made him quit. It was the fact his manager put him on drive-thru before he was ready. You gotta stay on front a bit, then simply wear a headset to get used to the crazies that come through and THEN start running a drive-thru.

It was really his manager's fault for poor shift placement.

What a beautiful late-night treat, Priest. I haven't read Damien's contribution yet, but I'm sure it won't hold a candle to this. :raritywink:

No, but for real though, both you and Damien worked super hard to get these out in 24 hours. Good job you guys.

Okay but now I want tacos and I have no tacos why would you do this to me priest why.

Ask crystal, i heard she got tacos.

I pity those people who work in drive-thru.

As a guy who worked at Taco Bell for two months as the night-shift drive-thru guy (After a month I was promoted to shift lead, but I still worked the window), I can attest that there were nights where I wanted to do just this.

Actually, when I quit there, it was on a night sort-of like this (I counted twelve cars in a row with multiple $15+ orders each, and we were short staffed). The 15 cents above minimum pay for being a shift lead wasn't worth it anymore, I now work as a drive-thru guy at Wendy's and make 70 cents more per hour than I did as a shift lead at TBell.

It;s been a few years since then, but I appreciate your pity. It is well-placed.

equine horses

That's a repetitively redundant phrasal series of lexical words.

and that was the moment Priest decided to become a fimfiction writer

We suppose it could have been equinoid humans?Or maybe equine humanoids?

This isn't low-fat chipotle ranch?!"

Meh. Low-fat is full of sugar anyway

This was good, hilarious even.


I never worked drive-thru, but as a previous fast food cook who worked alone 90% of the time in the kitchen, I can attest to the fact that fast food is fundamentally terrible and the pay isn't even worth it. I got a job planting trees and made more in under a month doing that than I did working for 4 months in fast food.

Nice little short story, though.

So why did he quit his job?

Ha! The Dazzlings still cause discord without their amulets.

That was cute!

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