• Published 14th Jan 2018
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Why I Quit My Job at Taco Hut - Flutterpriest

I got a job at taco hut in order to make some extra dough. I only worked for a day. Four hours, in fact. This is the story of why three cute teenage girls made me quit.

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Why I Can't Eat Tacos

Going through the portal to the human Equestria was one of the best things I could have possibly done. I mean, being a human that was randomly transported to a world of colorful equine horses? No thanks. Really. No thanks. When I was presented with an alternative solution of going to a sort of human world, lets say I was pretty hyped with the option.

"Are you sure you're ready?" the strangely pink colored manager asked me.

"Yeah, how hard could it be?" I replied.

"Alright Anon Anonerson," the man replied. "Well, we'll put you on drive through. The buttons are pretty well marked. And you already learned how to use the register last time."

"Yep!" I said, excited for that sweet Taco Hut paycheck.

"Alright, then good luck."

"I'll do my best!" I replied with sweet, innocent optimism.

Oh, I should have started with saying this is the story of how I quit my job.

So, things started easy. People came through the drive through in their cars. They order a burrito or a combo or something simple. It was easy to follow the motions. 'Would you like a drink?' 'Would you like to try our new Cinna-Puffs?' Then they pay. I give them their stuff. Simple.

Hell. I didn't even spill anything on anyone. Things were going really well!

And then that car came.

"Oh my god, Adagio" one girl growled. "We should have just went somewhere else."

"Yeah, but then Sonata would have a fit, Aria" The other girl, who I guessed was Adagio, retorted. I looked up to the video cam, and noticed three girls in the car. Honestly? They were pretty cute, for weird discolored human creatures. But, what really caught me off guard was the width of the smile of the girl in the back seat.

"IT'S TACO TUESDAY YOU GUYS!" the girl in the back screamed. I took off my headset and checked to see of my eardrum was bleeding, since now I had an ear-piercing ringing running through my skull.

"Yeah, we know," the other two said in unison.

"Welcome to Taco Hut," I mumbled into the mic. "Can I take your order?"

"Yeah, so," Aria piped up. "Can I get something that, like, WON'T ruin my figure?"

"We have our fresh and fit taco line for-"

"I WANT TWENTY TACOS," the blue haired girl in the back seat screamed, trying frantically to figure out how to roll down her window.

"Don't add that," the driver girl with the poofy orange hair said. "Can I get a Taco Salad please? With dressing and salsa on the side?"

"No problem!" I said in my chipper, teenage tone. "What sort of dressing do you want?"

"Can I get, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

And then proceeded what felt like the longest eternity of my life. 'They're in the center of third panel,' I thought. 'Just look. By the salads.'

"What options do I have?" she asked.


"Well, we have ranch, chipotle ranch, low-fat ranch, raspberry vinaigrette, italian, and honey mustard."

"Uh, honey mustard isn't a dressing," she retorted back.

'Wait, what?' I thought.

"I-It's a dressing we offer," I mumbled back.

"Can I get the low-fat chipotle ranch?" she asked.

It was at this moment that the girl in the back seat figured out how to get the window open all the way.


“Sonata, SIT DOWN!" Aria shouted at the girl.

"Twenty. Tacos," the girl said into my speaker. Which isn't where the microphone is.

"We don't have low-fat chipotle ranch," I said back.

"Then why did you say you did!" she said back.

I paused, suddenly questioning what came out of my mouth.

"Uh, sorry. But we don't. I can give you the low-fat ranch and the chipotle ranch and then you can mix it."

"Sure! Fine!" she said. "Aria order your stupid health food."

"Can I get an extra cheesy potato burrito?" The passenger girl -- Aria, right -- yelled out. "Shut up, Adagio. I see that look. I've been good ALL WEEK. THIS IS MY TREAT TO MYSELF."

"Sure, what else can I get you?" I said back, tallying the register.

The two girls then sighed to each other and then looked back the girl in the backseat-- Sonata was her name?-- who was physically trembling. I haven't been scared very often in my life. I was genuinely terrified.

"You can get five things," I could faintly hear through the microphone. "So choose carefully."

They pulled up a little so the girl was closer to the speaker, even though I could hear her fine as is. Then the part that I swear I can still hear in my nightmares.


This. This single event. This bane of my existence. The indecision of an over-excited taco enthusiast rattled my eardrums for at least five minutes. The cars were piling up. People were honking. My manager came over. I wanted to cry. I wanted to walk right out. The never ending monotone groan of her held note was ruining my life.

Then. She spoke.


I tapped the buttons.

"Pull around to the second window please." I said flatly.

Seriously, why do we even have a first window?

So, the car pulled up. I opened my window and I turned to them.

"That'll be fifteen fourty-nine," I said.

They gave me twenty bucks. I gave back change. Things were fine. The team gave me the half cold bag of cruddy mexican food and I gave it to them in the car. The girl in the back gave me a heart sign with her fingers. And a part of me was about to be like 'Oh, I got a heart from a cute girl today. Okay. This isn't so bad.'

But then, the driver looked back at me.

"What the hell? This isn't low-fat chipotle ranch?!"

And that was it. I snapped. Threw my headset on the ground and walked right out. There were eight cars in line. But nope. I was done. Fucking. Done.

And that's why I quit my job at Taco Hut.

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Comments ( 13 )

So, things started easy. People came through the drive through in their cars. They order a burrito or a combo or something simple. It was easy to follow the motions. 'Would you like a drink?' 'Would you like to try our new Cinna-Puffs?' Then they pay. I give them their stuff. Simple.

It's never that simple. Nothing is ever as it should be in a drive-thru.

You see, it wasn't the three girls that made him quit. It was the fact his manager put him on drive-thru before he was ready. You gotta stay on front a bit, then simply wear a headset to get used to the crazies that come through and THEN start running a drive-thru.

It was really his manager's fault for poor shift placement.

What a beautiful late-night treat, Priest. I haven't read Damien's contribution yet, but I'm sure it won't hold a candle to this. :raritywink:

No, but for real though, both you and Damien worked super hard to get these out in 24 hours. Good job you guys.

Okay but now I want tacos and I have no tacos why would you do this to me priest why.

Ask crystal, i heard she got tacos.

I pity those people who work in drive-thru.

As a guy who worked at Taco Bell for two months as the night-shift drive-thru guy (After a month I was promoted to shift lead, but I still worked the window), I can attest that there were nights where I wanted to do just this.

Actually, when I quit there, it was on a night sort-of like this (I counted twelve cars in a row with multiple $15+ orders each, and we were short staffed). The 15 cents above minimum pay for being a shift lead wasn't worth it anymore, I now work as a drive-thru guy at Wendy's and make 70 cents more per hour than I did as a shift lead at TBell.

It;s been a few years since then, but I appreciate your pity. It is well-placed.

equine horses

That's a repetitively redundant phrasal series of lexical words.

and that was the moment Priest decided to become a fimfiction writer

We suppose it could have been equinoid humans?Or maybe equine humanoids?

This isn't low-fat chipotle ranch?!"

Meh. Low-fat is full of sugar anyway

This was good, hilarious even.


I never worked drive-thru, but as a previous fast food cook who worked alone 90% of the time in the kitchen, I can attest to the fact that fast food is fundamentally terrible and the pay isn't even worth it. I got a job planting trees and made more in under a month doing that than I did working for 4 months in fast food.

Nice little short story, though.

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