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We are all made from broken parts. We are broken from the start. Our hearts, they were beating in the dark. We are made from broken parts.


Twilight has always had a secret passion for writing romantic fanfiction. In fact she has an entire library devoted to it. What happens when her friends find that library?

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Every time I see one of these fics I can't help but crack up. And that ending... Just... That ending.:rainbowlaugh:

and yet another story that makes me hate cuntlight glimmer like seriously fuck you

So is this fanfiction of the show, or of the game Twlight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder? Because either wins...

If you don't like Starlight, why even bother to comment? And really, cuntlight Glimmer? I've seen more mature names from three year olds.

my favourite story on the whole site :rainbowlaugh:


You ought to change your username to Commander Cuntlight too.

Rarity bit her lower lip. “Oh, that sounds… troubling. Might we take a peek?”

This is when you say no and hide them again!

This was pretty good. Kinda weird though.

anypony, not ever. Their just stories.”


are your friends. and you are using 

Change the period to a comma


Well that could have go worse...

It could have gone like this:

I haven't even read the story... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS VID?!

Read but Seconded. Dat vid...

“Figured the title said enough, yer not getting it back. It’s too dirty fer you.” Applejack walked out the door and left Twilight behind.

The problem with that line of thinking, AJ, is that she’s the one who wrote it in the first place.

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