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    Night Light is having a relaxing night in—sans wife—doing a little extra work for his astronomy job, when he has a visitor that needs some special care.
    Damaged · 2.3k words  ·  34  3 · 304 views

Princess Celestia is the greatest of the alicorn princesses. She steered Equestria through a thousand and some years of peace and safety, but at a price. Who can the perfect pony confess to? Where could they turn to be told they did the right thing?

Contains: BDSM, whipping (minor), crying, a lyric to a wonderful song, consent, and aftercare.

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I don't really know where this came from, or where it was ever meant to go. I have a tender spot for Twilight Velvet and Celestia both: one holds up all the hopes and dreams of Equestria, and one runs the country. :trollestia:

Don't think about this too much, there is nothing sexual in it, and nothing sexual intended. This is just one mare needing to be told she is a good pony, and another mare doing that for her.

Hehe, lovely little fic. Always love to see one where Celestia can let loose in private and "be herself".

Though i wonder if she "confesses" those "sins" regulary or if it was supposed to be the first time. There is quiet a gap between all this events, at least a year or more.


Celestia carries so many of them, and like any caring individual they second guess themselves constantly. Did they do the right thing? Did they do it in time? Could they have stopped the pain and suffering of others if they had moved faster, or better, or in a different direction? Sometimes you can't tell someone they did the best anyone could have asked, you can't show them the legions thanking them, or praising their name.

Sometimes, for their own good, you have to force them to see that they are decent individuals doing the best they can.

It's good story, Damaged, and you should feel good that you wrote it.

8651286 It seems to be her out, her way to put all the events of her days in perspective. I would say she has confessed these "sins" before, but like all wounds these will take time to heal.

8651300 Thanks. Even Princess Celestia needs to remember:

I love this. More than I can express.

8651667 Glad to hear it. :twilightsmile:

Wow I don't know what to say when it started I thought I look normal clip by the end just wow the amount of emotion hidden in it I love it.

8651950 I love Celestia more as a pony thrust into leadership than as a benevolent goddess who never has a care.

Well in this case it was more major events then just everyday stuff but when shes in a better mood i can imagine her confessing something like "i stole a cake from the castle kitchen..."

Amd reading it again i lingered on her mention of Night Light being special too, now i imagine after a giod crying with velvet she gets a good snuggling from Night Light.

8652165 Her admiration for Night Light was that he was sure enough in their marriage that he could let his darling wife do such things with another, and not feel the need to spy, pry, or blackmail either of them. He trusts Twilight Velvet implicitly.

Hrmm, I could look at doing a sequel where Celestia comes over only to find Twilight Velvet is out. Since she has snuck out for the night Celestia doesn't want to go back, so she and Night Light just hang and have long talks about their lives, and Twilight Velvet. It could be really sweet in its own ways.

Yeah i figured such the first time i read it, but thought of this the second time. I mean Night Light deserves some love too not just Velvet and being a huge celestiaf*g i dont mind imagining it heh. :rainbowwild:

I imagine they would usually agree to it before rather then just her appearing randomly as its probably a intense experience for both parties involved.
So maybe after a argument with Luna(or some other emotionally intense event) she just goes to the place she feels is her heaven?

Good that Celestia wants to know others acknowledge her faults. Somewhat sad she needs this style of affirmation and redemption though. To each their own.
Keep going! ;)

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