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Somewhere in the USA. Probably older than you. And something about MLP:FIM makes me want to write stories. Unfortunately, being gainfully employed cuts into my writing time.


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    Because of a family emergency, Evan Sedmak is asked to care for his little brother's two children... or rather, foals. He may have helped care for his little brother in his childhood, but can he be ready to care for a colt and a filly?
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This story is a sequel to The Taxman Cometh

Evan Sedmak was honored to be named the best man for his little brother's wedding. But his brother didn't mention that the wedding was taking place in Equestria, or that he would actually be the best stallion.

(This story uses characters from previous stories, but can be read on its own.)

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 51 )

I literally finished reading The Taxman Cometh earlier today, so this is delightfully well-timed. :twilightsmile:

Ah, Jason, never change :rainbowlaugh:

This should be fun. Between first contact and the first interdimensional wedding (I assume,) there should be plentiful opportunities for shenanigans.

yep this is defiantly going to be a good story.

Somewhere in the USA. Probably older than you. And something about MLP:FIM makes me want to write stories. Unfortunately, being gainfully employed cuts into my writing time.

Something we share in common. Heh

I'll follow this story and see what rabbit hole it leads me down!

And just like that the setting has exploded. I do like the two sides of reaching equestria. The official channels through Twilight and princess' efforts, then the less kosher means like we saw from Malice, and the fact that they awknowledge both but are being cautious in covering up the latter.

If you think coming to Equestria after eating meat is bad, wait till you try going back to earth with a stomach full of highly toxic daffodils...

8170992 The last breakfast before the humans go home will be only foods humans can eat. It's one of the items on Twilight Sparkle's checklist.

“Good afternoon, people of Earth. My name is Twilight Sparkle, one of the princesses of Equestria, and on behalf of all the ponies and peoples of Equestria, we bid you welcome. We hope that the bonds of friendship and harmony that already connect our worlds will grow and flourish with the introduction of formal relations.

So...welcoming us to our own planet, Twilight?

I sense a disturbance in the Force.

Every ounce of this story fills me with indescribable glee. I crave more. :raritystarry:

You know, we say Fluttershy doesn't fly much but... it's like those jobs as a cashier or waiter. On your feet all day. Only for her it's hovering and little flying and fluttering all around her house and land most of the day. Helping out would be good for any new pony to learn what their abilities can do. Just all those little chores...

Also: enter love interest :rainbowlaugh:

So April Showers' foal will be named May Flowers?:pinkiehappy:

That's definitely one of the better explanations I've heard for the name of Rarity's store.

As for Evan, I get the feeling that April won't be the last mare interested in someone exotic. This could get awkward.

Also, it's hardly A. K. Yearling's fault that her wings keep getting messed up. Though at this point, it's kind of incredible that she can still get off the ground.

a vary good chapter that is showing exultant slice of life.
and I can say the Daring Do are a vary good read.
Daring Do books

Reverse stripping. That's not something you see every day :rainbowlaugh:

Dude, you never skip wing day. Just ask Bulk.

I've seen dressers in pony fiction several times before, but they always make for a fun reversal of the trend.

call me super impressed a vary good chapter.
and I can say this is only the second story I know of that has Shoeshine in.

8203453 One of my early stories was written based on a particular famous image from Season 1.

And there is a group with Shoeshine stories here, though it doesn't appear to be active.

Admiral Biscuit has a more detailed description of Shoeshine at work here.

Admiral Biscuit I know this story and to tell the truth I hade forgot about it.
I was thinking of five score a velvet night fall as shoeshine is just coming to this story in the last 2 or 3 chapters.

“It's real. That's been my life for the last six years. Um... sorry for lying to you like that.”

That’s a huge thing to lie about. And really inconsiderate. Also a big issue to bring up against the ponies for knowing how to communicate between worlds and waiting to do so for no good reason. That’s the kind of thing someone should be called on, even if it’s indirectly just Jason here. Like... seriously not cool to not share this information while still visiting or living on Earth regularly.

A random idea. Say there’s a future story where Evan has to go to Equestria to look after his new niece and/or nephew. Should another human, new to Equestria, come along for the ride?

His wife. She's a little Batsy, and shenanigans ensue :yay:

Good to see the parents take this all in stride. The big day's not much further off. Should be quite the event.

No clothes meant no locker rooms, and thus no locker rooms to clean. Evan definitely envied the mares in charge.

He clearly never spoke to the poor, beleaguered towel stallion.

A beautiful chapter I love it.
and to answer your question.
defiantly as you are a vary talented author of this type of story line.

The towel stallion is no longer beleaguered, since Applejack taught them about the importance of routine maintenance.

Of course that's planned for the next chapter!

They found John, still asleep. They also found Twilight Sparkle, asleep and spooning with John.  At last! That is the thing I was waiting for from the first chapter of the first story!!!

No one said they moved fast.
But just imagine the future interdimensional booty calls.

such a sweet slice of life chapter.
and do I see a set up for more story's continuing this story line?


A possible continuation was suggested in the comments of the previous chapter.

Yesssssss :pinkiecrazy:
Took you long enough, John! Hope you make pretty purple pony princess happy. A royal marriage would go a long way to establish stable and peaceful relations :twilightsmile:

It's about time with John and Twilight. Still, good to see the two nerds together. And having a human Prince Consort will probably do wonders for interdimensional diplomacy. Not necessarily good wonders, but still.

Love may be the purview of my sister-in-law, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, but what is love but a very special kind of friendship?

"What I'm saying is that after the wedding, I'm invading the Crystal Empire. Who's with me?"

In all seriousness, a lovely wedding. Looking forward to the wrap-up.


"What I'm saying is that after the wedding, I'm invading the Crystal Empire. Who's with me?"

"Friendship is magic, and the magic of friendship underlies the very harmony that allows our world to live. Thus, as Princess of Friendship, I am the rightful ruler of the entire world. Celestia delenda est!"

Author's Note:
Silly Evan. By saying that, you're all but guaranteeing another trip to Equestria.

yep this is defiantly going to happen.
I love the hole story it is just so good.
and I will be watching to see if a sequel happens.

Oh Evan, you should learn with John. The more you deny, the more you wish never to come back, the more involved you become :pinkiehappy:

What's next? John & Purplesmart' spawn? It would be gloriously cute and shenanigan'y :twilightsmile:

You are definitely returning, Evan. Worse with that booty call promise in place.

I suppose the question will be what April thinks of Earth.

In any case, a lovely story. Thank you for the latest installment of the saga.

This is my FAVOURITE HiE saga, and thats all I got say about that.
:twilightsmile: keep up the good work


>the carousel explanation
I have to admit, my first mental image was a different rhythmic dancing involving a pole.

That's in the next chapter, with the bachelor party.

What an incredible coincidence. I'm a grad student at CU Boulder. Duane Physics and Astrophysics, where I normally work and attend classes, is just south of Folsom Field. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on that wall...

And I am definitely looking forward to seeing how that next trip works out. Onwards!

How to be a fly on that wall:
·Join the crew to clean up the football stadium the day after a home game.
·Hope that that's the day Twilight Sparkle chooses to make first contact.

I thought he was a unicorn not a pegasus?

To whom are you referring?

the best man Evan because unless i'm mistaken he was part of the elements of disharmany

John was the unicorn who was part of the Elements of Disharmony in the first story.

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