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Somewhere in the USA. Probably older than you. And something about MLP:FIM makes me want to write stories. Unfortunately, being gainfully employed cuts into my writing time.



This story is a sequel to Following Through

All I want is a quiet Christmas with my family, followed by a beach vacation with my friends. But even in this quiet Florida town, I can’t escape a place called Equestria, a fantastic world I visited against my will twice before. There’s something strange happening here, a malicious magic in this world which is supposed to be free of magic, and we’re the only humans that can do anything about it.

At least we won’t be forced to go back to Equestria this time. The problem is on Earth, so the ponies are coming here. Now, how are we going to get these ponies used to their new human bodies in time to stop this crisis?

[Although this story uses the characters from previous works, it can be read independently.]

Updates Tuesday and Friday.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 29 )

7767371 Actually, were it my family, we would be playing sheepshead. Which just happens to be a game that plays best with five.

Hmm. Things seem to be going well so far. But we still are missing the rest of the iceberg.

For some reason the sharing of each other's meals just struck me as the nicest part of this chapter. I don't know what. Maybe the bit of society building it does? Lyra's description, on the other hand, not so much.

Malice in an amusement part... No. Nope. Nu-uh. So much rejection.

Oh this is likely gonna be bad... Could be worse I guess... could have used carousel horses...

Lightning Shield just got adorable XD

7799156 They're ponies, adorable is one of their reasons to exist. The other one is to be a toy product mass produced by a massive evil company.

7800537 Yes, but they're in the human world. And those Equestria Girls dolls aren't so adorable.

A little anti-climatic, but good planning does that. I was surprised he didn't directly turn back to stone when his magic was drained, but it does make sense that it wouldn't draw out someone's... core. Still, it drawing in moonlight means moonlight is a for of magic on earth? Interesting.

Curious to see how the park authorities explain this 'act of vandalism' with the statue being in a completely different position and pose with a new expression :rainbowlaugh:

7807518 Well, that statue was at ground zero for the "sinkhole", so it's lost forever.

7807549 Significantly less fun XD

The sock dimension finally got some use. I wonder if Discord picked up that trick (toss in another dimension) from Starswirl or if it was the other way around.

They beat me up? That’s all?

And they beat him up in style too. Get ded, rekt and shrekt.

Malice awoke. This whole being defeated was growing old, but all defeat is temporary to an immortal spirit. He would take his time, as always.
His first priority, as always, was to assess the environment. He felt the comfortable chaos magic all around, but he could not draw on it. He felt things, but every sensation was different. He felt... he felt...
Felt. He was made of felt, and cotton stuffing, and button eyes. In the background were flat crayon illustrations, like the work of a young foal. And all around were colorful sock puppets.
“Oh, hello. Won’t you be our friend forever and ever?”
Malice screamed.

Discord..? Why're you so evil? Isn't Malice suppose to be the villain.

You offered me friendship, but I sealed it away, just like the journal I hid in my closet

Guess you could say he is coming out of the closet. Join the herd man, I know you want the rainbows.

After my first trip, I tried to put it out of my mind, to pretend it was all a dream

Same with me, too bad I'm still in prison for smoking and dealing them greens.

Although, I suppose I have to amend that now, since Jason told me you became an alicorn and a princess.

Hmmm... Apologize when the girl become rich and have power, truly a man with no other agendas at all.

Despite the magic and otherworldly visitors, rolling around in an SUV with special gear on a mission feels very…tactical. I like it.

I am impressed with not only this story but in the way you righting has improved Alaborn .
don't take this wrong but the first in this story line was rough and defiantly needed more planning , as to this version that shows you have improved a long way.
I will defiantly be watching for more of this story line.

I liked that, open and shut, tactical and badass.

Seen painted horses, elephants, giant golf balls just for a few

Eventually, I wrote down everything that had happened, printed it, and sealed it away in an envelope.


8126730 Whether by keyboard, pen, or quill, it's still the act of writing.

8126766 Only if they use feathers from Celestia and Luna.

One down, how many more to go?:rainbowhuh:

“Pass. The desserts here are terrible,” Sweetie Drops said.

The bona fide bon-bon bon-viveur would say that!:rainbowlaugh:

One buffet joint near us has only a soft serve machine with a toppings selection, including crushed nuts, sprinkles, etc, for desserts.:rainbowwild:

8127146 Pfft. A real buffet has cakes, pies, cookies, and hot desserts like cobblers and chocolate lava cake.

“My part is fake,” Jason said. “I’ll spout off some ‘facts’ about the artist or the painting before waving my tricorder, confirming what Minuette felt.”


“Do Buck Charger!” Lyra suggested.

You're old if you remember this from the 80's and then some more if you remember Buster Crabbe's original in the 50's.(although reruns for me in the 70's:facehoof:
Waiting for Flash Gordon Golden now.:twistnerd:

If I was given the options of two places with relatively equal reputations, I pick Chinese. It's my favourite kind of take out, so I never pass up a chance for more.

8127177 I did say one joint, don't think it's operating anymore, haven't been passed there in a while.

The spell washed over me, and my hair changed color. It didn’t match my complexion, so I also lightened by skin.


I am a bit of a sucker for Panda Express, so unless the other buffet has something really good, I'd pick Chinese.

Have to admit, I didn't expect it to come down to a one-sided sh*t stomp on Malice, but it was certainly cathartic.

More sequels, YAY!

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