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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.

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HA! Gayyyyyyy!

Inb4 someone gets triggered

Please!!!! Blane x fashion plate!!! As a story not just a one shot. <3

Haven't read this, so I dunno if you were going for a pun with that first chapter title, but it's spelled "whetting". Sorry, that's just a pet peeve of mine

Gonna have to take a look at this one.

8061242 Plottwist: It was watersports this entire time!

Yes! We finally get to know what happens! Thank you, can't wait to read it!

quaff silver mane

You dictate this story to Siri? I believe you mean "coiffed".

Terrible Drake

Somebody's referencing Bad Dragon~


Hey, it wouldn't be the first time I did that. :duck:

8062358 Huh, I haven't read that story until now. Absolutely Hilarious!

This was a great read I loved it


You can whet someone's appetite, but wetting your whistle is just slang for licking one's lips.


Oh crap, you're right! I stand corrected. Not sure what I was thinking there

I know we won't see or hear anything about anything like this from these boys in the future, but man it would be awesome.

But whoa... I don't care how out of character, illogical or non-canon it would be for your world, these four HAVE to do this again. Hell, Fashion Plate could either blackmail them or find three other gryphon triplets with the exact same physiques for all I give a damn, but I NEED to see more pretty-colt and pretty-boy gryphon crossdressing with insecurities, hypnotic incest and bukkake in a three-gryphon foursome. It's just never gonna come up again anywhere on this site.

On another note: Fashion Plate, you wrong for what you did to those boys :trollestia:

Nice job.

After reading this all I can think about is how badly I want a fashion plate x Blane stories now. Pretty please? :fluttershysad: :applecry::raritycry:

little chickie

Goddamit VClaw, you nearly made me spit out my drink. :rainbowlaugh:

fifty shades of hay...

really dude?

That's actually a little nod to a story that my boyfriend wrote, titled Out Of Your System. Highly worth checking out (along with his other works) if you ever get the chance. :twilightsmile:


Any chance of us getting more crossdressing action with these four in a non-canon sense?


Well, maybe not of the four characters I used for this story, but I do have a few story ideas involving crossdressing with other characters.

Okay... I'll be frank. I'm straight and get nothing from porn except annoyance, so I considered not reading it, then said "ah hell, its vclaw, and its smut, nothing groundbreaking." And hey, your better then that stuck cow who wrote fifty shades of grey.

But naturally that pesky morality made its debut... You do realize he intentionally set out to inebriate three fellows for his own gratification? Its about as close to rape as one can get. Legally hes in the clear, but ethically, never mind how the triplets feel... because the idea wouldn't leave, I thought you might enjoy what i thought what their dear old dad would have to say....


Fashion plates grin was a rictus of terror as he sweated under the wing of the Clawston patriarch, a firm embrace that made it quite clear what position the fashion pony was in. Giving a chuckle, Jonas gave a squeeze of the appendage, saying pleasantly "Whats wrong? I thought you liked cuddles. Or do you need too get em all nice and sauced?"

Whimpering and biting his lip as the General flicked the end of his cigar onto a rug worth more then a year salary as an general, the pony felt his inner neat freak going into conniptions as the gryphon took another drag.

"Don't mind if I smoke do you babe? Not that I care of course. Or do you prefer hun? Not to clear on the lingo you lot have, and Angela had enough curse words to say when she found out. Why I'm out here by the by. You've made me have to deal with my wife, and no male should ever to have to deal with the wife."

Stubbing out the cigar on the well polished table, and earning a whine of pain from the unicorn at the act, Jonas tapped the folder he'd put the photos in.

"Now... my sons are idiots. Thats fine... so was I as a youth. And hell, this taught them a lesson..."

Suddenly Fashion was whipped down onto the table, his head pinned under a snarling gryphon.

"But that doesn't give some old lech the right to treat them as his toys."

Writhing under the claw, Fashioned shouted "Well, fuck, what do you want from me then?"

"Your heart in my claws... but I'll settle for a clear understanding that you hurt my sons. They are terrified to be in the same room... fuck, i want them to go back to wrecking things if it meant they had each other. And to make it clear if you've got the negatives somewhere, next ime, my wife is going to pay a visit. And trust me on this son, she is nowhere near as understanding as I am"


Yeah in total agreement there, despite what I earlier commented. Enjoyed the erotica but what Fashion did was really scummy and he should pay for it. But it's a comedy (not saying it's funny, but acts like these are less likely to get retribution in these cases) and from what I glimpsed of Brushed Away 3 I don't think he's the main focus so I think the triplets are just gonna have to wallow in their discomfort.

Also he may still not be "legally" clear, but depends on Equestria law. In some places it's considered rape by their law if you take photos or video tape a sexual encounter without heir knowing consent, even if they already agreed to sleep with you. The triplets never agreed to getting photographed. Also the hypnotic effects of the collar were never disclosed before use so there's that too. But they can barely remember what actually went on that night and even then they're too ashamed to ever bring it up. It's sad really. And furthermore if legal action were pursued, Fashion is very well known, the scandal would be abuzz across Equestria, it'd be absolutely humiliating for the Clawstons. So unfortunately... Fashion has them in a lock.

I like to imagine your ending is what did occur though, would've served Fashion right :trollestia:

10/10 would read another story about fashon's sexual adventures

This gives hope for a Fashion Plate spinoff series idea somewhere in the world.

Fashion Plate then lit his porn to pick up the clipboard on the desk.

horn, I think you meant horn:rainbowlaugh:


I like where this is going.


Really good story. I hope more of their memory starts coming back so they can descend further into horror and embarrassment. That or canvas or Troy finds out.

I don't know, I think Fashion Plate might have burnt this particular bridge with Blane, given the outcome of this little shindig.
Which is a pity.

Oh boy, the green fairie strikes like a lemon peel . . . Wrapped around a large gold brick.

Announcer's voice: "Blaze would regret that statement the next day."

:pinkiehappy: Oh dear Luna, :rainbowlaugh: I can't breathe :pinkiegasp:! This chapter is awesome, your descriptions are spot on. As is your timing. :raritywink: I am really looking forward to what comes next.

huh.... so this is what happened to them..... nice...

To elaborate on my earlier comment - I think there could be a very interesting story in Blaine and Fashion Plate, at least partially about how awful Fashion Plate's behaviour was that night, and how he deals with one of his one-night flings growing into something with pesky emotional attachments and such. Troy and Canvas' story was about two pretty naive guys, romantically speaking; Fashion Plate comes across as very unsentimental and manipulative, and seeing him cope with developing feelings for someone he's hurt could be fascinating.

Also more cross dressing gryphon-on-pony demolition, because fuuuuuuuuuuck yes.

Another reason I don't get sleep before work :rainbowkiss:

*twitches* This whole... thing, hit just a few too many of my buttons for comfort. *breathes heavily*

That said! Yeah... Fashion Plate is pretty scummy. Most places nowadays consider liquoring people up for sex rape, and I'm not exactly sure what that collar thing is, but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to use it on someone without their consent. Not saying it wasn't hot, just sayin' that conning three straight brothers into a mildly incestuous foursome for your own pleasure and then recording it, once again, without their consent, is a pretty shitty thing to do to someone.

He's just lucky the triplets are willing to put it down to 'Absinthe is a hell of a drug' and leave it at that. Honestly... this kinda makes me feel bad for them. They trusted this guy and he abused the hell outta that. Not gonna lie, that's a bit of a boner killer.


I'll address this to you as well 8166525: first lets establish this as it stands using us humans as the jump point for context.

While punishment for it for our species varies, rape is regarded, for the most part, a violent crime, largely and sadly one that is difficult to punish given its nature. Its largely also regarded as a deplorable action that is dealt with harshly.

For ponies... well, look how they reacted with mere assault, and how deep mere friendship is to them. Can you imagine how deeply romantic bonds go and how much such intimacy matters to them? And while I assume and hope the two sisters do not have personal experience in the matter, I'd imagine such things are one of the few things punishable by death in their realm aside from foal abuse and murder in the courts of the lands

Gryphons... they stump me to be honest. Now, all three species are vastly different, obviously, so one shouldn't assume anything on emotional reaction. And remember that for the longest time gryphons had trouble breeding, so "getting topped" while punishable, was probably done so not as harshly in their realm, the perpetrators more then likely pressed into the military or life at hard labor. Mind this is only male on female, so for males it may just be humiliating and results in a disembowling or being visited by irate relatives

Going back to ponies though, they find themselves at an advantage: spells. Should the triplets pursue the matter, they could quite easily prove intent and their state of inebriation as well as their mind set before hand. So, our good sleazeball is in a bit of a pickle should they spill the beans

Like I said, it all takes into account what the law is. I assumed it was more than likely considered rape. But there is still the matter of the embarrassment. I haven't read the main story series that this came from but from what I gather it seems like Fashion Plate and the gryphon father at least are popular figures in one sense or another. Will the boys and their parents be willing to put their ignominious tryst out in the open for the masses to know? If you've read the series you'd know better than me, but it seems far too embarrassing for the gryphons to seek justice through the public channels. It'd have to be something behind closed doors like the scenario you entailed. As you said:

or males it may just be humiliating and results in a disembowling or being visited by irate relatives

If they do know any unicorns that can unveil that night to them, I'd hope it's someone that the gryphon family can trust to keep their mouths shut. No one what's to be known as the guy who got tricked by Fashion Plate to jerk of your own flesh and blood.

Blade just picked a whole bouquet of oopsie daisies

I liked Blane the best in the original story, and I like Blane the best now, he’s just really great.

I kind of feel bad for Blane, honestly.

This story is one evidence of why I LOVE gay male porn! Even though I'm not a fan of incest, this was pretty damn hot!:pinkiegasp:

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