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I am an aspiring writer, romance enthusiast, and a horrible over emotional mess. If you're here I hope you like homosexual stallions. If you enjoy my work and want to support me I have a Ko-Fi!

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I feel Cadance would be alright with this. Princess of love and all that, she knows his desires better than he does.

fug ~<3

>Sidekick cover art.
I'm going to need the source of this picture, my man.

Very nice :D

I've seen and read plenty of clopfics and clop pics with Shining being a sub, longing for a dom (both female and male) however this is one of the better ones. Great job ^_^ this story made me...well, I read it in bed, so you can figure it out from there.:twilightblush:

awesome story hope to see more of this:pinkiehappy:

Adorable!! :raritystarry:
I wonder what started this trend with Hoity Toity... :heart:

There's isn't enough Hoity Toity clopfic out there.

Great little piece, but there was one thing that really stuck out.


On two different occasions you used the word 3 times in the same paragraph, and there was numerous double-ups. I wouldn't complain if it was within a character's style of speech to use it so often, but this was narrative.


Three good alternatives for it without dipping towards the really silly synonyms.

But that is just style. There are few actual errors, and this is certainly going into my fave collection as something that was adorably cute. Well done.

that was amazing

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