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Did you do this all by yourself? :facehoof:

5925261 Yeah I did it kinda just came out of me one afternoon so I figured I should post it

Great story, I hope you will continue :D

5927070 oh it will I'm writing the next chapter as we speak

This is a great clopfic, sissy spike is awesome! I also like how Twilight's a voyeur for his little fun times. I can't wait to see what comes next, my only hope is that I might get to see some Spike X Discord action.

5927951 Discord was an idea of mine but not for a couple of chapters, I want to hit Sissy Spike with a bit more small guns then hit him with the Big gun that is the lord of all chaos Discord

5927968 Hehehe sounds like a good plan.

5928086 why thank you I feel I worked hard on it and if that means people can read something i wrote i can enjoy that

5928093 I mean, there are a few grammatical errors, but it's ok, other than that. :pinkiesmile:

5928106 well you know to error is human and i'm glad it doesn't effect the reading to much. I think i need a better proof reader

5928111 You could probably use me as one.. I'm great when it comes to grammar. Like I said, the story is fine regardless though.

5928139 well i don't mind letting you do so.

5928160 I suppose PMing would work in this case.

5928168 true i will when the next chapter is done

I helped you make the newest chapter, so the grammar should be 2 times better than last chapter. :twilightsmile:

5944525 it is very true hope every one enjoys

I'm not sure how the story's second chapter will go. I mean, I did improve the grammar a lot, but not as much as I wanted to, so as not to disrupt the whole story. I like the second chapter. :twilightsmile:

Good read not many gay Spike fics out there especially with Discord involve (which I would like to see more of). Only major complaint is that the lack of paragraphs where they need to be.

6015439 Like I said, lack of sufficient grammar revisions was because I didn't want to disrupt Tagger's original work, only change the sentences where they needed to be.

i looked at the title of this story and thought "you know? maybe this one is about spike filling others up" then i realized i have terrible luck. good day my friend have an upvote simply for entertainment value.

-The story could use not having that word, really. -_- It's just a turn-off, you know ?

Other than that, I really like it. It's just the choice of word that need some work.

>leaving the slit his dicks
-''of his dicks'', maybe ?

Interesting part, though Hoity seemed a bit... ''blank'', so to speak. Like, it could have been 'anyone', you know ?

> “But Spike is a boy,” Shining bluntly stated, tilting his head in confusion. “You can’t live happy with a boy, you can’t reproduce if you are together with a boy.”
-What's the phrase again ? ''This is dumb, and you should feel bad'' ?
But, honestly, this is just out of place.

Thank you for all the comments and dont worry the story getting a huge rewrite

Read the description I had been hoping a story like this existed! Gonna read it ASAP!

6456356 it's on the way also I'm giving it a major rewrite with more pumped into it

wait so is this r63 or not?....

Where's the rest of this?????

Its pretty obvious that the story is dead.....so who wants to continue it?

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