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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


And lo, the hero did find the sword, and having found the magnificent, beautiful, most perfect weapon of the ages, the hero did set forth to roam the earth while bearing the sword, much to the dismay of alicorns and harmonious creatures everywhere. So began the adventures of the handsome, perfect sword and his wacky kensai puppy.

"Shut up, Limey, and stop narrating!"

And thus, Shēdo did began arguing with the narrator, much to the dismay of the narrator himself. Dirty pool, Shēdo, dirty pool. It's bad form to argue with the narrator as the story is being told.

"Shut up!"

Lo... hey, waitaminute! Shēdo! We've become an entry in the Weedverse.

"Limey, some of the things you say are very troubling."

A bit of stupid fun background info.

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Oh my god, the stories. They're multiplying!



I was just looking in new published


i am very confused????

I like the start, so far. Limey will probably be annoying (thus why Twight Sparkle Rev. Alpha [aka Celestia] laid the smackdown on him)... but that's the character. I kinda hear him like Sir Robin's minstrels.

Hopefully this will continue forward.

"And lo, the Hero did grow tired of the chatter of the Sacred Sword, and used him to stir the contents of yon midden."

"What? Look, you can't-- Glub! Blub! Gasp! DON'T DO THAT!"

"Are you going to tone yourself down a notch? Because I like listening to you some of the time, but lately you've been getting awful mouthy."

"It's in my nature! I'm a narrating... No! Glub! Blub! Gasp! STOP THAT! All right, I'll tone it down a little."

"No more telling dirty jokes?"

"But I like telling-- Wait! Okay, okay. How about just one a day?"

I'm already laughing. (internet laughing, which is basically an exhale through the nose, you know the one)


And lo, the narrator did narrate: I recognise the texture in this corn niblet dump, only Princess Luna could be so careless with her digestion.

Celestia bound a draconequus into a sword? :rainbowhuh: This could have many, many implications and consequences.

I enjoyed this chapter, feels almost balanced for there to be a story that is more comedic while you are writing more serious works. I would enjoy seeing more about your take on Diamond Dogs. If you don't want to commit to a full story structure you could format this in a more episodic fashion with each chapter being a snapshot of an important event.

It appears to be something like Diamond Dogs meets Monty Python meets Conan the Barbarian. I'm down for more if you are. :twilightsmile:

...and we cut the cheese again?

Please continue this. This is great.


I have to say that Limey also kinda reminds me of Bob from The Dresden Files.

Interesting so far though I can see why people want to banish him. For a while it would be fun then annoying

I like the concept but I'm not so sure about Limey....If I'd found him I'd probably try to get rid of him ASAP . He seems like that sort of annoying.:applejackunsure:
Here's hoping his personality grows on us and our protagonist. Or that the rest of the story makes it worth dealing with him. I'm holding off on my vote on this until I read more of this, that is if there's more of it.


There is of course, issues with getting rid of a cursed sword that always comes back.

OK, I want to preface this question by stating a few things
-I have read MOST of the weed verse
-I have a terrible memory
-I recognize I may be making some pretty big jumps.

OK so Limy mentions chronos and pale. Chronos as far as I know hasn't been mentioned but pale was in one of the recent qusadilla chapters. Givin what pale was involved with and his name, it's somewhat reasonable to assume he has some connection to the afterlife, and by extension possibly lima. So my question is, are chronos and pale the crows/ravens (again bad memory) that spoke to sumac in the cemetery?

This is why I don't try to be smart. I'm not good at it :P

Very promising.

I do wonder if he is a reliable narrator...

Narrating dragon-pony-chaos sword.
Yknow what?
Why the fuck not?

Nice to get some more of the early Diamond Dog tribe saga since they seem to show up later.

“I am the all powerful butterknife! Toast shall look upon me and despair! I can cut cheese without effort!”

Given how ponies are named, this comment could be less food related than at first appearances...

Cheese Sandwich, I'd start worrying now.

Oh I know, that's why I said I'd try to get rid of it. Honestly I like Weedverse almost as much as the Chaseverse so I'm hoping for something totally awesome from this story. :rainbowdetermined2:
That and the fact there are so few DDog stories.

Remember that not all growth is positive. One can grow as a being and still be a low down, no good, terrible bitch. That said, I think that she'll work her way through it. She's already questioning herself and (apparrently) influencing Limey in a positive direction.

I am very interested in where this will be going, I have not read many tales about the downward spiral and the return from that spiral. Please continue, for my attention has been grabbed!


Limey is suffering from Celestia's half-baked spell.

You say Bitch, I say Boudica.

It is one thing to fight your inner demons when they are weak, an ineffectual. It is another entirely to be given power, a cause in which to act, and a moral justification for blood. Try fighting your demons when they sound like the voices of the dead.

I love Limey already. He acts like slight comic relief, and trust me when I say it's desperately needed already.

Also, Limey is basically a cursed, chaotic neutral Flamingo. I only now realised this.

Well, we do know through VI what happens to the tribe... So I am very curious as to how her story is going to go, and how that zebra tag is going to come into play.


Nah. Boudcia was a queen and trained warrior, thus already having the skills and charisma to lead her subjects. If anything, I'd say Red Sonja... less the dead tribe and rapey bit.

Darker than most of your tales but thats not a big downer. SO why was Celestia's spell half baked lack of experience or desperation?


That was explained in the first chapter.


"Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?" :trollestia:

Spoticus works.


"Have you ever been to a Turkish bath?"

I'm not happy about the direction this conversation is going.

I got so many "Conan finds his sword" vibes off the beginning...but then I got a HackHecklemaster +5.

More, please. Flamingo and Limey, I can ship it!

Is her name a romaji pronunciation of Shade?

The crux of her journey as I understand it here is thus: "What does it mean to be a warlord of blood?" If that's the case it is a rather intriguing question.

This will have to also segue around the events in VI so I'm curious about how that'll turn out.

The struggle to be a positive warrior amidst great adversity, external and internal, that sounds like an appropriate left-fork for this setting.

I like it! I'm curious about how this will tie into the side of the story seen in VI.


Ah, indeed. Today I learned that the noun "shade" is an English loan word in Japanese.

I get the feeling that she may be heading down the same path Riddick has walked...

Well the word "girth" is overused but other than that pretty good.

I am looking forward to more of this.


Girth is the name of a dog's chest. Humans have a chest, ponies have a barrel, dogs and cats have girth. Anatomy. I didn't make it this way.

TIL. I assumed barrel would still apply.


What makes it complicated is that ponies, dogs, and cats all have chests still. As quadrupeds down on all fours, the part of the body that is forward facing when you look at them head on, the space just below the neck, that is their chest. but once you run the length of the body and move past the front shoulders, it becomes a barrel or a girth.

Quadrupeds introduce complex anatomy and additional terms. Our chest is our ribcage. Their chest is basically the top of their shoulders and their clavicles, but everything below that becomes something else.

Please write another. Spirit of naration, trapped in a sword is brilliant. Sounds like Flamingo has a friend :pinkiehappy: maybe they can talk across sword space and start their own blade-club :rainbowwild:

I do believe you haven't done done proper bloody vengeance yet. Onwards into the the abiss, young saviour!

No don't stop at one lol I like this so far.

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