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Darkest Dungeon

Another life wasted in the pursuit of glory and gold.

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were running and screaming and crying with your eyes closed as you swung the bat around at random had blood and sweat in your manly eyes. Ha Brilliant! :rainbowlaugh:

Ah, a cameo by my favorite OC, Homerun :pinkiehappy:

I do believe Scary made a cameo.

A weird white tarantula with a red ring on top of its abdomen.

Why are there so few fics with him in it?

and Fluttershy didn't show up outside your door every day to ask you stupid questions.

Is zoophilia your fetish, Anon? What about Tsun-deres?

this was awesome

7687330 I am well aware your fics have him.
I still need to finish Bonbon's acceptance.
Speaking of which, when will we get a third fic for that?

Green stallion with a fedora, eh? :ajsmug:

psh! that wasnt dark enough, needs more edgy and emo!

While I enjoyed this story, and it continues to be your usual quality work, I do have one question. How is this a 'No-Fap November' story? Or am I missing something?

7687627 Did you fap after reading it?

7687632 Considering where I was/am and who else was there, no I did not. However, had I been in private it would've been a different story.
Also, I'm not participating in the 'no masturbation month.'

7687643 I see. Then, to answer your question, this story (as well a future ones) are meant to get people to... fail in No-Fap November.

Well, not your best work, but still... damn. Why does this have more likes?

7687674 Ah, I understand now. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Oh sh*t. I remember this pic. And animated version of this pic. And that was waaay too hot. Now there's one more story about it.
May the Gods have mercy at all of us!

Hah! Scary for the win!

Well I failed already. No story needed!
(still gonna read it later tho:raritywink:)

Nice plot twist.


3rd fic might not be for a while... But I might do a small mini story with them soon.

Scary is best spider! :yay:

As for the No-Fap challenge, I'm definitely going to win it because I haven't done it since January. :ajsmug:

First off, how did you write a story where the main character thinks exactly how I do. You have my thought process down.

Backtracking, you stare bemusedly at the spider. There’s a spider. In a pod. There’s a spider in a pod that’s meant for a pony. There’s a tiny-ass spider taking up an entire pod that could hold a pony. He’s just floating around in the gel by himself. The changelings actually put a spider in a—you know what, fuck it.

Secondly, this story is an absolute master piece. Also, if this were in the real world, you absolutely know the changelings would f@*c with people like this.

You give Applepone’s pod a pat before glancing at the pony in the pod beside her. The rainbow mane and tail are a dead giveaway; you found Rainbo—is… is that carton of milk in the pod with her—no, no. You’re not going to question it. What the changelings do with their prisoners is NOYDB.

Next is… what the fuck? Well, you found Pinkie as well as Purplesmart, although they appear to have been stuffed into the same pod, and they… well, they…

Okay, you have to admit, that’s kinda funny. The changelings arranged them so that Twilight’s head was between Pinkie’s thighs and vice versa. Luna’s here as well and her predicament is no better. The pod she was placed in is two sizes too small, and as such she is curled up so that her head is practically in her own crotch. Oh, you wish you had a camera.

The smell of alcohol is strong in the air, as is the smell of… cheese? And there, sitting on the floor of said closet, is a pod containing Fluttershy. ...why is Fluttershy’s pod in the closet? And—you lean in, squinting to get a better look—why does she have what appears to be a priest collar around her neck? And what is that… beside… her? Your confusion turns to shocked awe as you catch sight of a massive dildo in the shape of a dog’s penis resting beside Fluttershy’s pod. The thing is pure black and about as big as your forearm. Your brain refuses to even begin to processing what you are seeing. Instead, it demands you close the door and forgot what you just saw. You happily oblige.

This is absolute gold.

Coincidentally enough, a song called Spider came up on my Playlist as I read the part with the spider.

7687674 Godammit Max! Making me blow my load before the sex even starts with all those references. How dare they take our beloved ponies from us! (Especially Scary, because Scary is best pony)

Well, except maybe Lyler, the changlings can keep her. I wouldn't be surprised if Chrysalis is dead by the end of the weak from forced cactus fondling. Dismembered horn proudly displayed on Lyler's head as she declares herself 'Queen of the Tendies.'

I stopped reading the moment you called Luna creepy. And burst into tears! :raritycry:

7689776 I'm a Moon Praiser myself and it pained me to do it... but it had to be done for this story.

7689788 *pouts slightly*

and boy band music

Calm down there, Satan.

yay for best spider scary :yay:

How boat a sequel where anon figures out its bug horse but saves her anyways? :)

Im surprised Priest, AP, Egnimatic Otaku and the others from the Good HiE List have not yet commented with really cringey yet hilarious puns.

7690292 Enigmatic has commented, but I don't think the others really know that they're mentioned in the story in some way. :trollestia:

For whatever reason I preferred Raven's small parts to the sunbutt luvin'

Good nods towards the Good HiE guys ;D

7690832 It's in some stories on the site and has been mentioned a lot his name is "Scary"

7687764 You happen to know who the artist is or where to find it?

This was excellent

Loved the references


How are you still alive. No sex, no fap? All year?


Or saves Celestia and kidnaps Bugbutt forming the most awkward threesome imaginable.


Easy: I don't think about it. :pinkiehappy:

Meanwhile, inside the pod...


Priest, what are you doing in the closet?

Well... There's some booru tags that'll help you: artist:moonlitbrush, celestia, changeling
In the comments of the first picture you can find somewhat really good description. Have fun!



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