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Darkest Dungeon

There is a place, beneath those ancient ruins, in the moor, that calls out to the boldest among them...

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You absolute madman.

In 170 minutes? With pizza? *Salutes with boner*

Dammit, Max.

It was bound to happen, thank you based MadMaxtheBlack.

Glorious Madman

If this thing gets featured, then it's the Trump effect all over again.

Oh, yes. That was awesome. :3

Today, I have cast asunder the starry veil, and looked into the eyes of God.img.ifcdn.com/images/84f5f155f28093092f8230015c74f9a2238ef6305dc6a497fa9a09fccba83a0f_1.jpg


you just stole my heart

take me


7717270 Gladly is the only proper response to this, don't you think?

7717248 It's gonna get featured, you know that.

Salty troll is salty. :heart:

7717270 My place or yours, bby? :trollestia:

wingjobs, magicjobs, attempted blowjobs, marco,


No polo?

wtf man

This story has way too much emotion in it. Can you please tone the emotion down? Sex doesn't involve emotion. How am I supposed to get off to and enjoy a clopfic when it has all this emotion in the way?!

7717327 Yours sounds nice.

Leave the lights on~

7717226 yes just yes
second NEED SEQUAL NOW PREFERABLY IN 20 HOURS OR LESS i say 20 hours because i want to give some planing time however for being done in 170 minutes this is phenomenal.
i applaud

and in the darkness,

Something about this seems very, very familiar...

thinks back to the DataBass shitshow of 2016

Nah, it's probably nothing.

And it has been done.

This is a meta fic--an in-joke. It's a circlejerk making fun of Databass.

I thought that was against the rules?

7717373 I have no idea what you are referring to, dear sir.

7717417 Actually, it's not. It's a macro fic written for No-Fap November that was inspired by Databass's attempt. It's not my fault all the commentors are making fun of him.

7717426 ...same thing?

7717427 To some, maybe, but that was not its intention.

7717427 It's no more a meta fic than when Abyss started the 'X Masturbates' trend. Or the 'Would It Matter If I Was' Fluttershy changeling trend.

Upvote /like just on the title alone LOL

7717434 But Abyss started the trend. And it was an actual story.

7717442 So you're saying that Databass's story wasn't an actual story?

This got featured in like 1 hour.


7717477 47 minutes, actually.

7717448 I don't wanna argue this here. This story was written specifically to play off of the unfortunate events brought on by Databass and his rather hilarious denial of trolling. You're parodying a controversial story and topic and riding the bandwagon of circumstantial popularity.

That, in its own right, is considered a meta fic. You're using current events on-site for attention.


You wot? Make fun o' me author, m8?! *rabble! rabble!*


You know what's really funny here? If you scaled a horse down to pony mass, the average penis length would be less than three inches. A human would be huge by comparison. No joke. It would have been a hilarious twist.

7717485 By that logic, then every story about Trump at the moment is a meta-fic. Or every story about Halloween on Halloween. A meta-fic is a described in the site rules as "any story about the site or its users", which, as you can clearly see, this story is not. Don't try and play me as the villain here, as you have no idea why this story was written in the first place; you only have your beliefs as to why it was written. I've broken no site rules, I've plagiarized nothing, and I'm not attacking anyone. I'm proving a point to someone (not Databass), as well as providing my readers with a sixth No-Fap November clop fic. If Databass has issues with my story and believes I'm making fun of him, he can take it up with me himself.

7717500 Okay. I'm not making you the bad guy.

I don't want anything else to do with this. Sorry. I'm going.



Bandwagon != meta. Meta stories are those specifically mentioning users/stories by name and/or clear references. The only thing in this story remotely meta, and not worth acting on, is the title and timing of its publishing.

One person writing a specific fetish/topic and immediately being in the spotlight for it does not mean it is off limits to everyone else during that time.

That perfect chapter title tho.

Now we wait for the inevitable shitstorm of drama that may or may not happen...

Who want's popcorn for when it starts?


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