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Dunno what to say. I almost exclusively read and write AiE romance.

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Was hoping for some sort of follow-up to Twilight's friendfiction...
Y'know with how he roundhoused that stallion, and is aparantly immune to magic, Anon might just be able to do all the things in Twilight's story
By the way, "friendfiction" is now a thing I'm gonna use

How is this NOT a clopfic, if there is a sex scene in it?


Clop is defined by a story where the main focus is the sex, or where it is a heavy presence and otherwise a major component. A story that happens to contain sex is not necessarily clop.

Well Well Well. A Flutterrape story.

Can't wait to read it.

I will admit

Ultra laser sounds better than hyper beam.

The hell was this?

I can't tell whether you were trying to take it seriously or not. It kept going back and forth.

The humour was less prominent here, but that actually improved the story - later on it was really sweet. True, there were still quite a few laugh inducing scenes (that history was brilliant), but overall, more jokes would hurt this specific story I think.

Well done. Reading this was a breeze, and it was very enjoyable. All the fuzzies towards the end. Wonderful job :twilightsmile:

Also, that roundhouse kick... a bit excessive if a standard falcon punch would have sufficed. But then that falcon punch would not lead to the short mention of Berry Punch. Probably.
It was better this way then. Carry on.

Loved it. Better Flutterrape than most. +1


that roundhouse kick... a bit excessive

To be fair, a proper spinning kick is the standard procedure against motherfuckers who are trying to ice skate uphill.


Yeah, I don't really know either. This tends to be a problem with most of my stories, along with the pacing, which is usually all over the place.

7331858 We shall follow the teachings of Blade the eternal blackbro.

This is probably one of the best things I've ever read.

(fuck you, ultralaser sounds a hell of a lot cooler than hyper beam)

Oh I see how it is now :raritywink:

"Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill."

He stares at you in confusion.

"What the hay does that mean?"

You take a moment to think about it.

"Fuck if I know," you reply, spinning around and kicking him in the face.

"I'm pretty sure it's all horseapples," Sweetie Belle remarks. "There's no way Odin had the power to defeat the Indominus Rex once it transformed into MetalGreymon."

"Ah think it's because Judgment Day is a fire-type move, and steel is weak to fire."

This. This exchange right here. :rainbowlaugh:

It's really too bad that Reliving the Magic story has been discontinued; it was really good.

7730394 Yup... at least I got lucky, I came across it a year and a half after the latest update, so I went into it knowing it would most likely never be finished, or even updated.
It's sad to see such stories simply die, but then it would have been such a massive project to actually finish... this is as close as I found to a more complete "Anon in FiM" story.

Dats some good shenanigans.

Rarity and you always disliked each other. You're not sure why, but you suppose it has to do with the fact she's delicate and refined, while you're uncouth and obnoxious. Everything she does is graceful, everything you do borders on disaster.

She's like, 'my goodness, darling' while you're like, 'fuck, nigger'

Incredible story, very much enjoyed it, good job!

"Ah think it's because Judgment Day is a fire-type move, and steel is weak to fire."

Dude!...HAHA....Your writing....the stories!!! I can't EVEN!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Before you can find a way to protect your balls, you spot Fluttershy outside a nearby window. She's looking at you with an expression of pure rage, which quickly turns into crushing sadness. You don't think you've ever seen something that tore your heart apart so violently. You look down and realize what your current predicament might look like to an outside observer. Yeah... you suppose that down to the very last detail, everything has always been your fault.

a ack my heart

How comes it is only now that you realize this is another god tier butt? Maybe because she put on some weight. She used to look frail and lanky, but now she's slightly chubby. Fuck, she's cute. That plump little rump? Unf. You just wanna squeeze that shit.

I'M GOING TO DIE:rainbowlaugh:

"Wing massages are foreplay," she blurts out in an emotionless tone.

well .... shit

You can't wait to snuggle with the pony who harassed you for months, whom you now find extremely hot. What the fuck happened to you, man?


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