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While this sort of idea is hardly 100% unique, I really like the prose and presentation in this story—Celestia's careful, analytical mind is at odds with her own intense emotions and I like the way it juxtaposes here. She's trying to put incomprehensible feelings into absolutes and the only result is painting herself in a terrible light and dragging her even further down.

Nice work as always yo.


Once again thank you for reading. The expanded story behind this is my friend pointed out the very apparent fact that my version of Celly has a whole black/white morality thinking going on. Especially when she is younger she believes bad is bad and always will be, things can't change, and the same goes for good. My friend then pointed nothing really shattered this mentality much "until Luna".

It's good. Not often do we get to gaze into celestias mind to ask her if she knows what she did and what impacts it truly had. I liked this.. Keep it up

There's a lot of stories like this, but this one is really unique:twilightsmile: Great work!:pinkiehappy:


Thank you! I've written other Celestia stories (like this) before if you wish to check them out.


Thanks, it always makes me happy when a reader enjoys a story. :rainbowkiss:

7204178 :twilightsmile: Well, thanks for writing it!


You're quite welcome, if you want you can click Sun Princess' face for another story like this.


Great story! It was really unique and original, and I loved how you wrote Celestia's feelings and made them seem real. Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

I can't wait to read this, because when I read Celestia's point of view in Spare Him His Life I was horrified. I'm really hoping this is here revelation.

Excellent! Small typo:

She can't hear me weather I speak, shout, or even sing.

should be

She can't hear me whether I speak, shout, or even sing.

8200624 Thank for spotting that!

This was a cool story. I like monologue stories that bring a simple truth to light. Well, a truth based on the viewpoint of the character driving the story forward.

I like how you painted it up to where Celestia didn't exactly feel like she was in the right and Luna was wrong. She wasn't sucking her own dick, but more or less was conflicted on the whole situation.

Sometimes in life, we see a situation that appears to be right vs wrong, but do we really know the situation enough to make that assumption?

Thank you for reading my trash and leaving a comment! Monologue stories are fun as hell and are good for character voice, so I like to have them now and then. The black and white (also gray!) was something I wanted to highlight in this little fic - right, wrong, and the slash between them.

Nice touch mentioning which elements the two sisters wield. I think that's a nod to the flashback Twilight had? The one showing which elements the two sisters held before stoning Discord?

Yep! Very few stories really touch on it, but I’ve always tried to make good use of the fact. There’s a lot of story and character potential to it, but as I said, many writers still neglect it.

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