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This story is a sequel to Pandelirium

Things have started to settle down since Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie were crowned as princesses of Equestria, but that doesn't mean that any semblance of normalcy will be arriving. The first major summit of Equestria's ruling princesses is cut short when a thief steals the Element of Magic and escapes to another world. However, because of Pinkie's rather unique skillset, Celestia sends her to retrieve it, rather than Twilight. But even though the other Element-bearers will be staying behind, Pinkie won't have to face this task alone....

This story is a continuation of the plotline begun in The Petriculture Cycle. The first story can be found here.

Artwork (and original story idea) by Page Turner. TV Tropes page by an unknown number of anonymous persons on the internet.

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Oh my god yes.

Well this is going to be...chaotic.

“Hmm... if I didn’t know any better (and I don’t), I’d say somepony was usin’ Red Delicious apples for somethin’ other than lookin’ pretty.”
“Aw...” Pinkie said as she slowly dragged one of her forehooves across the polished marble floor. “I thought you’d like them.”
Applejack swallowed and took another bite. “Well, it ain’t like it’s particularly bad. It’s just that in our family’s line of work, you end up with a pretty high standard for apple recipes.”

Yes! Someone else who recognizes what a misnomer Red Delicious apples have been saddled with! If there were any truth in advertising, they'd be known as Red Mediocre apples...

6093051 I wouldn't go that far. They're just not cooking apples.

An appropriate chapter title for the next installment of a series I didn't expect to continue. That said, I'm very glad that it is. This is going to be fun. I look forward to more.

They're not eating apples either. They taste like paper. :applecry:

A good start. I eagerly await more.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:


An unexpected bonus!

It has been a very good weekend for pony!

Aw yeah!:pinkiehappy:

I have absolutely no idea where this is going to go, and that makes it even more awesome.

Well, it would appear that Mr. Bones' Wild Ride never truly ends... :pinkiecrazy:

That cover art is pretty dire. If I wasn't already familiar with the series I probably wouldn't have given this a chance.

I see you changed events from canon several times. I like it, because it makes way more sense that way. Continue like this and you might end up creating an EQG adaptation that is actually enjoyable. I really look forward to Penny as a human. Also dual Pinkie Pie.

Will Discord turn into a dog? :trollestia:

Really good first chapter, I'm excited to see where this goes.

One typo:

'“I did,” Twilight said with a nod, but it turns out she’s pretty skilled at teleporting, too. I managed to grab her cloak in my aura, but she just teleported right out of it, taking her saddlebag—and my crown—with her.”'

Obviously needs a speech mark before the 'but it turns out...'.

P.S., Lovely 1984 reference.

We want, a robbery, With police line and little flashing lights and bullhorn and everything.


Granny Weatherwax:If youre going to break the rules, break them good and hard. :pinkiecrazy:

Penumbra. Welcome to Earth.
Discord. Welcome to the greatest time of your life.

I say dear chap, theres a bit of order here. Oh, its just the instance of Goedels Incompleteness theorem. Its gone now. Lets go play Poker with Heisenburg, Schroedinger, and Hawking. :moustache:

It's back, baby! So, will there be double Pinkie Pies, or is Twilight the one at Canterlot High this time? Never mind, don't spoil it. I like how you take the changes you started with and follow them through to their natural conclusions. I had expected Discord's survival to have been revealed by now, but I kind of like it this way.

I can't belive that you acacutlly broguth it back... can't wait to read more!

Oh my gosh oh my gosh, I can't wait for more. ^.^ Petriculture and dimension-hopping are two of my favorite things, and this is such a fantastic start too. I've missed this. ^^

Hopefully not; after all, he is still in Pinkie's head.
That'd be some dangerous stuff!

Definitely needs a new cover art. Many will be turned off by this. I'm not saying that as an insult or slight, just advice given the rather fickle and superfluous nature of fandom-mongers.

6094693 6097152

I'm not saying that as an insult or slight


I am curious, though, to know, more specifically, what about the cover art you think would be turning away potential readers. I'd note that both of you appear to have read it, and have made comments regarding the art's alleged dissuasive capabilities. I, personally, find it to be reflecting the story quite aptly, and find no reason to fault it.

If either of you are referring to the fact that it's from EQG, I think

("Equestria Girls" as it occurs in the Petriculture AU.)

in the short description is enough to keep away anyone who didn't like the movie, irrespective of the artwork.


The subject matter of the art is quite fine. But it looks similar to what you'd find in a story of lower quality. Rather often around these parts no less. The awkwardly placed Pinkie, the overall quality of Penny. Again, completely objective here, (personally it's not a big deal to me) but it looks like an EQG version of Pony Creator, and I don't need to say how rampant that [Pony Creator] is amongst ah... less experienced writers in this community.

My concern is that it's likely to turn away those who are skimming for stories to read (a majority), which might have an impact on the readership, and this story - and the series overall - certainly deserves each viewing it can get.

Of note, this is not slander on the image itself, merely as how it applies to this community from my experiences and observations over the years. It's quite a bit better than my... artistic exploits, I'm sad to say.

Thanks for the recap. It has been awhile. :)

Two bits says Sunset Shimmer's imaginary friend was a flaming demon.

6097431 On the other hand, this is the 6th story of a series. The majority of people coming to see this story are coming because they read the previous ones, and won't be dissuaded by cover art of any kind.

It'll be interesting seeing how the "living in Pinkie's head" thing works out in a low magic world.

:rainbowderp: < mfw I get to the author's note and see my username. Just a mild surprise, though not an unwelcome one.

6110649 - Well, you did sign up for that reward on Patreon.

6110717 I've signed up for a lot of things on Patreon. :derpytongue2:

Possibly too many if I am forgetting them, LOL.

Question: since you've decided to write this universe's answer to "Equestria Girls", does this mean there's a possibility you will write this universe's answer to "Twilight's Kingdom"?

I'm kinda curious what Tirek's magic siphoning-thing would do to an imaginary friend...

Weird for the mirror to have a completely different backstory, but okay I can roll with that.

Discord's plan makes a lot more sense than Twilight's "just show up and pretend to be a student"-plan. Huh, that's weird.

Makes more sense than Twilight's reasoning for not just taking the damn thing! Seriously, that movie could have ended if she just explained to the principals that that was her lost jewelry they'd found, bam, problem solved! At least Pinkie has a reason, even if isn't a good one.

Wow, nice chapter. This had a lot of good, fun moments. Pinkie believing that she was a Sasquatch, Penumbra suggesting they steal the crown (which would have been the simplest solution in the movie, but at least here they have a good reason not to: Pinkie refuses to ruin a party) . . . you know, you do a lot of things that would have made the movie make more sense. I see what Discord is up to, he's going to enroll his "daughters" so they can get the crown. Also, since this more sensible plan implies a more sensible Principle Celestia, I'm guessing that she'd recognize if there was already a Pinkie Pie there, so I'm guessing she's been replaced with Twilight/SciTwi.

Have you by any chance seen the new trailer for Friendship Games? Or are you avoiding spoilers / ignoring any differences since this is an alternate universe anyway?

Wouldn't Discord and Penumbra sort of be cousins? And wouldn't they both be related to Pinkie since the Diarch's adoptive niece is Pinkie's Aunt-in-Law?

Granted, the pink gemstone almost certainly wouldn’t work as well for Celestia as it had in ages past, but it was better than risking a mishap on the other side of the mirror.

Laughter was Luna's Element. If you look at the colors of the Elements during the flashback in "Princess Twilight Sparkle", you'll see Celestia has Kindness, Generosity, and Magic, while Luna has the other three. I know this is an alternate universe, but I don't see how the changes would affect who gets which element, nor do I see how any of the three could go to Luna in order to be replaced by Laughter, as Celestia has those qualities more than Luna.

(and thus, where she’d probably have to return when this business was over, her next task was to figure out where she was... or perhaps, what she was.

You forgot the end parenthesis.

there was only one sensible conclusion: She’d been transformed into a sasquatch.

There's no error here. I just felt it was so hilarious that it bore repeating.

On my phone, otherwise you'd be getting a healthy dose of "dis gon b gud" gifs right about now. XD

Might somepony give me an assist? :scootangel:

6163797 - In previous stories, I established that in this continuity, Luna's elements were Magic, Honesty, and Loyalty. In fact, I noted several times in Pandelirium that Magic was one of Luna's elements, as it motivated many of her actions in the flashback sequences at the beginning of each chapter.

6163724 - I'm not just avoiding spoilers, I'm avoiding the movies altogether. I wrote a blog post explaining why.

So weird seeing Pinkie be the serious one.


Then it's not entirely his fault for not remembering that. That was a long-butt while ago and differs from canon. Perhaps a sentence or two of recap on that bit of information? While I doubt it's necessarily important to the plot, it would help clear up confusion to anyone who doesn't remember the change in Princess-wielded elements but did actually notice which elements they wielded when we were shown.

6164047 - It's almost like everything is turned around and this crazy world is upside down. :pinkiesmile:

The Element of Magic wasn’t going to find itself, and the longer they stayed in Equestria, the more likely it was that Sunset Shimmer would acquire it first.

This line feels weird. The element bounced through the mirror and Sunset went right after it. There's no reason to think she didn't immediately pick it up again on the other side. We, the audience, know that didn't happen, but the Equestrians don't and it's odd they're assuming she doesn't yet have it.

Later, Penumbra reasons that if Sunset Shimmer had it, she'd be ambushing them but that clue hasn't been provided yet.

Another word for Bigfoot.

Bugger, on a phone too.
Considering Pinkie's origins, and the rest of the team's...this Earth is in for some interesting times.

Discord is the new Rainbow Dash? :rainbowhuh: I'm going to need to hear the logic behind his declaration of paternity.

In any case, the hunt begins! And with this group, "low-impact" doesn't seem feasible. Really, they'll be lucky if the school is still standing by the time they get the crown back.

(Also, the Element of Laughter is blue, like Pinkie's eyes. Just an FYI.)

Presumably, Discord will claim to be the father of Pinkie and Penumbra, enrolling them in the school.

whelp here's hoping this is a train wreck cause with those 3 in charge this mission will be hilarious

People keep going on about the sasquatch line. It's good, sure, but I personally prefer:

“....For the last time, I’m not going to the Formal with you. If you keep bugging me, you’re going to get maced. With an actual mace....”

6163933 It's been a while, and I have a poor memory. I was just making sure you knew what you were doing. You do.

Theres a Pinkie Pie Promise to get a notification back, and theres Pinkie And Discord to power it?

This time we are aiming for Pinkie Pie Princess? or are we looking to see TwiNerd arrive due to a transfer and its Pinkies job to get her up to speed and leadership position?

Then the noise began. Until the sounds entered her ears, Pinkie Pie hadn’t even noticed how silent it had been in the limitless chamber of everything and nothing. It was a strange, droning noise, vaguely reminiscent of a choir, but with an unnaturally steady, synthetic quality. The music—for the noise did sound like music to her, albeit of a highly experimental nature—seemed to move back and forth in tone, from soothing to uneasy to disturbing to hopeful and back to soothing again, continuously shifting according to some incomprehensibly complex schedule that half of the vocalists (assuming that the sounds around her were actually vocal, which Pinkie was seriously beginning to doubt) had decided to ignore.

I'm presuming Pinkie was hearing this, then?

Pinkie is having soo much fun, I wonder how much trouble she wouldve got into with AJ, if in the gym, with all the decorations, she had mentioned it looked like something Rarity wouldve done. Discord most ccertainly have felt That chaotic release. :pinkiecrazy:

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