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This story is a sequel to Apex

Finding love is hard enough under normal circumstances, but it's even more complicated when you're the tail of a chimera. As much as Irene may want a fairy-tale romance, her fantasies have so far been stymied by her sisters' rather different opinions on the matter, not to mention the limited choice of species available to chimeras (well, to chimeras who want to have children, that is). However, when the orange pony with the delicious pies gets herself cornered during a delivery, she claims to be the personal friend of a dragon... and apparently, he's single!

Artwork by Page Turner.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 94 )

Snake head of the chimera and Spike... Oh MAI !!! :pinkiegasp:

Hay Spike, how was your day? :twilightsmile:
... :moustache:
... :twilightoops:

A very solid story idea, with a great execution. I'm a lot more excited to see more in this universe than I was after Apex alone.

5675755 The plan is to convince Kwak to write one for each head.:rainbowlaugh:

The MLP equivalent of conjoined twins... And Spike dates one.


... *reads through*
*loves every single word of it*


Huh. Forgot it was the goat who was a lesbian. That makes her doubly the odd one out.

Well, at least the snake and Spike got along... It does seem a bit weird given his age but it looks like it's working out. How long do Chimaera live? And how fast to dragons grow up?

AWKWARD !:twilightoops:

:raritystarry: Let me at that snake in the ass cougar goat ! SPIKEY'S MINE :facehoof: tiger?

:raritydespair:COUGAR !

:unsuresweetie: Like my big sis?

Makes me wonder how Spike's going to woo the other two... like maybe have Eleanor teach Spike how to hunt "like a real predator/dragon" and have long talks with Agatha about some philosophical stuff, maybe even have him change a bit of her view because he's been raised by women a LOT more than men... though her attraction seems to be mostly physical... I duno, I'm just speculating

This is gonna be good.
Also if they don't want to wait they could try greed growth breeding.

I LOLed when I read "Come on, Irene". :rainbowlaugh:
Cause it sounds so much like Come on Eileen, by Dexy's Midnight Runners. :duck:

The alternate title for this fic could be "Spike Get's Head" :moustache::facehoof:

This was quite good. I'm wondering whether or not I should throw out my vote for a sequel though. On the one hand, it stands well as is. On the other hand, however, this could be expanded on quite satisfyingly.


I guess I'll jump on the sequel bandwagon. I'm curious where this relationship will go, too, and what everyone else will think of it.

*sees story*

Well that... looks... interesting...? I guess that...

*sees author is Kwakerjack*

Okay then.





I too desire to find out what next will occur, a sequel would be most appreciated.


You had me at "snake in the ass." :rainbowlaugh: And I would very much like to see Rarity's reaction.


Yeah, my first thought was that it's a good thing I like that song, because I'm probably going to have it running through my head for the rest of the day. :twilightsheepish:


Sequel. I demand a sequel. Saw the cover, I didn't even need to read it before I wanted a sequel.

These out there ships always make me want more, but there isn't more because the ship is so out there. Dang it.

Excellent stuff! Reminds me of another much-beloved Spike crackship.

The solution is fairly easy: ship TwAgatha! 'Cause I do. Think of it: likes books and libraries, not a carnivore, prefers mares... and Agatha's not a bad catch either.

5676123 they live long... they are part dragon technically so they will live to see about the first quarter of spikes entire life even at there current age.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Eleanor scoffed. “Unicorns don’t have wings. That’s obviously a pegasus with a horn.”

Of course! It's so obvious now. :rainbowlaugh:

I enjoyed that story, thank you! As for shipping and handling, I have tickets to the Sparity Romantic Cruise Ship, but I support the Spirene Friendship!

I demand continuation! Appease me or bear witness to my whiny temper tantrum!

Wonder what their reaction will be when they see Spike's tongue in action via the self-cleaning spin cycle.

Well this was fun. I'm not trying to imply anything (really, I'm not), but I'd read more of this if there were more.

This was so great. So funny, and oddly sweet all round. Weird.

Somehow, I both like this ship and simultaneously had the thought of Spike ending up with Rarity in the future, but ending up in the "i'm gonna help out my new best friend, Irene and her sisters, eventually, with some kids". Because he isn't getting any kids with Rarity. That is an oddly cute plot in my head.

Whatever, in any case, I'd love to see any continuation of this, because it is brilliant.

Happy writing.

This is good! I like it! Honestly though, if this would have been a continuing story, that would have been amazing! Oh well, I'm happy with this.:rainbowkiss:

“I think he’s taking a nap up in my [our] room.”

But... wouldn’t it be easier to hunt them if they weren’t afraid of you?”

Great. He's gonna teach them to lure their victims into a false sense of security for an easy kill.

I still say Spike and Trixie would be a million times more interesting together.

I love the absurd seriousness that this fandom sometimes finds. Great story, KJ.

Im sure between Irenes consumption and Spikes messaging, theres going to be alot of tongue tied awkward moments ahead. Doesnt spike still have that covering of diamond hard scales and love of bathing in lava, and fire geyser showers?

Offers irene flash boiled eggs? :moustache:

really want a Sequel. this story was very good and well done. hope to see more.

I like this! :pinkiehappy:
Hopefully, there will be more!:moustache:

In addition lions, goats, and snakes, chimeras that are part dragon can be found in some tales.

Dragons having freaky 'fertile with absurd mates' powers is also not exactly unheard of in those old tales.:moustache:

5675933 But but but but, we wanted more Spirene!:fluttercry:

5676384 But, wouldn't death by Cockpalement be both painful and counter productive to reproduction? What with all the being dead?:unsuresweetie:
Ok yeah, I'm too lazy to find Greedy!Spike pics and FiM!Chimera pics to put here... so just pretend they are here.

Oddly enough this entire story I kept seeing Viper from Kung Fu Panda.

“Oh, so you do have experience hunting, then! Are any of the gems afraid of you?”

OMG I lost it at this line! :rainbowlaugh:

This was a really interesting story. It was funny, cute, and I enjoyed it immensely.

The bits about hunting gems were golden.

It's a perfectly cromulent activity, actually. After all, it's the term the Diamond Dogs use.

...I’m a pervert who isn’t attracted to male goats...

Well, there's a phrase I never thought I'd read...

That was amazing.

I am a staunch Sparity shipper but I can't say that I dislike this story. The Chimera is adorable with how her heads argue, Spike is very much in character and the atmosphere is very real and delightfully awkward.
Now, I have a suggestion for Spike:
You want to stay faithful to Rarity?
No problem, the goat is into girls, just throw in Rarity and have the most awesome fivesome imaginable!

This was such an adorable fic, quite surprising given the strangeness of it. I actually want to read more of these sisters.

“Does that unicorn have wings?” Irene asked.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Eleanor scoffed. “Unicorns don’t have wings. That’s obviously a pegasus with a horn.”

“It might be a normal pony with wings and a horn, though,” Irene countered.

Well, that just about covers all the options.

(It also sold the story to me, but that's another matter...)

im loveing this so far only issue i have with it is that it is already complete with 1 chapter this has plenty of potential to span over quite a few chapters

Well, this is a fascinating clash of value systems. And it's actually kind of cute. Mind you, I'm not sure if the chimera will still be alive by the time Spike is sexually mature, but he seems to be a very good influence on Irene. This may be a crack ship, but it works to a surprising degree. Especially if, between Spike and books, Irene and Agatha can drag Eleanor to civilization. Put the lightning ward into a shock collar, and these three might be able to have a rather more productive life. Maybe.

Hey, if nothing else, maybe they're compatible with Discord.

5680555 No, it might also be a fish with legs, horn and wings. You can never know... :pinkiecrazy:

This was actually really well done. I definitely never saw this coming, but you've made me a believer. I'd love it if this story line continued.

I would love to see a sequel to this story with more development of the relationship but if you don't want to i understand it is your story after all just something is like to see

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