• Published 15th May 2012
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Carmine and Carmine - PonyManne215

Anthony and Benjamin both died. Will they still have a need for violence in Equestria?

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A Tale For Another Day

Author's Note: Damn, I''ve been doing a lot of these lately, huh? Anyway, here's the epilogue. Sorry that it's so short but the reason gives me the right cause. I saw that many of you wanted a sequel and honestly, I was like "no". But after thinking about it, and developing some plot lines, I have decided to make the sequel. I have the front cover and description done. I'll make a small chapter here to let you know that it's out. It should be started by either the end of this month or July. I have to see how my schedule goes. But rest assured, it will be coming. It will have the four of our heroes, Anthony, Benjamin, Prescott, and last but not least, Dom. It will be funny and it will be the shit, I promise you.

Judging from his sheer personality and questionable actions, many people and ponies alike have rated the one called Anthony Carmine. Looking at his younger brother, people would think that Benjamin didn’t fall too far from the tree. But when one realized that Anthony is in fact related to Benjamin, the conclusion that one would make is that Benjamin was launched from a catapult away from the tree.

After the long, tedious, and drawn out battle between Anthony, Benjamin, and General RAAM, they finally achieved peace for Equestria. They were almost torn away from each other due to the injuries that they sustained. By some unseen force, two allies emerged. Chairman Prescott and Dominic Santiago. How they came to be, they do not know. But one thing was for sure, the Carmines were there.


“Oh my head, man! It’s goddamn killing me!”

“Calm yourself, Corporal. I need you to be on your toes. We have no idea where we are.”

“Well, it’s not my fault that my head hurts. Las thing I remember is crashing straight into a Imulsion station! Anyway, since it’s just us, keep it to Dom, man.” Dom shouted while rubbing his head.

“Shh! Did you hear that? It sounded like..gun fire.” Prescott hushed Dom and pointed to some noise nearby.

Many shots were being heard and shouting came from it as well. Dom and Prescott started to move towards the trees. When Prescott woke up next to just a Snub Pistol and a Lancer, he immediately checked his body, remembering that he was shot through the lungs. Dom had woken nearby with his Sawed-Off and Hammerburst. All he had for side arms were his Incendiary grenades and his Boltok Revolver. Luckily, they quickly found each other and decided to band together against the unknown territory.

The gun fire was getting closer, as the two could hear the sounds of the casings bouncing and clinking against the ground. They aimed their weapons at the source, ready to take on whatever was battling. But much to their surprise, two Gears were fighting General RAAM. More specifically, one was diving off the cliff with him. Prescott had known of the Carmine family as they had served in the COG military for as long as he could remember. He had never actually met them personally. As for Dom, he immediately recognized the two brutally killed brothers.

His mouth went wide open when he saw the two bleeding and taking on the ugly Grub that he and Marcus had taken out during the Lightmass Offensive. The stood there for what seemed like hours until they heard Benjamin speaking and hanging on to something on the edge of the cliff. They rushed up to see that Anthony was dangling on one of his younger brother’s hands.


As Benjamin was losing strength, the two newcomers instinctively pulled Benjamin back, helping him bring up his older brother. They were both breathing rapidly, heaving in and out. Anthony patted his brother on the back and stood up. He then suddenly spoke. “Holy shit!”

“You two?! Thanks for saving us!”

“Hey man, we’re friends. Just call me Dom, Carmine.”

“Yes, it appears we are no longer on Sera..with that, address me as Prescott.”

Benjamin turned his head at this moment and observed Prescott, seemingly surprised at his leader’s appearance. Then he turned to Dom, apparently not recognizing him. They helped Benjamin up and carried him on their shoulders. They stood on the edge of the cliff in which a lot had just happened. They stared at the afternoon sun that has high in the sky. The sounds of beautiful birds chirping filled the atmosphere.

“Nice to see you two again.” Dom said somewhat happily.

“You too, Dom.” Anthony replied.

“Where are we, Private?” Prescott asked.

“A new world, sir. A brave new world.”

A long and peaceful silence was broken by a sudden outburst.

“Aww shit! I stepped in shit again!” Anthony yelled.

Prescott shook his head disapprovingly while Dom and Benjamin laughed, the latter coughing a bit due to the broken ribs.

“Benjamin, you don’t recognize me, do ya?” Dom asked.

Benjamin answered. “You look familiar..”

“It’s me, Dom. You know, with Delta.”

Benjamin’s eyes popped out of his head as he broke into another coughing fit. This was when they decided to treat the two injured COGs wounds. The Carmines pointed them in the direction of their camp. Slowly but surely, they found the makeshift home and set the soldiers down. After finding some nearby aloe leaves, they started to treat the wounds as best they could Benjamin guided them through the areas that they were not familiar with.

They ripped up some sheets that were used as blankets for tourniquets and wrappings. After finally setting the bones and such, they propped the two back up.

“Where’s the civilization, Anthony?” Prescott asked.

“Thatta way!” Anthony replied while pointing down the dirt path that lead to Ponyville.

“What’s the name of the place, Ben?” Dom inquired.

Benjamin took a deep breath and an audible gulp. He gave a nervous laugh before turning his head to address the gruff looking veteran Gear.


“…Say what?”

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LOVE This.
Im realy happy that Dom is in this.

Also would you kindly reply to my message?


Will Scootaloo be the first pony they encounters and lands on Anthony's head? that would be the lolz to see Dom's and Prescott's reactions

WOOOOOOOT SEQUEL!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


In the words of Maggie Simpson...

joining in the happy herd : YAY FOR SEQUEL! :pinkiehappy:
Absolutely and definitely worth my time, I know it already! Really can't wait, you can never laugh enough, and this made me nearly choke myself from laughing so much on a few situations - really can't wait to see what you'll come up with next :twilightsmile:

"... Ponyville."

"...Say what?"

Lol. I LOVE YOU GREAT AUTHOR FOR MAKING A SEQUEL. Thank you so much. I give you cheers from readers and from many more (including me).
yay :yay: for sequel

Command...here...in...i'm...Prescott is best....with retro and gnasher....but prefers the...snub...pistol...HNNGH!

YEA YEA keep your pants on prescoot lets not foget that Clay is the one not with a hole in his chest

a sequel I am so excited:raritystarry:I am happy to that dom is here now I have closure on his death. keep up the good work.

A letter to Clayton Dear Clayton we are on some world ran by ponies its not so bad besides the rapeing we hope your killing a lot of grubs and shit so have fun love the squrit P.S Anthony said high.

Glad that you picked up on that. I picked that name because of that video.

Loved that story. Solid characters, good writing and scenario, and hilarious elements. Also the way you ended it absolutely SCREAMS for a sequel. One does not throw two more characters right at the end of a story and get away with it.:ajsmug:

Awesome story, with possibility of a sequel? :yay: *breaths in* :flutterrage: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH

Yep, and hopefully they introduce him in Gears of War Judgement. I talk about the fourth brother rarely in this story because I know nothing about him.

What do you wanna bet his name starts with a D :trollestia:

Can't wait for a sequels (there better be one)

There is, I promised it, and have ideas. I just need to fit it in the schedule somewhere.

HA iget it cuz prescott and dom both died in gears 3

need.. more.. must.. have.. SEQUEL!!! :flutterrage:

I would have thought Ant would've tried to lead them on for a time, insinuating the civilization without telling them about the sentient ponies. Only to sum up with a troll face and, "U MAD, BRO?" I'd have loved that!

That was great!!!:pinkiehappy:

Please make another story like this. this story had the laughs, gore, killing, and bacon I love.

This is my fourth time reading this it is really good one of the first fics I ever read too. This should be submitted to the Gears of war group there's not many fics there. Doing that would also bring attention to this fic you should consider it manne.

interesting I will have a read

3660343 i agree. A pony from equestria in general though, if I were to adopt, I got dibs on a unicorn.

Did you know after my intestines were liquified this is actually what happened.......wait how did you know this?

EQUISTRIA FUCK YEA....I don't think I spelt that right

please god, TELL ME there is a sequel and if so gimme a link

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