• Published 15th May 2012
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Carmine and Carmine - PonyManne215

Anthony and Benjamin both died. Will they still have a need for violence in Equestria?

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Non-Lethal Intervention

“Just tell me what Anthony’s been through.” Twilight inquired while having a quill and parchment levitating at her side. She had a pair of glasses on and sat in a bea bag chair across from Benjamin, who was lying on his back. He was recounting hearing noises at night from Anthony. His older brother sounded like he was going through a horrible nightmare and this had happened on multiple occasions.

“Well…I hear him groan in shock and pain. Then it all goes silent as I hear him bolt upright. The one time I even stayed up while pretending to sleep to say what was going on. I think he’s got something deep down in his head.” Benjamin was twiddling his fingers as he heard Twilight scribble some things down.

“Okay..I think that just about does it. Okay, just bring Anthony here in an hour or so. I’ll bring the girls and we’ll talk to him about this. Hopefully, we can learn just what’s going on in his subconscious.” Twilight magically opened the door for Benjamin to leave. Benjamin gave her a wave goodbye before stepping outside. He heard the door silently close behind him.

“Now the last I remember, Ant is over at Sugar Cube Corner..”


“Ride ‘em horsey! Keep on going! WHOO!” Anthony was flailing his arms about while on Pinkie’s back, who surprisingly was able to keep the taller and bigger creature up. She actually volunteered to let him treat her like a mode of transportation because she said that it would be ‘fun’. Pinkie’s eyes widened when she felt a pain emerge from her rear. Anthony just smacked her flank to make her go faster.

“Oh SHITTT!” Anthony was thrown off of Pinkie’s back and out of the sweets store window. A loud crash emphasized the glass that shattered and fell to the ground outside. Anthony slowly stood up while rubbing his head. “That really fucking hurt..”

“You think it hurts?! You smacked me on the flank. I love parties and games but that was a no-no mister! I think that I won’t even let you have any frosting on your cupcake.” Pinkie said as she folded her hooves, turning her head up, and closing her eyes in a disgusted manner.

Anthony, who had come to adore and praise Pinkie’s cupcakes and pastries, felt heart-broken. He got on his knees and cupped his hands together. Then he lowered his face into them and started to cry. “I’m..so sorry!” He genuinely sounded apologetic which made Pinkie break from her cold attitude. She moved up next to him, her curly tail swiping across his face.

“Aww really?” She asked softly while looking at his face, waiting for those big blue eyes to show up. “NOPE! Gotcha! HAHAHA!” Anthony rolled on the floor laughing. He wasn’t going to cry over some silly cupcakes. Nor was he going to cry over candy or pastries. No, the one thing that would make him cry if it was taken away was bacon. Bacon, the only thing that would keep him sane and satisfied.

Speaking of bacon, he had to meet Benjamin for some extra pieces. He only got twenty five for breakfast and was still a bit puckish. He could still use another thirty strips. “Whelp, see ya Cream Pie! I’m gonna go get me some bacon!” He gave almost all of the girls some pretty vulgar or rude nick names. Thankfully, Pinkie was not the brightest mare around and didn’t fully realize the meaning behind the ‘Cream’ part.

“Okie dokie lokie! Oh, and the name’s Pinkie Pie silly! I don’t eat pies with whipped cream! Or do I? Hmmm…” Pinkie put her hoof on her chin as she gave some very deep ponderings on whether or not she actually ate whipped-cream pies. ‘Nopey-dopey! I eat apple pies and chocolate pies! That silly human is so silly. I should start calling him silly billy filly whilly nilly-‘

Anthony was long gone by the time Pinkie became lost in a trance while thinking of an inner monologue of words that rhymed with ‘silly’. He was going to Twilight’s Library, the very thing that he despised. He hated any form of books that didn’t have to do with either, naked models or military history. Also, the occasional Bacon Chef Weekly didn’t hurt.

As he was walking, he was met halfway by his little brother. He waved his arms around to signal for his brother to come over. “Ant, you come over!” Benjamin called from a few feet away. “Hell no, I don’t feel like walking that far! Get your ass over here!” Anthony answered immaturely. “It’s just a few goddamn steps! Why do- Fine!” Benjamin caved in because he knew there was no reasoning with a bull.

“What the shit do you think you’re doin’? I’m coming over there.” Anthony yelled as he walked over. Benjamin was annoyed. His brother like to do these kinds of things; beg or force Benjamin to do something and then just end up doing it himself. “So are we going to get more bacon?” Anthony asked excitedly.

“Yeah…we’re going to get some bacon at Twilight’s Library..” Benjamin lied. Anthony was oblivious to the hesitant tone in his little brother’s voice. “Alright! Wait why the hell are there pigs in a library? Ah who gives a shit?” He was just happy to get some more of his favorite greasy meat. The large, hollowed out tree was coming into view.

“Okay..just go in first Ant. I gotta a surprise for you..” Benjamin whispered. “Surprise!? Is it another party from Pie or is it like fifty pigs roasting over a fire? Or is it even a ticket to a Thrashball game? You know I always wanted to see Cole Train play in a championship game.” Anthony was almost jumping in the air and squealing like a little school girl.

“No..even better..” “What the fuck could be better than that? It can-” Anthony was cut short when he entered the dark library. He could hear some skittering and very low whispers inside. Then, he felt like something jumped on his head, another feeling of something on his legs. His feeling of horror was brought to light when Benjamin flicked on the light switch. On his head, was Scootaloo.

He had no problem with this; in fact he was used to it. But still, there was something on his legs and he had to see what. He looked down and if one could see under his helmet, they would see that his jaw fell off. On his legs, cuddling and rubbing against it, was Lyra. She looked up at him with those large yellowish eyes and an enticed smile.

“This surprise sucks dick, Ben.” Anthony stated blankly. Without even thinking or making any movements, he threw his leg up in the air, which launched Lyra all the way to Twilight’s bedroom. “So what the fuck is this shit?” He asked while looking around the room. All of the Elements, along with Scootaloo and a dazed Lyra were there.

“Why the hell is everyone looking at me with that rape smile? I like to be wine and dined before I get FUCKED!” He shouted with anger. He was expecting something cool, not some kind of intervention. “What is this, the Dr. Faglight show?” twilight winced at his mispronunciation. “Tell me, Squirt. Why am I in a room with Scoots, Gaybow Splash, Sluttershy, Pair of titties, Crapplesmacks, Cream Pie, Faglight Asshole, and Queen Myrrah Heartstrings?”

Every single girl shot him a death glare, except Scootaloo as he was fine with her, Fluttershy who was simply scared, and Lyra who was head-over-heels as her knight-in-shining armor just called her a queen, albeit one named Myrrah but she didn’t care.

“You got one part right, brahski. This is an intervention. We wanna help you with whatever you’re going through. And don’t bullshit because I hear you having those nightmares almost every day.” Benjamin replied with some command in his voice. Anthony decided that he should probably take his little brother’s word and sat down, although he gave some disgruntled sighs in between.

All of the girls and the one guy sat around Anthony in a circle. It was truly an intervention. Twilight cleared her throat to dissipate the long and awkward silence that filled the room. “What is this? A circle jerk?” Anthony interrupted Twilight before she could begin to speak. “…No. We’re all here today, Anthony because Scootaloo and Benjamin feel worried that you’re holding something in. Something that could seriously harm you if you don’t tell somepony or someone. Please, just share with us because we’re all here for you.” Twilight tried to speak in the most gentle and pleasing voice possible.

“Hell to the no.” Anthony bluntly replied. “Hw about..I go get myself some bacon and we call it a day, huh? It’s the best idea that I’ve heard all day considering I thought of it.” Anthony started to walk to the door but was levitated away and back to his chair. He growled at Twilight who gave a sheepish smile in return.

“Please, just tell us what’s going on.” Twilight and everypony else smiled at him. Benjamin just nodded at him. Anthony slung his left hand beneath his chair so that only Benjamin would be able to see it, and gave him the middle finger. ‘That’s nice.’ Benjamin thought after seeing his brother secretly giving him a “Fuck you.”

“Fine. You really want to know what’s going on?” Everyone nodded and leaned in, their curiosity getting the better of them. Anthony sighed and began his recounting all of his nightmares.

“Every night, probably just like how it’s going to be tonight, I have a nightmare. It’s usually the same thing, if not then in a different place or situation. It always ends the same though. The place I’m in is just horrible. If I told you what it looked like, you’d probably have nightmares too. But I’ll tell you one thing, the place is fucking scary. I can barely stand it myself. And after I get through all of this darkness, I usually end up going to a familiar place, my house. When I go inside, I see something horrible. Something that is just so terrifying, you can never get the goddamn sight out of your head. You just have this gut feeling that every time you close your eyes, or every time you want to sleep, it pops up right there waiting for you. You wanna to know what’s so damn creepy about this place? So damn evil that I wake up in sweat every night and have to spend the rest of the time awake, hoping I won’t doze off into the nightmare again?”

Anthony took a deep breath as he waited for a reply. A silent whisper finally broke the silence that was made from Anthony’s serious monologue. “..Y-yes..” Fluttershy replied. “What’s so goddamn dark. What’s so goddamn mystifying is that I wake up in my home town, the capital of my country. And it..it…has no….”

“YES?!” Everyone in the room asked.


“What?” Benjamin piped up from behind. All of the girls had their mouths agape at the sudden transition from something so emotional and serious to something so childish. They weren’t sure what to think right now. Anthony sat in silence, looking at his boots. Finally, Rainbow Dash followed by Applejack, Scootaloo, and Pinkie Pie started to laugh. This was way too funny to be serious. Fluttershy Rarity, Twilight, Benjamin, and Lyra knew that this was just a ruse.

His description of the events and details were far too personal and graphic for it to be over some bacon. No, Benjamin knew that Anthony loved his bacon but he never went as far as this when it concerned the fried piece of meat. He tapped Twilight on the shoulder. “It’s time we bring in the big guns.” Twilight nodded at Benjamin’s order. She then drew up some energy and was about to fire at Anthony.

A light purple aura surrounded her lavender horn as she shut her eyes tightly, mustering all of her strength to perform the spell that was to follow. A dream spell. It was able allow ponies to witness the events that happened to the target in his or her dreams. It took a lot of energy and was not used often. It had even come with a detailed report from Star-Swirl the Bearded himself.

There were some serious repercussions if even one thing was out of place though, so it caused twilight to sweat. She had hoped that she had gotten everything just right, as a mess up would be a hindrance to their efforts. Slowly, she felt the energy being expelled from her body as Anthony started to yell in panic.

“Hey! What the fuck, man! Get this shit offa me!” He was smacking away at the light that surrounded his head. Slowly but surely, the light disappeared as Anthony felt like a five hundred pound weight had been lifted off of his head. “Well at least that’s over with.” He wiped his neck and stretched his limbs. He relaxed for a moment when all of a sudden, an ethereal mirror appeared in the middle of the group.

In the mirror was nothing. But then it slowly gave way to an image, no a recording of Anthony in one of his nightmares.


Anthony found himself in a large cave. It was musty and was surrounded by bats at the high ceiling covered in dirt. He was underground, most likely the Locust Hollow as he heard growling and primal noises below him. He was in a large castle of some sort. A fortress even. He had weapons, but they were all empty. He hesitantly stepped inside the towering castle doors.

They seemed inhuman. They were covered in a stench that could only come from grubs. The gates themselves was definitely something that any COG or any other government would construct really. Knowing that he would be useless in a combat situation, Anthony decided to try and sneak around as best as he could.

When he opened the door, a loud creak followed, which would alert any guards for three miles away. Anthony winced at the noise and froze in his tracks. He listened for any sounds of movement but was shocked to find dead silence. He continued on into the barely-lit room, only two torches providing any sense of light and direction. He heard a loud clicking noise.

The whole room was lit up as millions of torches suddenly ignited. He looked around and found he was in a throne room or main chamber of some sorts. If this was truly the Locust Hollow, then he was right in the Queen’s room. He heard a clapping and menacing chuckling from upstairs.

Sitting atop a very intimidating and high-backed chair, was a shadow that Anthony could only assume was a woman, the Queen. She had curves and such and the mature womanly laughter had been coming from the figure. She slowly rose a finger at Anthony and spoke. “General, take care of our guest.”

Just at that moment, Anthony heard a loud footstep emanate from behind him. He seriously did not want to know what caused the footstep, let alone who it belonged to but he let his curiosity get the better of him. He could not speak when he saw the large towering Locust that was about ten feet from him. It had menacing and sharp teeth, it was surrounded by Kryll, and it had a large knife that would seem like a sword to Anthony.

Doing the only thing that he possibly could, he revved his Lancer and charged. It laughed in a raspy and guttural way through it’s bared teeth. Then it pulled a switch that shed light on an area that was on the right of Anthony. In the cage, was Anthony’s family. They were locked up and looked severely injured. Just behind them in another cage, were a bunch of wretches and small little bug things with yellow boxes on their backs that Anthony could only assume were explosives.

“Gear, you have two choices. You can save your family but die, or you can fight General RAAM with the ammunition crates nearby and then save them. The choice is yours.” The Queen proclaimed in a high and mighty voice. Anthony wasn’t sure what to do. He knew that he had to save his family but he also had to get rid of the Locust or else his family would be slaughtered. He was taught in camp that he should always eliminate the enemy. But what stopped him? Not even death from disobeying the Golden Rule would stop him.

He did the best possible action he could. He jumped for the ammo, reloaded his weapon, and charged for the General. He shot at the General who was throwing Kryll in his direction and ran towards the switch that would release his family. He ran past the distracted Locust who was recovering from a nearby frag grenade explosion and pulled on the switch. For some reason, it wouldn’t budge at all. Even with all of his strength, he couldn’t get it to move a single inch.

He could hear the General approaching behind him. He couldn’t stop to think though, as he had to save his family. He heard his mom, dad, and three brothers call out from the cage. “Leave us Anthony! You have to save yourself!” This last request from his loving family pushed him over the edge. He pulled the switch with his newfound strength and inspiration and heard the sweet clicking sound. He looked over to his family and gave them a thumbs up.

The color from his face quickly drained as the small little unrelenting monsters from the cage behind them were released as well. The monsters were upon them in mere seconds. But there was a beacon of hope as Anthony’s three brothers fought the monsters with their bare hands. “Go mom and dad! We got this!” Clayton called out. The parents reluctantly ran towards the door. Anthony was relived and threw his Snub Pistol, his Lancer, and his Gnasher to his brothers. They quickly thanked him and used the weapons to their advantage.

All the while, the General suddenly lifted Anthony from the ground. Anthony tried hopelessly to kick the General with his legs. The General laughed at his futile attempt and slammed him into the floor. Anthony felt all of the air in his chest leave his body as he was winded. RAAM picked up back up and proceed to pull his large knife towards Anthony’s neck.

Underneath it’s breath, it spoke “Bye-Bye.” It’s blade met Anthony’s bare skin as it started to make him bleed. But all of a sudden, the Locust was pulled back as the three brothers who were bust jumped on him. “Run Ant! RUN!” RAAM quickly threw them over twenty feet away before going in to capture his main hunt. He was a step away from Anthony when he stopped mid-way.

He turned his head to the distance and pointed at it. He started to walk towards the wall with no visible target in it’s mindset. In RAAM’s vision though, he could see a large group of spectators watching the event unfold. He pointed his finger towards the wall and spoke to someone apparently.



Everypony and human in the room had been watching as Anthony’s nightmare played before them light a presentation or a really gritty horror/ action movie. Anthony had been through this nightmare many times, ending the same way. But this had never happened once in his life. General RAAM in his dream seemed to be pointing at the intervention group and walking towards them. They felt like he actually saw them, like the dream was self-aware.

“Twilight can’t you close it!?” Benjamin was becoming frantic as the towering monster was quickly approaching the dream viewing mirror. “I’m trying but I can’t!” Twilight was trying her hardest. The Locust was not too far now. “Well, try harder!” Benjamin shouted at her. Twilight shut her eyes as hard as she could. If she could shut them any tighter, her eyelids would probably rip from the tension.

The General stood at the mirror from the inside, seemingly gazing and observing the group. Then, he reached his hand out. As soon as the hand came out, the large oval magical mirror vanished into thin air. Everyone let out a sigh as the danger had faded away.

“Next time we do an intervention, never use goddamn magic on me again.” Anthony quipped. “AGREED!” Everypony shouted. The room had become heated from eh tension and everyone went to a window and opened it for some fresh air.

As Anthony opened a window that faced towards the Everfree Forest and where the Carmines had set up camp, he felt a chill go up his spine.

“I gotta bad feeling about this.”