• Published 15th May 2012
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Carmine and Carmine - PonyManne215

Anthony and Benjamin both died. Will they still have a need for violence in Equestria?

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Golden Perspectives

Author's Note: I am sad to say that the last chapter is next. It might take me a little while to publish it because I am going to try to make it at least 6k or more. I am not sure when I will have it out, just wait for it. Just know that I might do an epilogue to wrap things up. Oh and I ended this chapter in sixty nine words. You'll see why at the end.

“Thou pleaseth Us with thine tea, royal chef.” Princess Luna praised.

“..Thank you, you highness.” The earth colt bowed his head while slowly walking out of the room.

“What doth thou thinkest of this marvelous drink, Tia?”

“I think that it’s nice.” Princess Celestia answered.

The two Alicorn rulers sat at an oval dining table for breakfast. It was times like theses that made the two rulers who had to raise the sun and moon relax. They loved to just sit down and not have to worry about anything for a short while. They quickly sipped the rest of their tea and decided to talk a stroll through the royal garden.

“Luna, I was wondering if you have met the two humans yet.” Celestia asked with a warm smile.

“But of course! What kind of ruler would We..I be if..I didn’t see the new beings?” Luna was still struggling with speaking in modern speech.

“I suppose you’re right. So, what do you think of them?” Celestia added with a hint of curiosity.

“We find that their armor is quite light, yet it serves it’s purpose in protection. We have yet to see what their weapons can do but We have heard stories of their destruction. Overall, We think they mean absolutely no harm, although they can be dangerous.” The dark blue princess said in a bland voice.

“That’s not what I mean, Luna. I mean, what do you think of their personality?”

“Er..well We find that the younger fellow, Benjamin is very wise and mature for his age. We find that he has great leadership potential and that he is kind-hearted.”

“And what about the other one?”

The dark princess of the night, the former Nightmare Moon, the bringer of night eternal, blushed under her dark azure coat. She wasn’t sure if her sister caught notice of this, but Celestia gave her a sly grin. Luna cleared her throat before speaking.

“We..I find him to be very strange. He is vulgar and childish. He seems like he can be rash and is intimidated by the smallest thing..” Luna trailed.

“But?.....” Celestia was waiting for the redeeming quality to come up.

“He is hiding something. I think that he might act the way he does to secretly conceal a personality like that of his younger brother’s.”

Celestia grimaced, remembering her first engagement with the humans. They seemed fine but after she jumped to conclusions, Anthony had seemed hell-bent on attacking the white princess. He verbally assaulted her, which in any other case, would have caused Celestia to banish him to the dungeons. Benjamin, for sure, seemed more civil and refined but Anthony was like a minotaur let loose in a glass refinery.

“Is that so?”

“But of course! We have been watching them at night and they seem as normal as we do.” Luna reassured.

“Normal..not the word I would use.” Celestia stopped moving and moved her head down to sniff the flowers.

The scent of lilac filled her face and the aroma was intoxicating. The wildlife in the garden simply sat in awe while watching the two royal rulers admire the environment. The air was calm and the sky was clear. Today was no different than any other. Luna moved next to Celestia and rested her head on her older sister’s neck.

Celestia smiled and gazed down to look for her younger sister’s childish glee. But what she found on her sister’s face wasn’t joy. Luna had changed expressions from calm to nervous, frightened even. Her eyes were wide open in shock and her mane was becoming matted. Her body suddenly got all tense and beads of sweat started to pour down her face. Celestia was scared of what was going on.

“Luna! What’s wr-” Celestia was cut short as she felt a cold feeling move up her spine.

What she felt was a change, a difference. It was like some other-worldly being had arrived in Equestria. Normally, she would not regard it so but this was a feeling of malice and hate. Celestia knew that this was not a good sign. Something evil had just stepped into their realm. Suddenly, Luna began to speak up.

“Do you feel that, sister?” She said in a hushed voice.

“Yes..” Celestia quietly replied.

“What is it? It can’t be those humans. I didn’t even feel their presence until Twilight Sparkle made it known.”

“I honestly don’t know.”

The two sisters huddled and closed their eyes, trying as hard as they could to locate the source. The silence that formed around them was ghastly. It was so thick; one could cut it with a bayonet from a Retro Lancer. The two sisters’ horns glowed brightly as they found the source of this darkness. It was coming from the Everfree Forest.


“Crush. Kill. Annihilate Gears.” The large towering figure was moving about in a forest that blocked the sunlight from view.

It was glad that the trees and their tops were so high and dense, as its little creatures that acted as weapons and as a shield would be scattered and dispersed from the light. Any type of light, UV, natural, and other such means were deadly to the small things that it carried with it.

The forest made it feel secure. It was dark and desolate. All it had to do was lure the Gears in and kill them. It knew that the Gears would come sooner or later. Gears loved to kill its kind. So it skulked in the darkness while waiting for its prey. Its knife was in one hand, another object in the next. It was large, even for the General. It had two blades on the end of it and a dual barrel that would shred anything in its wake.

It gripped the weapon tightly as it moved towards a noise nearby. It sounded like talking. The voice was rhyming and seemed to be chanting something. As it got closer, a home or hut came into view. Drool came out of the large monster’s mouth as it smelled something familiar. It could make out a figure of a small creature in an opening on the side of the building. It resembled one of those creatures that the humans had on things called farms.

The darkness bringer did not care for these petty squabbles. All it knew was that these creatures could be used as food. As it got to the door, it let its lone, amplifying thought escape its mouth.



Princess Luna and Celestia gasped as if they had not breathed in an hour. Their normally large pupils were reduced to small specks after what they had seen. Their normally graceful and flowing manes were a little messy. They were sweating and their hearts were beating like they ran a marathon. What they saw wasn’t human.

Twilight had spoken and written of these things. The scaly and extremely pale creatures were called Locusts. They had no purpose other than to destroy all other forms of life and reign supreme. They were filled with hatred and violence, having no room for love or friendship.

The monster they saw was large and hulking. The ground seemed to shake with each step it took. It was covered in a moving darkness that protected it from harm. And the last thing that they saw was it was moving towards a pony’s home!

“We must warn Twilight Sparkle and the Elements of Harmony!” Celestia exclaimed.

“Yes, we must sister!” Luna ran inside of the castle to their rooms, Celestia right behind.

They reached their royal chambers and opened the doors in a quick pace. As the doors slammed against the walls, the two rulers ran inside. Luna ran over to her dresser and levitated a quill and parchment out. She turned to her sister expectantly.

“Dear sister, what do we write to Twilight?” She asked while moving the quill towards the parchment after dipping the quill in ink.

“Write this Luna:

To my faithful student Twilight Sparkle,
Princess Luna and I have detected a dark presence that has entered the fair lands of Equestria. We request that you prepare the Elements for an imminent danger that is to approach. We also request that you bring the two humans along with their weapons. They will be of great aid to us. Also, I must ask how this being came to this world. Please answer as soon as possible.


Princess Celestia.”

As Luna reached the final stroke, Celestia let out a sigh of hope. She looked up at her younger sister and nodded her head. Immediately, Luna used her magic and sent the scroll to Twilight. They went to the balcony and prepared to fly to Ponyville themselves. Shining Armor, brother of Twilight and Captain of the Royal Guard, barged into the room.

“Princesses, where are you going?!”

“To Ponyville.” Celestia answered.

“I’ll have a chariot and a detachment sent over here immediately.” He turned back to exit the room.

“There is no need for that, Captain. This is something that we must attend to ourselves.” With that, Celestia and Luna flew off of the balcony and travelled to Ponyville. The wind brushed up against their faces as clouds were non-existent.

This day of relax could not be enjoyed any longer. Something that was a haphazard to pony-kind was coming. Princess Celestia and Luna had to be there for the people of Ponyville this time. The last time when there had been a monster in the village, they were too busy attending royal duties. They wanted to abandon their posts and just come to the aid of the citizens.

It was not hopeless though, as the two humans who miraculously arrived were there to defeat the foe. Had it not been for them, the Locust would have probably destroyed and devastated all of Ponyville. Nopony there was willing or able to take such a beast head on. But this time was different.

They did not care for the royal speeches and royal meetings. They pushed everything aside for this. This time, they were ready.

They quickly arrived at Ponyville in a quiet manner. None of the citizens had noticed their arrival yet, which was good because if someone had noticed the two Alicorns, things might have gotten hectic. They gently flew over to the library door and opened it. They stepped inside and looked for any of the girls of humans.

Much to their dismay, there was nopony there. The entire library was empty, not to mention messy as well. Books and scrolls were strewn about the room in a disorderly fashion. There were scuffle marks in the ground, and some of the bookshelves were even tipped over. All in all, it looked like a hurricane had passed through the house.

Celestia and Luna began to levitate books and sort them in a clean manner. They knew just how Twilight had organized things by; genre and place in the alphabet. The clock on the far left wall was ticking as it read one thirty in the afternoon. They ran upstairs to Twilight’s bedroom for any clues. Yet again, there was nothing that could indicate the Elements of Harmony or the Carmines’ location.

“Sister, do you think that they have left to battle the beast?” Luna inquired.

“No. Twilight and the Elements know that it’s too dangerous to fight it alone. Surely they received our letter asking them to meet us here.” Celestia reasoned.

Luna was fed up so she broke out of her previously gentle voice and into the traditional Canterlot voice.


Something out of the corner of Celestia’s eye caught her attention. She craned her neck towards it and found a sealed envelope. She opened it up and began to read out loud.

“Dear Princess Celestia and Luna,
The girls and I have gone with Anthony and Benjamin to gather the ponies of the town. We are most likely in the Town Hall by now. If you are reading this, I hope that we have concluded and we are on our way back. Please just sit tight until we return. Also, the creature that you have sensed might have something to do with me..I might have used a viewing spell to see one of Anthony’s hidden nightmares, which seems to have brought another Locust to Equestria. Rest assured, Anthony and Benjamin have told us that ‘we have this in the bag’.

Signing off,

Twilight Sparkle.”

“It seems the letter ends there.” Celestia called out to Luna who was approaching.

She examined the letter once more before seeing some more words on the back. “Hold on, there’s more.”

After quickly reading it, she blushed and put a hoof to her mouth. “Oh my…” Celestia gasped in embaressment.

“What is it, Tia?” Luna moved next to Celestia. Her eyes widened as she read the annotation on the back.

“Side note from Anthony:

P.S. Twilight likes jizzzzzzzzzz :D ”