• Published 15th May 2012
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Carmine and Carmine - PonyManne215

Anthony and Benjamin both died. Will they still have a need for violence in Equestria?

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Flying From Danger

“Now darling, this feels a little tight, but I promised to please you in any way I could, did I not?” Rarity was wearing a latex suit. Something that Twilight had used in the past for some unknown reason. It was originally torn but Rarity used it as a model for a newer, sleeker, and more ‘revealing’ one. It covered her entire body in a smooth, black velvet. It stopped at her neck line and a large purposely-made hole was around her flank.

“Now don’t fight darling. Rainbow, be a dear and hold him down.” She said gracefully to the pegasus. The pegasus, was still unaware of Rarirty’s intentions. She had thought that Rarity was going to kick Benjamin’s butt or something. “You get him, Rare!” She said while putting her whole weight down on Benjamin. She flapped her wings, making a downward force propel her even more.

Benjamin was struggling the entire time. He was shrieking in horror and regret at over agreeing to come to the obsessive mare’s workshop. “Let me go! Come on, please!” He was begging as if his life depended on it. In his mind, it did. Participating in bestiality was the last thing he had ever wanted to do, let alone talk about. “Hold still, dearie. Only a couple more seconds..” She was slowly lowering her flank down on his you-know-what area.

Her face was blushing profusely, changing that white into a beautiful shade of rose. She was letting out ‘Oohs’ and ‘Ahhs’ in pleasure. She was picturing in her mind what was going to come. She bit her lip in excitement and sweat rolled down her face. Sweat was also rolling down Benjamin’s, albeit for another reason. His heart had exploded a few minutes ago. Suddenly, it reignited so that it could explode yet again.

A brilliant life-saving thought entered his mind. ‘Aha!’ He moved his hand to point at the window. “Hey look, it’s a famous pony!” He wasn’t sure if they were dumb enough to fall for the childish trick but couldn’t deny any possibilities. “Wonderbolts?” Rainbow flew to the window excitedly. “Fancy Pants?! Wait, he can’t fly… Ben darling-“ She was cut off by the loud crashing sound from the door.

Where Benjamin had laid not too long ago was empty. He had bolted for the door the second that the two tyrannical ponies turned their heads. “What the shit!?” He yelled in shock. He could not believe they just fell for the oldest book in the game. The only thing he could do now was run back to Fluttershy’s home, grab his gear, and evacuate his brother. He felt that a shitstorm was brewing.

He could hear a loud, angry, maniacal, and still somewhat composed and refined shout emanating from that hell house.

“Rainbow Dash, get him! COME BACK HONEY!”


“Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck!” Anthony had been in a never-ending loop of saying this for ten minutes now. The adoring Lyra came to take care of him. And that’s just what she did. She fed him soup, cookies, and other such loving things. What she did do that wasn’t much of caring was that she said he was sick. After declaring him sick, when he was just injured, she took it upon herself to warm him up.

She cuddled his protective armor and started drooling all over it. She then proceeded to lick around his exposed neck and his helmet. He could hear the sounds of the strands travelling downward. He had no way to escape either, as he was tied down again by ‘Mr. Bear’. He lost hope. She was giggling in the most aroused and perverted manner. Like something out of a horror novel depicting rape.

“Can you even get raped by a pony?” Anthony blurted his thought out. He heard an answering chuckle from Lyra. “Oh babe…you don’t even know the half of it. “She moved on top of him now, her flank staring Anthony in the face. “Now when I sit down, don’t hold back.” She said in a content voice. The door was thrown off of it’s hinges. At that precise moment, Anthony saw Benjamin come to his rescue.

Anthony started to cry tears of joy. “Oh Ben, you saved me! Oh Ben, you’ve stopped this crazy shit. Oh Ben…what the fuck?!” He shouted. Benjamin had rushed in, grabbed his weapons, looked at the scene before him, and did a double-take. After doing a double-take, he proceeded to run out of the house. Apparently, he didn’t come to save Anthony. “Shiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt!” Anthony was muffled as Lyra’s flank was on his helmet.

She let out a loud, pleased sigh. “Ohhhh yeah!” She panted. “Never fear, Benjamin is here!” Benjamin then jumped through the door, and did a kick on her that resembled that of a falcon’s. She went flying out the open window, much to Anthony’s dismay who wished it was closed, and was knocked unconscious.

“Why the fuck didn’t you save me earlier!?” Anthony vented. “I thought it would be funny to leave you there.” He shrugged. Anthony, who was smacking his brother, wiped off his helmet of the sweat and other bodily fluids that dripped on it. He was also spitting because the smell was horrible. It smelled like…he had no word for it.

He grabbed his gear, ignoring the pain in his shoulder and the scar in his mind, and ran for the camp that they set up. “Let’s get the fuck outta here!”


Scootaloo had nothing to do since that thing came into Ponyville. After her awesome brothers blew that thing to the moon, she was left back at town alone. In fact, she was doing just that, scooting around. The sounds of the wheels of her scooter meeting the cobblestone floor drowned any other thought or noise from her mind. Her friends were off at the library, which she hated to go to. Her brothers were off who knows where. And Rainbow Dash was flying, which Scootaloo had yet to master, let alone do.

Out of self pity, she went to the bowling alley, attempting her hoof again at that difficult sport. Finally arriving at the glass doors leading inside, she pushed them open only to be picked up. “No means NO!” Scootaloo was kicked out of the establishment. The last time her and her friends and been there, they caused nothing but trouble. Also, they didn’t receive any Cutie Marks.

She literally had nothing to do now. ‘I guess I’ll just lounge around the camp for now..’ She cringed at sitting around doing nothing. But she couldn’t complain though, as the event in the morning was definitely exciting. She thought back on her view of things.

A tall, ugly, smelly, and scaly thing walked into town while Anthony and Benjamin just laughed at it and fought them. After a big epic battle, they beat the monster. She smiled. If she could be like anyone besides Rainbow Dash, it would be them two, more specifically Anthony, who was the most radical guy around.

She fluttered her wings at an immense pace. Since they could not fly, why not use them for a boost? She could see a cone of air form around her. As expected, she left a cloud of dust in her wake. In almost no time at all, she reached the camp and sat on her flank. She heard screaming and panting behind her. She turned around and smiled at them, hooves extended.

“Big Bro’s!!!!?!???!!?”


“Holy shit, Ben! I feel like they’re right behind me.” Anthony was panicking. He had been through probably the most traumatic event in his life. His death and the time when his dad took away his bacon were walks in the park compared to this. “Me too!” Benjamin was hyperventilating, something that he had never done before.

They had been running at the speed of light for minutes now, exhaustion setting in on the fatigued soldiers. They couldn’t keep this up any longer. They could see the camp ahead just by a little. Also, they didn’t hear any chasing behind them, or panting, or moaning for that matter. They were in the clear.

The Carmines reached their camp after another two minutes. Upon arrival, Anthony excitedly kicked at the ground, hoping to send some dirt flying in the air. What he didn’t know, was that Scootaloo was right where he kicked.

“Big Bro’s!!!!?!???!!?”

Scootaloo’s ear piercing shriek caught their attention. The little flightless pegasus went flying a whole twenty feet into the air. She looked like a thrashball ,as she was curled up in fear. “ohshitohshitohshitohshitohfuck!” Anthony was panicking, running with his arms flailing, trying to catch her before she plummeted to her death.

“You gotta fly, Scoot!” Benjamin called, cupping his hands to enhance his volume. She could hear him but could only utter the words “I can’t!” Anthony joined in. “Yes you can, we believe in you, littler Squirt!” He also cupped his hands.

She seemed taken back by this, as she started to desperately flap her wings. She could hear wind being pushed back and forth behind her, but she was still falling. “You can do it!” “Yeah, show them little sissies in school that you can whoop their ass!” All she could hear were her brothers complimenting and encouraging her. It was a miracle that she ever got them.

It was a miracle that they ever arrived. Before their arrival, she was a desperate and lonely filly. A pony with no one to call her own. Sure, Rainbow Dash was her idol and sometimes acted as a surrogate sister, but she was never fully there for her. She always used Scootaloo for her own needs but never had actually paid attention to the filly’s requests.

Her friends all had a family to call her own. Sweetie Belle had her big sister, Rarity. Not to mention two loving parents to boot. As for Apple Bloom, she had a big, gentle, and soft-spoken brother. She had a enthusiastic and hard-working sister. And she had a grandmother who, though was a bit silly in her ways, cared for Apple Bloom with a great amount of love. Her giant, extended family did not even need a mention.

Scootaloo was alone for as long as she could remember. She could barely recall a time when she had a family. A brother, mother, father, or sister. She had to fight to survive. On lucky nights, she would be able to sleep over a friend’s house for a sleepover. On not so lucky nights, she was shivering cold in the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ clubhouse. On the worst of nights, she was out on the streets, wandering, cold, and in complete silence.

It was one of those nights when she had first heard noises coming from the Everfree Forest. The same noises that led her to find these strange, yet somewhat gentle creatures. These humans, as they called themselves, took her in without any personal gain. No, they took her in because she wanted to, because she needed to. This was why she was so lucky to have found them. To have embraced, and loved them, being accepted as part of their family.

Her thoughts and inner revelations ignited something in her little beating heart. Some kind of spark or flame that told her to keep on going. The boost that she needed to live through this. “Come on and fly you little thing you!” Anthony said still trying to fly himself. She could see him running in circles and flapping his arms, presumably to instruct Scootaloo how to fly. If not, then he was truly trying to fly on his own.

She nodded. She then closed her eyes as the ground got closer. Her flapping intensified. All noise was now drowned out by the sound of her rapidly beating of her heart. That and the sound of the slowly approaching ground and the air maneuvering around her body. ‘Wait a minute, slowly?’

She opened her eyes and looked. She was right next to her brothers, exactly eye-level to the two. She looked at her back and she was flying. “I-I’m flying! I’m really flying!” She said ecstatically. She could not believe it. Even after countless training sessions with Rainbow Dash, she never learned how to fly. How was it that she could now? In front of the humans, no less.

“You did it ya little shit, I knew you had it in ya!” Anthony said as he congratulated Scootaloo by punching her. She fell to the dirt floor face first “Oops..” He whistled awkwardly and then ran away. Benjamin came up and dusted her off. “Good job, sis. We knew you could do it.” He patted her on the back softly. She then couldn’t help herself but hug him. Benjamin motioned for Anthony to come over, which upon arriving was also wrangled into the embrace.

“Gah! Arghh…you’re….choking….me!” He barely got out. She laughed and hugged them even harder. Benjamin could be heard gasping for breath now. “I love you guys!” “Hehe, we know.” Anthony smugly replied. “We love you as well..” Two voices said from behind the embracing family. A long awkward silence followed only to be interrupted by Benjamin.

“Scootaloo, Anthony.” “Yeah?” The two other family members answered. “How tired are you guys?” “Pretty. They answered again.

“We’re so screwed, aren’t we Squirt?” Anthony said bluntly.