• Published 15th May 2012
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Carmine and Carmine - PonyManne215

Anthony and Benjamin both died. Will they still have a need for violence in Equestria?

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Saved By The Yell

Author's Note: Cookie to whomever gets the reference in the chapter's title, which is fairly obvious.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” A large, high pitched and girlish scream echoed across the entire country. Ponies from cities like Baltimare, and Fillydelphia turned their heads, looking for the source of the frightened plea. None of them could find who or what emitted this noise however, as it’s source was a fairly long way from both places.

The two mares were approaching slowly and menacingly, which from some angles one could even see them frothing from the mouth. Lustrous and seductive growls were let out every so often. All that they wanted were the two pieces of meat in front of them. The two, lovely, nice, attractive, and manly pieces of meat.

If these two mares were dogs or wolves, they would be like a dog or would howling at the night sky. They were growling, but it was at the two humans. Benjamin looked at Scootaloo to see if she was making that God-awful, ear piercing noise. It would make sense as she was a girl after all. Scootaloo was doing the same, checking if Benjamin was screaming like a little filly. Out of the two, Benjamin was the more sensitive one. So it would make sense to assume that he was screaming for his life.

Much to their dismay, both of their mouths were closed. They stared at each other in confusion, while the screaming was still going on. They took to the final conclusion slowly, hesitatingly turning their heads to Anthony.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!” Anthony was spinning his head in all different directions frantically. If the situation wasn’t so dire, Scootaloo and Benjamin would roll on the floor laughing right now. Out of every single person or pony that it could’ve been, it was mister manly himself.

“Uhhhh, Bro?” Benjamin was trying to get Anthony’s attention, which succeeded. Anthony became embarrassed, and cleared his throat. “Um…I was…singing…for an opera..Talk to anyone about this and I’ll strangle you.” Anthony replied nervously and bluntly.

“I don’t think we’ll have time to tell anyone after what’s about to happen!” Benjamin pointed to the two unicorns that were hovering above them. Strands of saliva were pelting their blue and silver helmets. “It was nice knowing you guys.” Scootaloo added solemnly. “Yeah.” Benjamin agreed. “Fuck all of you, I’m outta here!” Anthony jumped up and drop kicked Rarity in the snout.

While she was stunned, he picked Lyra up, and span her in a circle. After the large buildup of momentum, he threw her in a random direction, which ended up being on top of Benjamin and Scootaloo.

“Oops, my bad!” He said as he was running away. “See ya, would not even consider wanting to be y-” Anthony was cut off as he let out a gagging noise, followed by halting immediately. He was then surrounded by a mint-green aura and thrown back at the commotion.

“Aww…shit.” He could only express himself in these words. “No more of that fighting, you here? Babe, I promise that you can fight all you want, when we..” Lyra giggled and blushed at the thought. “And don’t forget my sweetie as well.” Rarity, who cleaned herself, was ready to get down and dirty in a sense.

“God..Celestia..even the moon for fuck’s sake, save me.” Benjamin exclaimed with his last ounce of hope. He closed his eyes, along with Anthony and Scootaloo. They waited for the vicious attack that was coming. Silence filled the air. Yet, the girls never came, no they just stopped dead in their tracks.

“What?” Anthony asked to no one as he looked up. “Thou hast calleth for our help. What dost thou require of us to assist?” A booming, resonant, and old fashioned voice stated. The voice was like that of Celestia’s when she got all mad. Before Anthony, was a large, similar Alicorn to Celestia, her sister. She had a crown as well, though it was black, perhaps even onyx or obsidian.

Her mane glittered in the night sky. In fact, it resembled the night sky, littered with millions of small stars all over. Her entire body was a deep, dark purple or blue that was magnificent. Anthony appreciated her looks, as blue was his favorite color. He could not help but give her a hug and praise her.

“Thank you, I mean it. Thank you so fucking much! You just saved my ass!” He was tearing up at the thought of what would’ve have happened had the princess of the night not interjected. Princess Luna blushed at the human’s unrestrained show of affection. His light blue shoulders and chestplate shined in the moon’s luminescence.

“We…have been watching you for a long time. Our name is Princess Luna, sister and co-ruler of Celestia.” She stated in another booming voice. “You just saved me from those two crazy fuckers over there!” Anthony answered while pointing to the two quivering mares. They still feared the princess of the night.

“We ask that you two subjects go home. We wish to speak with these ‘humans’.” Luna spoke in a gentler voice. The two unicorns reluctantly replied, but ran away when a random lightning bolt struck Rarity on the flank. “Now then, let’s get to business.” Luna said. Anthony, Benjamin, and Scootaloo gathered around the camp fire, Luna on the opposite side.

“What hath thou done in thy home world? Our sister did not tell us of thy past.” She spoke in a normal voice finally. Anthony and Benjamin each exchanged glances, not sure who was going to repeat their history to the other royal princess. “I say you do it, Squirt.” “What!? But I did it last time!” Benjamin was aggravated. “So? I don’t feel like doing it. Besides, you are so much better with these ponies than I am.” Anthony said as he laid on his back.

Benjamin let out an annoyed sigh. “Alright..Princes, you might wanna sit down for this..” Minutes passed, slowly turning into hours. Throughout the night, Benjamin told of the Pendulum Wars, the Lightmass Offensive, and Operation: Hollow Strike. He concluded with the grave news of what happened.

Luna took the news quite well relatively speaking. Compared to her sister’s reaction, she had not yet gone in a fit or a rampage to destroy the wayward soldiers. She simply sat and listened, for she had been through the darkness before. She had experienced evil and was no stranger to it’s many effects. Throughout it though, she gave an occasional look at Anthony, who was relaxed and on the border of sleeping.

Scootaloo was still excited to hear of her brothers’ pasts. She marveled on the fact that they were so tough and cool. Anthony was bored out of his mind. He loved military history sure enough, but hearing the same thing like four times was boring him. He closed his eyes and began to sleep. He started to snore, which caused Scootaloo and Benjamin to laugh rudely. Luna, on the other hand, was gently and quietly chuckling. To her, Anthony seemed strange. He showed that he could be violent and childish, but somewhere inside, perhaps very deep, she could sense something different about him.

She even went so far as to think that Anthony might be more gentle and sensitive than his younger brother, who openly displayed it. Maybe underneath that tough exterior and manly attitude, there was a loving and caring person who cared for all sorts of life. Maybe he was a good natured and he-

“Come back here you fucking grub. Let me rip those arms off for ya.” Anthony muttered in his sleep. Maybe not. She frowned at his venoumous and hateful words and stood up. “We shall be leaving you. Just know that we watch you in the NIGHT!” She yelled the last part, causing Anthony to wake up.

“Huh? What? Who? Bacon?” He was looking in different directions before seeing that his heroin was departing. “Aww going so soon. Oh well, just know that I think you are the shit.” He said while tapping his finger across her chest. He took her hoof and started making kissing noises like he was kissing her hoof in respect. “Thanks again for saving me.” Luna blushed profusely, breaking her regal and fearful look.

“I..We..must go. Sleep well, strange beings.” With that, she flew towards the oval moon. Anthony was waving goodbye at her. “Looks like someone has a crush..” Scootaloo suggested in a mocking voice. “Wha..No! What the fuck is wrong with you? And speaking of crushes, who do you have a crush on?!” Anthony’s question caused Scootaloo to blush and become silent.

“That’s right! Be a bitch! Anyway, now I can sleep!” Anthony returned to his sleeping position.”I did notice something bro. She kept looking at you. I think she likes you.” Benjamin stated it like a fact. “Whatever, just what I need, another stalker pony.” He replied bluntly. In his mind though, he didn’t mind. Since she saved him, she could think or like whoever she wanted. Anyone who saves his ass is okay in his books.

(Great song that fits the mood of the rest of the chapter.)

“Night guys.” Anthony said as he closed his eyes again. “Night” Benjamin replied. Scootaloo had already fallen asleep. Benjamin snored this time. Anthony just remained awake though, staring at the night sky, which seemed to stare back. Maybe it was Princess Luna looking at him. He chuckled at the thought.


The world was dark around him. Anthony saw silhouettes of people trying to run away. He could see imprints of where bodies use to lie. They had either been moved, eaten, or deteriorated away in the time that passed. Anthony could barely recognize this as his home city of Ephyra, the capital of Tyrus. This was where his family had settled down hundreds of years ago. This was where the tradition of joining the COG started.

His family had large ties to the military. Ever since the Pendulum Wars, the Carmine had been recognized as a group of dedicated and loyal soldiers. He had to keep the tradition alive. His brothers had to also. But why was it that Anthony could barely recognize this place? Why was it so different? It looked like it had been struck with a Hammer of Dawn strike.

He could spot many different houses that were torn apart or still had some small flames littering their rooftops. He recognized the playground that he spent his childhood in, or what was left of it anyway. A half torn part of a swing was still in the middle of a sand area containing imprints of small bodies. Most likely bodies of children.

Anthony had no weapons to defend himself, but seeing as how there was no movement or noise, perhaps he was all alone in this city. He went up to the swing and pushed it. The creaky noise told him that it was rusty from age or use. For some reason though, it continued to keep moving. Anthony decided to check his home.

The noise of the swing kept echoing though. It still didn’t stop. No matter how far Anthony went, or if he was inside a building, it just kept swinging. Was he going mad? Was this just a nightmarish dream? He decided not to ask so many questions and just keep moving.

He spotted his home, which seemed to not even be affected by the apparent violence this city underwent. He ran across the asphalt, his boots pounding in each step. The street was torn at certain points, cracked in the others. In extreme cases, it was completely torn off. The houses around his were leveled.

The houses of the Petersons’, the Smiths’, the Jenkins’; all of them. They were no longer standing. Why was this place so torn apart and his house left unscathed, he would find out soon enough. He approached the door, which still had the flowery frame and golden mailbox next to it. The garden was still intact, the lavenders, petunias, roses, and lilies still growing the same as ever.

The flowers still emitted those soothing smells that reminded him of home. Home. He turned the brass doorknob after knocking, which received no reply. 'Of course there wouldn’t be a voice, the whole city was abandoned.’ He reasoned. He stepped inside his home, which still had the yellow paint and white borders. The foyer was still clean.

He looked at the steps; the yew in each curve seemed to shine. His house was still normal. It looked like it was made out of his childhood memories. He looked in the living room. The TV was still on and the couch was still turned at a certain angle. The family portraits lined the shelves just behind it. Pictures of all four of the Carmine brothers were most of them. Some of them though, had the entire family.

Anthony’s mom and dad were always there for them. They just didn’t like to take pictures that much. ‘Speaking of mom and dad..’ He ran upstairs to see if anyone was in the rooms. He peeked inside his parents’ room, which was always forbidden for them to go in while they were children. The queen-sized bed was still clean, the sheets were pressed and the pillows were neatly placed.

He moved to the bathroom, which was empty as well. He then checked his brothers’ rooms, his being the last. All of their rooms were littered with personal things from magazines about guns, military, race cars, to more ‘adult’ content. Finally, with a bit of nostalgia in his mind, he stepped into his.

On the walls were his pictures of girlfriends that he had gone out with. He also had a picture of the time that he and his two older brothers beat up a bully for Squirt. Benjamin was made fun of by some lowlife bully who had too much free time. The Carmine brothers wouldn’t stand for this of course, so they sat down. Then they came to the conclusion that they should kick his ass. So on the last day of school, Benjamin’s older brothers beat the living shit out of the bully while Benjamin took a picture.

‘Turned out pretty good.’ He thought to himself. He remembered that after that incident, the brothers were feared and not messed with the rest of their lives. The tale of the four brothers’ unity reached all schools, from pre-schools, elementary, middle, junior-high, high school, and college. Everyone knew not to fuck with a Carmine. Some who were ballsy enough to do it only ended up testifying to the fact of these military buffs’ strength.

Anthony admired and recalled his childhood so fondly. *Cling* the noise of a frying pan falling made Anthony snap out of his recollection. He realized that he never checked the kitchen. He ran downstairs excitedly. He tripped on the first step and fell face first until he reached the bottom. Despite the pain in his head, he ran to the kitchen. Before him, in the dark unlit room, were his mother and father. They weren’t facing him though. His mother was washing dishes and his father was reading a newspaper.

‘Just like the old days.’ He walked up to his dad and put a hand on his father’s shoulder. “Long time no see, dad. How’s life been?” His father did not answer him. “Dad, you senile old man, do you hear me?” Still no answer. “Dad.” He tugged his father’s shoulder which caused his father's to tilt his head back. Anthony gasped at the sight that lay before his eyes. His father’s eyes were all white and right at the center of his head, was a hole. A bullet hole.

Without thinking, Anthony ran to his mother and tried to gain her attention. “Mom!” He put his hands on both of her shoulders, which caused his mother to fall to the floor. The once, full-of-life, gentle, loving, caring, and sweet mother that Anthony knew was gone. Her bun, apron, and dress were still there. But her face. It was covered in blood and her neck was cut open. The room was suddenly cut to the colors of black and white. The true features of the house were shown. It had been affected by the danger, as the walls were peeling and chunks of the household were gone.

There was something else that haunted Anthony though. Past all of the sick things that were featured on the bodies of his father and mother, there was something about their faces. They were somehow still smiling. A blood-curling smile that would imprint on his mind forever. He wanted to close his eyes but he couldn’t. It was like his eyelids were gone. Something broke the silence though. It sounded like his mother, but it wasn’t. The sweet tone in her voice was gone; replaced by something that was pure evil and dark.

“Hello Anthony”


Anthony awoke in the middle of the night. The sounds of crickets returned to him. He was sweating profusely underneath his helmet. He took off his helmet for a moment, wiped off the sweat, and placed it back on. He was used to these kinds of nightmares. He had kept them secret all this time. That was why he was so cheery and acted so tough in front of everyone. He didn’t want them to know the horror that he was going through. That was why he pushed all those except his family away. Anthony sighed finally, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to sleep for the rest of the night

“That’s the seventh one this week.”