• Published 15th May 2012
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Carmine and Carmine - PonyManne215

Anthony and Benjamin both died. Will they still have a need for violence in Equestria?

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Love Carmine

“Shit, this goddamn bed is killing me!” Anthony was venting his rage for the past six hours now. The hoof going into his wound really did not help. “Oh..umm…could you lower the volume and not move around so much?...if you don’t mind..” Fluttershy whispered. “What? Did you say something?” Anthony did not hear that she even spoke. No, he actually thought her voice was a draft in the air.“No…” “I still can’t hear you!” He struggled in the bed. “Eeep!” She squealed and ducked under Anthony’s bed.

Well, her bed rather. The whole group though it best that he rest in Fluttershy’s home while they cleaned up. Of course, they did go and bring him there. Knowing Fluttershy, she probably would have collapsed a second time after carrying Anthony .00000000000000000001 of a millimeter. Also, the gaping and ever-gushing shoulder wound wouldn’t have helped either. They put him on her pony-sized bed, which only measured to his waist. His feet and legs were dangling off of the bed.

His wound was bandaged up, and his shoulder-plate was repaired by Benjamin. As for medicine, only herbal remedies could help, much to the chagrin of Anthony, who ‘hated hippie shit’. “I think you should…apologize..” She began speaking again after a few minutes. Anthony, still trying to move but was tied down to the bed by Applejack, grunted in response. “What the hell for?”

Fluttershy winced at his tone and volume. “For..for…the names..” She said blankly. “Huh what? Names? What names?” He was confused for sure. “you called me…Flutter..g-” She mumbled the last part. “Speak fucking louder!” “You called me…Slu- shy” “Oh my GOD! Can you get any quieter?!” He asked rhetorically. “…Yes.” She said so low that only an ant could hear her. Too bad the only ant in the room was on the bed. “THAT’S IT!” Anthony said as he ripped through the rope with his manly…err…manliness, and turned.

He forgot that the bed was so small and his face met with a wooden floor. “Ummph….ow..” He made a loud thump when he crashed and felt like something had ripped through his body. ‘Wait a minute…something did rip through my body!’ He got up and looked to his shoulder and sobbed a little. His manly tears rubbed down his face and he drank them back up. Only a real man would shed manly tears and drink them back up in hopes that no one witnessed the act.

A soft and gentle giggle came from across the room. “You shouldn’t be out of bed Mr. Carmine..” Fluttershy said mockingly, yet still frightened. “Why you little!” Anthony reached his arms for Fluttershy’s neck and gave chase. “Eeep!”


“Oh darling, that red absolutely clashes with the brilliant blue of your armor! Let me clean that up for you.” Rarity began wiping the deceased Skorge’s blood off of Benjamin’s COG armor. The sun’s rays shined on his armor, casting a reflection of the pampered white mare. “Oh, I can see myself in your armor, sweetie!” She said gleefully. “I doubt you could actually fit in this thing..” Benjamin replied ,unaware of the reflection. “Pish posh, dear.” She blankly stated as she looked closer. There was something in her mane. She couldn’t tell what though.

“Oh honey, could you tell me what’s that garish speck in my mane?” She asked pleasantly. He looked down and picked it out. “You had some ear in you mane.” He said casually. He put the ear in front of her. It was still oozing blood, and had apparently been in her mane all of this time. It wasn’t long before the alabaster unicorn put two and two together.

“AAAAAAHH!” A scream of pure shock and horror could be heard from as far away as Canterlot. In a flash, Rarity levitated Benjamin into the air and towards her store, the Carousel Boutique. “What..are…are you…doing?!” Benjamin said while being thrown around with each bump in the road. “I HAVE TO CLEAN MYSELF FOR FIVE HOURS.” Rarity stated as matter-of-factly. “Five hours? Why the hell are you bringing me along!?” Benjamin said unsure of what was to come.

“Why you’re going to shower with me of course!”


“How…the hell….are you so….fast!?” Anthony paused every so often with a large pant. He had been running for what seemed like days now. In actuality, it was just a minute. Chasing the timid little shut-in pegasus was not as easy as it seemed. Apparently, she had a lot of energy for running. Not for fun though. No, this stored energy was meant for one thing. Running away.

“Are you calm now, Mr. Carmine?” She asked while peeking around the corner of a door. “Oh yeah..I’m calm alright.” He said while laughing crazily. An idea popped into his head. ‘When that little shit comes close enough, I’m gonna strangle the shit outta her!’ She slowly flew over to him. “Yes…yes..closer…closer!” He was really giving off an eerie cackle. “Mr. Bear, would you be as so kind as to guide Mr. Carmine back to his bed?” She seemed to be talking to something behind me. He looked at her confused, and then laughed.

“Mr. Bear? Bitch you cra-”


Everything around Anthony went black.


“Nurse Redheart? Could I borrow a spare nurse outfit?” “Sure but may I ask what for?” The hesitantly accepting white earth pony replied. “Oh nothing..just taking care of a friend who got hurt.” “Lyra, is this about that hurt human at Fluttershy’s place?” Lyra nodded repeatedly. “Yes!” Nurse Redheart sighed and went into the store room. She came back out a few minutes later and handed the nurse hat to an overjoyed Lyra.

“Thanks! I’ll bring it back later!” Lyra said while leaving the hospital. “What did I just do?” Nurse Redheart said under her breath while shaking her head disapprovingly. Lyra was running at full pace now. She had one thing in mind, getting Anthony. Since he was injured, immobilized by ropes, and simply loved her, or so she thought on the last part, Anthony needed someone to take care of him. And that someone was Lyra.

“Don’t worry my love! I’m-a coming!” She said with an enormous boost in her speed. “Huh!?” Many heads turned to see what just whizzed by. Of course, they dropped it, trying to focus on the mess in the middle of town. Somepony had to clean up that red paint all over the place. The mayor had told them that somepony mistakenly dropped red warm paint all over and forgot to clean. So she decided to make it a town project. The smell was unbearable, like something had not showered in weeks.

A young filly with a crown came to the mess with her father. “Daddy! Do we really have to clean?” she asked begging. “Diamond Tiara, you are going to clean this mess with me or your grounded.” He said. She had still not learned her lesson after going mad with power while running the Foal Free Press. They started to arrive at the scene when she spotted a ball out of the corner of her eye. It was shiny, and smooth. She picked it up with her hoof and examined it. There were little red streaks and the whole thing was white. She flipped it around and saw a small circle in the middle. It was black. This was when she realized something.

“It looks like an eye.”


“Put me down!” Benjamin yelled with a commanding voice. “Alright.” Rarity answered. She dropped him alright. Right into a large circular bathtub that almost seemed like a pool. The water was warm, almost relaxing. Benjamin tried to fight it at first, but a partaking in a large war, living in the wilderness, and fighting a big ugly motherfucker can get to you sometimes. He leaned back against the pool wall and folded his arms behind his head. “Ahh..that’s good..” Benjamin said aloud.

He paid no attention to the small splash near him or the water that was coming from the beck hole in his armor. He heard some sloshing and the movement of water changing. He didn’t care though, he just wanted to close his eyes and sleep forever. Rarity washed her mane. Her blood stained indigo mane was now just that, a pure indigo once again. It was dripping wet and her hair lost its fashionable curls. It was straight, like when ‘Pinkimena’ came out. “Oh darling….” Rarity said seductively. “It seems we’re all alone in this..warm and quiet bath..” She said while spinning circles in the water with her hooves. A grin came across her face. “Maybe we can..’talk’.” She put emphasis on the last word.

With that, Benjamin reopened his eyes to look at her. “Whaa?” He said while raising an eyebrow underneath the helmet. She started inching closer and closer to him. ‘Thump Thump. His heart rate quickened. “Oh you don’t have to hide it. I know that you feel the same way as I do. I know that you don’t feel the same about Applejack as you feel about me.” Her face was starting to flush into a bright red. This red was very elegant and gentle compared to the shade of red she had turned when he was waking up. ‘Thump thump. Thump thump.’

“Listen…uhh..Rarity! I..uhh..no offense..uh-“ He was cut short by a hush from the approaching and aroused fashionista. “Shush! Let it happen.” She was on him now. ‘THUMP THUMP.’ His hands were scrounging around for a smoke grenade. The horrific realization struck him. He left all of his equipment back at the cottage. ‘Shit.’ She leaned her body on his armor, wrapping her hooves around his back. This locked him in and stopped him from moving whatsoever.

She leaned in, mouths puckered ready for a kiss, her front hooves moving for his helmet, ready to pull it off. ‘THUMP THUMP. THUMP THUMP.’ He was frantically moving his arms; his heart was beating so fast. It seemed to almost explode and burst out of his ribcage. He could hear that suction noise coming closer to his face. The warmth of the water was drowned out by the warmth of her body. Her mane was surrounding his vision.

Crash. A window broke at this moment. “Hehe, sorry about that Rari-” A clumsy Rainbow Dash stopped, frozen in pure dumb confusion. “This isn’t what it looks like!” Benjamin stated. Though in his mind, he was saying ‘Thank you, I worship you rainbow girl.’ She had just saved him from being..you know. “this is exactly what it looks like darling.” Rarity interrupted gingerly. She proceeded to go back to her actions.

“Noooo!” Benjamin yelled out. Just then, a streak of rainbow moved him.‘Yes! Oh fucking YES!’ He thought. Then he felt knocking on his head. “Take that! And that! No one takes advantage of my friends!” Rainbow Dash was giving him the ol’ one-two hoof to his head. “What the shit?” Benjamin was dumbfounded. ‘Why is she hitting my ass?’ Apparently, to Rainbow Dash, Benjamin had been taking advantage of Rarity, when it was obviously the other way around.

In Rainbow Dash’s mind, the scene before her played as follows.

Rainbow Dash was doing the awesomest stunt in all of Equestria. She had done the over nine-thousand flip and a barrel roll. All throughout this too, she had been doing a Sonic Rainboom. She had been going at speeds nopony had ever reached before, proving she was the fastest and best flier ever. She then got hit by a lightning bolt from Discord, who was laughing at her. Unable to fly, she went into the closest thing that was safe, Rarity’s place.

She crashed through the window heroically and saw the large ‘friend’ Benjamin holding a crying Rarity in place. She was begging for her life and offering anything in return that he leave her alone. He was madly cackling and rubbing her in inappropriate places. Behind her ears, on her stomach and her nose. They made her laugh as well, though forced because of the sensitivity of it. Then he reached a hand for her ‘private’ area. Her mane. That was when the awesome Rainbow Dash came to the rescue. “Never fear, your friendly neighborhood, Rainbow Dash is here.” And with that, she defeated Benjamin.

In reality, Rainbow Dash fainted, was put back on her cloud, and stayed happily asleep. She managed to somehow roll off of her cloud and fell off and back to Equestria. By the time she regained control of her wings, she fell through the window. And the whole catch phrase was actually never uttered. She had actually just sneezed propelling her at Benjamin.

Benjamin was really getting fed up with the ignorance of the ponies. His train of thought, however, was broken as an all-too familiar form emerged behind Rainbow Dash. “Keep him down, Rainbow Darling. We need to teach this ruffian a lesson or two, and I promise, they will be pleasuring.”



Anthony awoke, back in the small kiddy sized bed. “Uhh what happened?” “Mr. Bear brought you back.” Fluttershy smiled sheepishly at him and waved off to a figure in the doorway. “Thank you!” She exclaimed. She gave folded a towel and put it on his head. Then she proceeded to read him a bedtime story. “What the fuck?! Im not a kid and I’m not sick. I got chainsawed on the shoulder. What part of chainsawed do you not understand?!” Anthony was aggravated. “Uhmm…all of it?” Fluttershy said as knocking came from the door.

“Ooh, a visitor. I’ll go see who it is.” Fluttershy said calmly. “Yeah you better see who it is!” ‘Senile Bit-‘ His thought got stopped as she came back in. “You have a visitor!” “Finally! Benjamin’s back. Yo Squirt! Did you bring as much bacon as I asked you?” He said, his mood seeming to perk up. Maybe this day wasn’t so bad after all. No answer, just footsteps. “Yo Ben, the silent type ain’t working for ya.” Still no answer. “Ben?” “Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention..it’s a nurse coming to visit you. She said that she’s here to make sure everything’s alright.” Fluttershy said as she flew out of the room. Anthony looked at where she was sitting, not even acknowledging the present nurse that just arrived. “What’s the prognosis doc?” He said still not looking.

“You’re going to feel all better when I finish.” The nurse answered. “Oh that’s great fucking news!” He said happily, while turning his head to view his savior. His messiah.

“…..Hi Babe..”