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This story is a sequel to Alarm Clock

Ditzy Doo, Royal Secret Service agent in training, tracks an architect whose building almost destroyed Ponyville. The trail leads right to one of Canterlot’s most prestigious art museums. Help from fellow agent Time Turner ensures this job won’t be too hard; help from an unexpected old acquaintance ensures this won’t be too easy, either.

It means days of research, prep work, and amateur art criticism; five minutes of sheer terror; and hours of cleanup—in other words, an average job for the Royal Secret Service.

Many thanks to my prereaders:
Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi
Japanese Teeth
Yami Vizzini

Cover art assembled from:
Composition VI by Wassily Kandinsky, horizontally flipped because I'm a bad person.
Derpy vector by Euguene-Joe-C.
Dr. Hooves vector by Haretrinity.
Trixie vector by Tourniquetmuffin.

Scholarly analysis #1
Scholarly analysis #2.
Scholarly analysis #3.

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hahaha xD
This doesn't feel like an end, though. Is there more to this story?

5913686 Sorry about that. There are three chapters, and at the last minute I decided to publish a chapter per day, rather than submitting them all at once. Then I forgot to change the status to "incomplete" to reflect that. So yes, there's more to the story, coming soon!

All right!! *cheers* I'll put this on my tracking list!


Hehe, your Trixie and Ditzy always bounce off of each other so well. Their back-and-forth almost has a sister-like vibe (which, I realize, sounds a little creepy in the context of a certain other fic, but still >.>) where, despite the fact that they actually hardly see each other, I gives me the impression that they're practically best friends. I expect to see Trixie in the wedding party if you actually do a fic around said wedding. :rainbowwild:

More awesome Ditzy! Huzzah! And between stopped-up Twilight, museum guard Trixie, and Time Turner's continued loathing of his past and future selves, there's a lot to like already. Eagerly looking forward to more.

Man, this Trixie never gets old.:rainbowlaugh:

Cool story thus far. Got to wonder how they will save the day and avoid arrest this time. I've got to say though Trixie >>>>>>> Time Turner. ♡

Now that's an inconvenient Trixie.

Clever monster design, and even more clever reference.

“It reminds me of the inside of a rift,” Ditzy said. “I wonder if Blue Rider could see them.”

I wonder if we've got a Chekhov's Gunpony there. That's one thing you really do well.
Always love me some stable time loop shenanigans.:pinkiehappy:
Here's to the continuing adventures of the R.S.S.!

The squeak heard round the world.

Time travel makes things so much more fun.

5922471 Which reference?

I am a fan of the Inconvenient Trixie blog. I wish I could say THAT reference was intentional.

5924286 I wasn't sure whether or not you invented the chladni, so I googled it. I had never even heard of this guy before.:twilightsheepish:

5914387 I really like that interpretation, actually. And Star Wars got away with two siblings kissing...

5924561 Ah, yes. I was trying to research whether my "spiral shaped echo chamber" idea was the slightest bit plausible (I still suspect it isn't), and I stumbled across that guy and knew I had to give him a shout-out.

Hehe, while that's true, the whole Star Wars part was a creepy-in-retrospect "wham" moment. I knew the content of the other fic going into this, but the thought still occurred to me. Besides, it's only a little creepy, since it feels more like a "sister-like" friendship than a blood bond.

5929674 To be perfectly honest, at the risk of becoming one of those authors who dictates how to interpret their own stories... In spite of writing about Ditzy and Trixie kissing, I don't think they'd make a very good couple. An entertaining couple, for sure, but not a good match.

Wait, do you mean couple, as in romantic couple? Because I definitely agree that they could never get together that way. That's why I said it was sister-like, but not the super-close kind. More like the kind that constantly teases and needs to have space from each other, because if they have to spend too much time with each others' quirks, someone might get murdered, but would totally back each other up if things got truly ugly.

5931001 Yeah, not a good romantic couple is what I meant.

Okay, which was never what I was suggesting in the first place (the other situation thoroughly disproved their compatibility). When I said that I was expecting to see Trixie in the wedding party, I meant as a Bridesmaid—especially since it's pretty obvious Ditzy's gonna get with a certain someone else.


“What?” Twilight twitched again, harder, and both of her ears flopped. “You mean you get to do paperwork, too? Aaaargh!”

:derpyderp1: ... You're weird Twilight, and that's coming from me.

5953599 I like the interpretation of Twi from Bureaucracy Is Magic, where paperwork is a double-edged sword for her. She loves efficient paperwork--just think of all that information, organized in a consistent, logical fashion! But inefficient bureaucracy and redundant paperwork drive her up the wall.

Here's a name for your series: The R.S.S.Verse.

I'm so glad this story came out so well. I often worry that sequels won't live up to the originals. Would definitely like to see more of this universe.

These stories are hilarious, intriguing, and offer a refreshingly interesting new take on the characters. Well done.

This is a nice story. I see RockFarming in the future of Miss Beatrix LulaMoon. Being a Unicorn, she is weak and cannot make rocks and gems grow. The Pie-Family will have to be desperate for labor to hire her.

6156168 I like to think Trixie throws herself into every odd job with enough bloody-minded determination to nearly make up for her lack of talent. Even if she hates the work, she still can't stand the thought of anypony doing a better job than her.

I haven't made up my mind if that's what Trixie was doing in this story, or if she genuinely does love modern art that much.

Argh. Can't believe I missed that this updated thrice over the day you published it.

Still, now that I finally read it, I loved it. Ditzy and Turner make a great team. Time and space tend to. Thank you for this.

Perfected ending line. Enjoyed the read.

Just as I return to look at Alarm Clock, I see this. Fuck. Yes.

Also, I do not care if I was late to the party.

That was - as in the previous stories - a delightful little tale.

Did the duck's squeak create a second monster that mutually killed the first with the cutting? Was it 'static' that disrupted the waveform enough to kill it?

In short how did that tactic actually result in them winning?

7067837 The latter. Destructive interference.

“Are you implying Twilight Sparkle likes the Goggle Heights Art Museum? That it is, in fact, her favorite?”

oh dear.

Four stars.

Especially bollocking Pollack.

Author Interviewer

Now I really have to read Black Magic Mare. D:

Author Interviewer

Goggle Heights = Guggenheim?

Author Interviewer

Well that was fun. :)

i am glad i saved reading this story for a rainy day.
You are a SUPERB writer, and wonderful characterizer of Ditzy! :twilightsmile:

Collab story with FoME when???? :pinkiehappy:

I’m enjoying the series so far

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