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Oh mai.

~Skeeter The Lurker

What else can be said other than FUCK YES!

You know, when you said Prism Bolt, I immediately thought of Kilala's Prism Bolt, the son of Rainbow Dash.

Wasn't till I read it that you meant Rainbow's father.

5879238 Kilalaverse is awesome, but alas.

5879252 Either way, that Gilda pic is hot.

worst griffon being a trashy bitch and lots and lots of swears


worst griffon being a trashy bitch


worst griffon being


worst griffon

makeameme.org/media/created/hmm-yeah.jpg Gilda is clearly the best derpicdn.net/img/2013/1/8/206517/full.jpeg

Well. That was an interesting story... Upvote.

The sex scene was hot and I really liked the ending with Dash catching them on the act. BTW, the dude who referred to people like Gilda as dames is Filthy Rich, isn't he?

Comment posted by SCP049 deleted Apr 19th, 2015

Now there's the trashy Gilda I know and love! Excellent!

Gilda calls her Dash. Pinkie calls her Dashie.

Ah there it is, the unrelenting, sado/maso ultra rough sex I love so much and seldom get enough of :pinkiecrazy:
Was starting to think I was alone in this kink.

5879348 Lolno

I came (hehe) here for hawt secks but that doesn't mean I like Gilda. She sucks.

Ehhh... Prism isn't Dashie's father.

5880843 Afaik there isn't really a canon name for him. Prism Bolt is one I've used in the past and that I've typically seen thrown around, so I figured I'd just use it again. I think it's pretty fitting, all things considered.

If you're referring to what's the case in the Kilalaverse as 5879238 said, well, this fic isn't set in that verse. I personally tend to avoid "-verse" writing as a whole– occasionally I'll try to have a little nod to what I've written before here and there, but for the most part all of my stories are all self-contained tales of debauchery.

In other words, Prism Bolt is Rainbow Dash's father as far as this story is concerned.

5880891 Good clop and character interaction, also where did you get your profile pic?

I didn't know I wanted this until I read it. My mind is thoroughly confused, but my body knows exactly how it feels.

It was very well written as well. Normally I equate stories about this particular subject to be horrible — the reason I didn't know I liked this. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to favourite this. I hope you understand.

wow, this was incredibly good. Any future works of this story line coming our way at some point?




Well shit, this was fucking glorious.

“What the fuck did you just say to me, you little bitch?”

I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the flight academy...

While this was towel-on-forehead hot, I'm not sure I quite buy Prism's change in character here. It was so quick from polite father to full on alpha male, and it was all a little jarring. I get that he was meant to be restraining himself, and I did like the whole "hates the word bitch because of the work colleague incident" thing, but other than that there was very little to suggest the 'real' Prism Bolt underneath until he suddenly changed. Some more earlier hints would have been nice. I know it's just a dumb clopfic and I shouldn't be thinking too much about it, but that really stood out for me.

Still, unf.

I liked this. The pragmatic, calm, and rational part of my brain prevents me from saying 'good', but the rest of me did very much enjoy this nonetheless. There were a few punctuation errors, but none really got in the way of the kinky sex story.

You should do more stories about Gilda hatefucking Prism. The personalities you've constructed for them really work.

Normally I do not enjoy violent sex. But this, this was magnificent. And to have Dashie watching all that time. Mmmph!

Also, the more vulgar the language, the better says I!

Yes so much yes. :pinkiehappy::heart:

This was awesome.

That song was awesome.

Badger, you are awesome.

Regarding the name of Rainbow Dash's father:


Prism isn't Dashie's father.

there isn't really a canon name for him.

Under the section labeled "Family" on Rainbow Dash's wikia page, it says this:

In Games Ponies Play, during her flashback as a filly, Rainbow Dash is shown standing on the back of an adult Pegasus stallion with a similarly rainbow-colored mane and tail. The stallion is unnamed in the episode, but he is named Rainbow Blaze in Enterplay's collectible card game and is described as Rainbow Dash's "dashing mentor".

Here's an image of that card:

However, it should also be noted that in the Family and Relatives page of the wikia, there is a line that says:

Her relationship to Rainbow Blaze is not explicitly referred to.

With that in mind, the following is still a valid point precisely because this is fanfiction:

Prism Bolt is Rainbow Dash's father as far as this story is concerned.

Heheheheh, all that juice for a thirsty Griffon. Color me impressed. Music was kind of shite, but that's my opinion so I'll keep it to myself.

Strange feeling when you find out you have another sort-of fetish. Hmm. Turns out I like violent sex.

Great story.:yay:


Yea, I have to thank this damn site for another fetish to add to my pile...

Oh and yes, Good Story.


Huergh. I tried, I really did. I just cannot get into this story. Prism is completely unrelatable to me.

Usually when Prism was down at the bar with coworkers, and one of said coworkers called a significant other a bitch, Prism would have to swallow down the urge to punch him in the face, complete with a heavy swig of beer to make sure he could mask that swallowing, and then politely remind them that just because something didn’t go his way romance-wise didn’t make the poor girl he was slurring a bitch.

Starting the story off by cementing his character as an unrepentant white knight is probably not the best way to go. If someone is a bitch, regardless of gender, they should not be defended.

“Get her up soon,” Gilda said, and she left again, without acknowledging Prism Bolt in the slightest.

At which point, any normal person would have identified the bitch characteristics and labeled them as such.

She growled, pushed past Prism with wings flared open, storming into the house without even a half-assed apology or a too-fast-to-catch-and-say-no-to request for permission.

At which point, any normal person would have kicked the bitch out of their home and told her to wait outside until Dash went out to meet them.

Even worse, when she didn’t get a response, she let out a loud, avian screech. “Up and at ‘em, dweeb! We’re burning fuckin’ daylight here!”

At which point, any normal person would have requested Gilda retain a respectable volume while inside their property.

“I’m sorry,” Prism Bolt said, carefully choosing every word. “Who the hell are you?”

After the person in question has barged into your home and begun making loud, shrill demands of your children is far too late for this question.

“That’s not… Whatever. I’ve got a name, y’know.”

Any normal person's reply would have been, "When you get up is your business, and when my daughter gets up is hers. You have absolutely no right to be making demands of my family to satisfy your own personal wants."

“Whatever you say, Prissy,” Gilda said, not a hint of irony in her voice, leaning against the wall and crossing her arms.

At which point, any normal person would correct her and request the teenager remain respectful while on their property.

But she wasn’t responding– just staring up at the second floor, with a scowl so deep it had to have been carved into her beak.

At which point, any normal person would have requested she answer the question.

Prism Bolt would have felt very attracted to her were it not for her attitude.

Our protagonist, ladies and gentlemen. Eying up snotty teenage brats.

“You eyeballin’ me?!” Gilda muttered, her tone growly and dangerous.

He is.

Please, Prism Bolt thought, as if I would.

You literally just did.

That's where I stopped reading.

Like I said, I tried; but I just can't get into this character. He's completely unrelatable. His actions are bizarre, and cowardly. There is absolutely no reason this fully grown adult should be kowtowing to this bitchy teenaged brat who barged into his home to demand special treatment. He should have booted her ass out the moment she set foot inside. I understand there wouldn't have been a story that way, but this is too much disbelief for me to suspend.

Great story, but there are some minor things you may want to edit.

Guys who did that were the kind of assholes who recently had their bad behavior bite them right in the ass. jerks who had been denied a roll in the hay because they wore their irritating characters on their sleeves.

Either the period should be a comma or "jerks" should be capitalized.

Something deep inside suggested that Gilda would have been very pretty if she ever bothered to smile, but she wasn’t now.,

You should probably delete that comma.

Healthy, straight spine, with just enough curve to give her some lunging power Big, broad brown wings, the tips of her feathers fading to an almost black grey, like the edges of a burning book.

You may want to add a period after "power".

“I work with boxers. know how to hurt people. Don’t make me do it.”

And either that period should be a comma or you should and an "I".

Sooooo... just which friends *does* Dash bring over for her darling Daddy...? :yay:

Reading this story when you're both a sadist and masochist is really intense. Especially since I make a sincere effort to be understanding and kind to my common man.

Just a little curious: what's up with the indentation?

5884572 I copy/pasted from a Google doc, maybe that was the issue.

5880891 The CCG has his name as Rainbow Blaze.

5884458 That's what I was wondering.

Well. That happened.

Ok that was by far the most intense and the absolute best clop story I have ever read. I have never been so fucking turned on or able to picture this shit in my mind while reading. God I wish I was Prism in this story. Just thinking about it.... Sweet fucking Celestia that's fucking great

That was alright.

Not a bad story I liked it surprising considering I dont read that much clop

Nice. I love seeing some interesting character building. Both Prism and Gilda were complex, but totally understandable to me. I don't usually get into the rough hate-sex thing, but i feel this was descriptive enough that i understood it. Either that, or it was done right where other fics in the past failed. For me, at least. Only shortcoming is that the ending felt tagged on. There a good deal of concern and rising tension in the middle of dashie catching them. Then she does. And it's k. It was always k. Huh? It's a minor detail though in an overall fresh and well-executed fic.

“I’ll be there in a sec, Rainbow,” Gilda said, giving her a shit-eating grin. “Nothin’ like a good workout to distract you from the idea of your dad’s big, hard dick pounding you into the flo–”

“Oh, shut the fuck up!” Rainbow Dash cried. “You’re such a bitch sometimes, Gilda!”


more funny then erotic for me.


Funny you should use that emote...

I laughed so hard XD

5887982 Your profile pic is more erotic than funny :p

Well this was certainly something.


Fucking A! It's not suppose to be erotic! Is this what people think when they see it!? Just . . . fuck-cunt-thing? its cider, not semen!

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