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Hurray! It is finally here!

Although I'm not usually much of a fan of anthro ponies, I am a fan of this. It deserves upvotes galore!

zel #2 · Apr 21st, 2015 · · 1 ·


y u do dis

Nice job, an error here and there, but still a nice job.

Comment posted by topKEK deleted Apr 21st, 2015

5890244 are you fucking implying it have not fapped seen that?

regular ponies are still better

5890247 I'd check again, 'cuz I found,

Colgatepulled on a snapback and slung a satchel over her shoulder using her magic.


It's finally out~!:twilightsmile:

After reading:
I normally don't like clop fics, at all, but I'd read any one that you write. I was both interested in this because YOU wrote it, and stuck around because you wrote it SO WELL! You did such a good job with this! :heart:

Twinkleshine looked disapprovingly at Colgate’s hat. “Brushie, brushie… really?”

Not really sure why anyone hasn't pointed it out yet, so I'll make the post. Also, enjoy the ten hour version.

her flirting wasn’t great, but oral was her speciality.

I feel obligated to make a joke, but it's just too easy.

“Oh, I know we’re at the beach but that’s salty.”


This was enjoyable. Not bad for your first story.:heart::twilightsmile:


Not really sure why anyone hasn't pointed it out yet

Maybe nobody has actually read it and these are all just pity comments.

Thank you for the kind words. :heart:

Now we need a second chapter about Twinkleshine waking up covered in stallions xD

5890532 *Nudge nudge* Inside joke. :heart:

It was an interesting read! Good job!

"Inside", you say? :moustache:

*Cough* Sexy Assistant This is a greatstory

5890618 Yes it is. I actually needed some clarification on that, so thank you. :twilightsheepish:


Nothing; Just banging Thunderlane.


Fuck you, we're going home.

That was a great story XD

5890622 I just have one question is that a typo or an error?

5890726 As long as I'm mortal that can be arranged. :twilightsmile:

5890719 No prob.

Just keep up the good work :)

Quite possibly the shortest clop fic I have ever liked.

5890757 Ouch, better get that in ice. :heart:

For goodness' sake, get rid of my name on the description. I'm happy to help, but the last thing I need for my reputation is me attached to a clopfic as its proofreader.

Sorry and thank you.

I thought I would let you know you put ' gets lucky with a gets lucky' in your short description.

.... That's hot. Why is anthro so amazing?

Found my weekend reading material.:twilightsmile:

Is this an entry for the Fun in the Sun contest by Ebony Stallion?

Psst: if it isn't, it may as well be. ;)

5890812 rofl, are you being serious..? :heart:

5890831 edited. :twilightsheepish:

5890882 lel, it's funny that. He made the competition after I offered to make the story. It was a bit weird really.

Chapter 1 - Colgate gets laid

You spoiled the ending, how could you? :raritydespair:

5890912 >tfw you read a clopfic and you're in suspense about whether sex is about to happen or not.

5890919 Unsure boner is the best boner

I have no idea, unfortunately.


tfw you read a clopfic and you're in suspense about whether sex is about to happen or not.

You haven't read Pound Cake x King Sombra OTP!?

5890935 I'm sorry about that though, I didn't know it was serious.

5890936 No, should I have..?


No, should I have..?

It's a story that keeps you guessing if sex will happen.

I heard this was one of your first stories. Congratulations on making a fabulous debut.

5891118 Oh thank you. It's taken me so long to write something. :twilightsheepish:

You had me turned on at KFC.:rainbowwild:
The arousal could only grow more as the story progressed!:pinkiecrazy:
This is the closest I've come to jerking it to a story. Haven't done it yet.:trollestia:

10/10 one of the hottest clopfics I've ever read. Also, I love anthro, so that definitely helps.:moustache:

Hoooolyyyy sheit!
This was AMAZINGLY written, and as a first attempt, you as a writer show promise, even outside of the clop scene. You've earned yourself a like, and a follower.

Your title would look a little better if it was like this: Colgate's Trip to the Beach

5891472 I wasn't sure about that. Thank you. :heart:

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