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You know what made me not read this?


Coercion, incest, *anthro*, tobacco use, aged-up Diamond Tiara, attempts at a noir-esque writing style

Not foalcon!

All characters are consenting adults in physical, psychological and legal terms."

yeah see, i can deal with foal con but i cant deal with anthro fics. I have normal sex fics and vidieos for that.
mabey ill give it a read when im bored so il put it on my read later list. :-\

an Equestrian Girl doll

not sure if intentional.

I love Diamond Tiara. I love fics that involve her acting like the queen she is. I love fics where she knows she runs this shit.

Therefore, I love this fic. Have a fav and like, my fine gentleman.

That was hot.

Brilliant work as usual, comrade. Keep up the good work!

Fucking hell, stop making me like anthro dammit! :raritydespair:

Great fic though. Your descriptions for everything drew me right into the story and I didn't want it to end.

Comment posted by Knight Toland of Astora deleted Sep 14th, 2014

Nothing short of awe inspiring

Sweet baby jesus that was HOT.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Found something you may want to edit. There's a spot where you forgot to add a space.

as her hands slippedinto my shirt to press against bare chest at last.

*le sees DT story in feature box. Curiously checks it out. Spots badger...Favs - reads*


Stories like these that got me hung up in writing clop in the first place.

damnit all! :pinkiecrazy:

I didn't finish because of the hyper stylized writing, but I gave it an upvote anyways. I like to think DT will grow up to be kinder then this, but this should be exactly who she is if she doesn't.

> Anthro
> Aged Up

Why do you hate me? :fluttercry:

There aren't enough words in my lacklustre vocabulary to express how much I liked this. You've always been one of the best on the site, Badger: mixing humor, smut and melodrama.

Keep up the great work.

Another swell work by none other than Badgerpony. Well done, well done indeed.

4993269 I ought to know someone who cares.

4993752 Measure your words, boy. This ain't your run-of-the-mill clop. I'm not gonna compare T.E.B. to Nabukov, but damn, Filthy Rich does reminds me of Bentinho judging by the way he narrates.
Since you might not be aware of Brazilian literature, Machado de Assis > Vladimir Nabukov.

Huh. Never seen 'tobacco' in a warning that wasn't trying to charge me.

Dude. This may very well be the best written clop I've ever laid eyes on. Although I haven't seen that much to begin with. A well. Keep up the good work.

you derserve the spikes pf approval :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

holy fuck i wish my clop was this hot, :twilightsmile:

I must say, usually I avoid anthro stories completely, but the recommendation of multiple authors that I trust convinced me to give this story a shot. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that I did. The descriptions and the well executed noir style gave this story a great deal of personality.:twilightsmile:

Only one complaint. You should have put the Music at the beginning of the fic, so it would flow with the story.

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

This story was recommended to me after I said that it unsettled me.

I still find it unsettling, but you tell an excellent story.

4993236 Down boy...Wait...Nevermind.

Why are all my favorite authors on this site so good at writing clop?:rainbowderp:

The thing is, you can totally see this happening. It all makes perfect sense. That's the scary part.

She was close enough now that I could smell the perfume– she’d put too much on again, just for me. It was that scent the parfumeries tend to give a pretentious, meaningless Prench name to, Frit Bouse de Vache or something else equally cringe-inducing. Despite the stuffiness of it all, it really was rather nice, a strongly vanilla smell that had a vague hint of coconut, and rolled around the room like the gentle waves of the ocean at night. But I knew what lurked in the waters when night fell– sharks, big, strong, hungry predators determined to rip you to shreds. This was one sea I wasn’t going to swim in, not tonight, not even for her.

The name of that perfume actually means Fried Cow Dung.
Viva La France

I must admit that this story was well-written. The Bill Evans at the end was a great choice. (Bobby Timmons is more my cuppa, though.) I have nothing to say about your skill, aside from the usual 'dood, u so good.'

However, I do have to ask this question: Why? Why did you write this? Was it a social experiment? Was it based off an experience? Perhaps you were toying with difficult things to write about, and this came up?

I don't want to go off and say 'u are bad for wrting this,' because I don't actually know you, but part of me still wonders...

An alternate choice for the ending music. Because bass is bawss.

4998157 Because Richcest (as I like to refer to it, not sure what the incestuous pairing is called in the fandom itself) is really, really hot, and there are maybe, like, two to three clopfics with it as a theme, all of them a year older or more, and most of them a threesome of some kind. While I don't object to that, I honestly wanted to write something a little bit more simple.

I just wanted to write something to fill the gap in these stories, maybe even inspire more authors to give the pairing a shot. I don't usually go into a story with really strong ulterior motives, just with a basic, good idea and a desire to write it out.

Also my choice for ending music was mostly influenced because I wanted something a bit slower and smoother, something a bit sexier. I imagine that would be more Filthy's style.

"It's a soft spoken secret often hidden behind a thinly coated veil of lies that gives the appearance of glamour from the outside."

So, the story itself is a decent look at a what if. What if this happened, what if it was the child who started it, what if the parent was unable to deny the child? I found it wonderfully written, fantastically delivered, and awesomely presented. The subject matter was rough, but being able to want to read it, to need to find out what happens, that means the story is more than engaging enough to hold interest. This wasn't a simple rutp fest. No, this was a chance to look at a side of things not often talked about, and most often denied.

I applaud you, and you have just become followed, this story favorited, and I shall look for more of your work.



While I will agree that it was hot, its 'darker' tone made me think that there was some sort of point you had in mind while you were writing. Never mind the fact that I was expecting to read something I could laugh at for its poor construction. And then, I get this great piece of art that has these things that evoke emotions in me beyond simple lust. That's what led me to ask 'Why?.'

Granted, those emotions were almost all negative. Perhaps that's what drove me to ask more than just the simple evocation of said emotions.

I suppose what I'm saying is that I'm trying to understand why people write these fics because I've read things like Xenophilia and To Love the Moon, and I know that there can be a story with sexual content that isn't horribly written, or written just for the smut. I find something like this, and it does those things that those other fics do, but it's written just for the smut. It's really off-putting.

As you can see, I'd make a great English teacher; always over-analyzing things as I am. Anyways, I thank you for replying to me and shedding a little light on this conundrum that I've materialized from nothing.

Very well-written! I really enjoyed this. The story was an excellent back and forth buildup of mutual passion wrapped in – what for me is – an excellent but deceptive veil of alternating predator/prey self-interest.

It was pretty cool to see these two characters remain so ‘in character’ for who they are, what their cutie marks tell them, and enjoy the passion of the relationship they have. It was as though they have an imperative to go through the motions of their special talents, satisfying their ‘destinies’, to get to the sincere love and desire they clearly have for each other, no matter how forbidden it is.

It was also really gratifying to see – just at the right moments, every time – that it wasn’t just their lust for each other that was mutual, but their love as well, and that there was no doubt of it as they parted.

Plus, it was hot. Well done! :twilightsmile:

I thought that this song fit the story pretty well.
Diana Krall, You're My Thrill

Jesus Christ that was incredibly erotic.


4997774 Holy mother of fuck your right!!!


“Show me,” I murmured, taking the pipe out of my mouth

Your weak, you couldn't do it. :ajbemused:

My brain sounded like Max Payne as I read it. Good job.

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