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  • TFat
    Babs Seed has another bad day.
    The Elusive Badgerpony · 4.7k words  ·  84  3 · 2.7k views
  • TSombra, Aman
    The ego of King Sombra knows no bounds. One morning, he looks over his domain, bristling with pride, with impossible confidence. But then, he sees something that makes his facade of power and control seem to shatter.
    The Elusive Badgerpony · 2.2k words  ·  43  0 · 2k views
  • ESleep
    Those who dream often dream of things that have no order, and yet make their own Harmony out of what should be Chaos. One night, Rumble has such a dream, of a strange beach at in a strange city, and a strange filly who tells him the strangest things.
    The Elusive Badgerpony · 1.7k words  ·  38  4 · 811 views
  • TIn Which Everypony is Dead
    Death makes a clerical error and kills everyone in Equestria, save Sweetie Belle. In order to ensure that she doesn't go insane with the loneliness and to fix the damage, the two head to Canterlot to try and revive Princess Celestia...
    The Elusive Badgerpony · 6.1k words  ·  35  4 · 788 views