This story is a sequel to Sleep

The battle was ended. Celestia had defeated Nightmare Moon by sealing her sister in the moon for a thousand years.

Not long after the end of the battle, Celestia desires to be alone. She dismisses her court, promising to them that she would return.

Three days pass. Celestia doesn't come back quite yet.

This is the third story in a project I'm doing with my good friend Regidar, in which we switch several aspects of our writing styles and see how we operate within one another's boundaries.

Cover art by katiramoon.

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*has a sad*

Oh lord, that put a hole in my heart. Bravo, you magnificent bastard badger, bravo.

Author Interviewer

Well, I can't fault you for the choice of inspiration. :D

This could use a good editor, though. There's a lot of inconsistency in the narration, especially when compared with the previous story. The dialogue, however, is fantastic, and I love the way you used Starswirl. (Why do you keep calling him "Domo", though?)

Why haven't you given this story a title?

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