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The Elusive Badgerpony


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    Those who dream often dream of things that have no order, and yet make their own Harmony out of what should be Chaos. One night, Rumble has such a dream, of a strange beach at in a strange city, and a strange filly who tells him the strangest things.
    The Elusive Badgerpony · 1.7k words  ·  38  4 · 800 views

King Sombra has ruled the Crystal Empire for centuries. Throughout his rein, he has done little but create pain and suffering for all those who live in his domain. Their lives mean little to him, and they matter little in his endless, unquenchable thirst for power and hunger for influence.

He is impervious to any negative feelings, for long ago, he had quenched them.

Then he sees something different.

This is the first story in a project I'm doing with my good friend Regidar, in which we switch several aspects of our writing styles and see how we operate within one another's boundaries.

Cover art is by fruitbloodmilkshake.

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That is a very powerful story. Have a favorite.

Ahh, a fellow Slint fan. Have a free upvote and a favorite. :pinkiecrazy:

That was incredibly powerful. The descriptions of Sombra's past... we didn't need ones of his rise to power, just him as a child. A background to illustrate who he is, who he was, and who he became.

Very good.

Author Interviewer

I think I like Sleep more, and I'm sensing maybe only a thematic connection between the two? Motif?

Also, the family is introduced as having a colt, who later becomes a filly. <.<


This is by far one of the more interesting Sombra stories I have read. His backstory is unusual compared to most corrupted apprentice and fallen lover origins that seem to be his staple-and I say this as a fellow Sombra writer. I like how no matter how much I try not only does this Sombra remain distant but even if I wanted to I couldn't quite brand him as a tyrant, instead I prefer to think of him as a 'bleak frozen Darwinist' who is forever trying to forget. The song that I take was the inspiration is also particularly strange and carries the same stark, straight foward and somewhat evasive tone of the prose that seem to be affects of the narrators mental state even though it is in third person. Just like another story I read recently called 'Happy Endings' it introduces a cold narrator who surpresses many feelings (although Golden Harvest did this waaaay more than Sombra here).

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