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Sweetie Belle awakens one day to find that Death has made a serious clerical error, and accidentally took the lives of every single other living thing in Equestria. Knowing that she might go insane if left alone, and needing her potent young unicorn magic, Death brings her along to journey on hoof to Canterlot, in hopes that they can revive Princess Celestia and, hopefully, repair the damage that Death has inadvertently done.

They say that getting there is half the fun... And thus, on the way to the castle, Death and Sweetie Belle engage in philosophical debate. For after all, who better to ask about life and living than one who has seen so man lives lost, for years almost infinite and forgotten?

Incomplete, further chapters are in progress, the philosophy begins in chapter two so otherwise you'll have to wait. Enjoy the introspectivity.

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... I don't know why, but I'm interested. Let's see how this plays out.

Just... yes.
I very much like this story and very much agree that Conquest is a dick.

Remember, Sweetie Belle, no hoofbumps!

2099425 Or hugging, or snuggling, or even brushing up against him in a tight corridor.

Just finished the next chapter, it'll be up soon.

Man, fuck Conquest. What a dick.

Alright, now just get to work and chapter three and we'll have no problems.

2099619 Maybe tomorrow, after I drain a few more hours into Forza Horizon.

2100828 oh man late reply

Anyhoo, I don't think the bacteria are dead, but Death is either unaware or simply couldn't give a shit, considering how killing most everything else significantly increases the amount of time it takes for them to decompose.

Plus, he's kinda banking on the fact that they're going to be alive again before they can really properly decompose.

Or maybe I didn't want to seem unnecessarily thorough and thought that it would be pretty silly to mention the bacteria. Which it would be.

Just messin' with ya'. Good points, good amount of dead things, good story.

Wow, Freakin neat idea, just one question... whats up with the zebras?:unsuresweetie:

Pity it's cancelled. I liked reading it.

Typos to fix if you will ever restart story:

Sweetie had been focusing on a loose piece of dirt that refused to break up as she kicked it forward, memorizing it’s shape, it’s texture,
- its shape, its texture

Before, nopony in my family was really dead taht effected my directly.
- that affected me

- Also I'm not a fan of making Belle say "me do":
Me and my friends started a club,
Everything that me and Applebloom ever did together

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