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This story is a sequel to Sombra, Aman

The dreams of ponies are strange and unpredictable beasts. Even with Princess Luna guarding their sleep from nightmares, ponies, like many creatures, are prone to dreams that make little sense to the minds of the awake.

One night, Rumble sleeps. He has such a dream.

And when he awakes, he finds himself compelled by it.

This is the second story in a project I'm doing with my good friend Regidar, in which we switch several aspects of our writing styles and see how we operate within one another's boundaries.

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I disliked this story because of Rumbaloo mention. And this story was featured in Unloved Couples after all.

How is Rumbaloo an unloved couple?

Looks like I can't be safe from this pairing even in this group.

6242396 you just made the biggest deal out of something small. Lol

6243142 When I saw this story in my ''Feed'' and that it's featured in Unloved Couples, I thought: ''Oh great! Rumble shipping story that isn't Rumbaloo!''. But when I read 7th paragraph I was like: ''Nope. You gotta be kidding me, right?''

Seriously author, if you add a story, place it in the right goddamn group!

6243763 I understand that. But a dislike? Seems like a lil to much for a group displacement.

Author Interviewer

Is this really incomplete?

6245330 No. I must have forgotten to mark it properly.

I honestly have no expressions. That was one of the most beautiful pieces of writing that I've ever been blessed to read.

This was quite an amazing piece of fiction, have a like and a fav.

And if I may be so bold as to ask, what boundaries were you referring to

Dreams can have a boundry or none, which is very interesting to think about

So I took a while before I actually read the story itself. The "dream-like" feel was captured beautifully, and you do manage to get a bit of the song's vibe down as well, though toward the end that fell apart. I wasn't a fan of you repeating the "mantra" of "They don't sleep anymore on the beach" so much.

Overall, this is a nice read, and I'm glad there are fans of GY!BE out there who also write here on FimFic. :raritywink:

Author Interviewer

Dangit, how did I end up reading this one first? >.< Will not having read Sombra, Aman affect my understanding of this story?

Anyway, I've been grousing a lot to myself about how I am fed up with stories where characters have coherent, plot-relevant dreams. I don't have dreams like that; it's way too unbelievable for me.

But this? This is what I'm looking for. Images that are evocative but make no real sense. Dream-people who don't act like real people. The lack of obvious message. This is my jam. :D

6440087 These are only set up as sequels to one another as they are a part of a collection of stories. Previous reading is not required.

Author Interviewer

Okay, I kind of thought so. I will make a note of it!

Found this awhile ago through Lovey's YouTube reading.

This story reminded me of this 3D animated short they used to play on YTV at night when I was a kid in the early 90's. They had a whole bunch of these shorts and they played them in lieu of commercials.

The short is quite hard to interpret anything, like the dream here, I guess. I guess the music might fit in with Rumble's dream. I dunno. But it's fun when fics stir up memories like this and bring back something nostalgic.

Yeah, as a kid, I didn't know what that short was about. As an adult I still don't really get it. Still looks like a dream which you can lose all meaning, yet have something profound happen. They're both a smidgen creepy, too :rainbowkiss:

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