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Buck-fuckin' nude.


BulkDash? That's a new one. Also, thank you for not playing into the steroids stereotype with Bulk. He was adorably clueless... or was that actual, confident nonchalance?


I am admittedly fond of rhymes and assonance.


Thank you for reading. Your feedback is appreciated!

I interpreted him personally as cluelessly adorable, but you are welcome to interpret him as any manner of adorable you wish. Sometimes it is good to be earnest.

Pretty decently written, I'll admit, if not particularly my cup of tea.


Understandable. Interests are complicated and manifold. Thank you for reading.

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This was mentioned in the description. The author and their story were fully credited and I used no part of their story beyond its basic concept. If you would like to learn more with regard to what I am doing, you may find more information here.

You know, I really want to see some love or love sex fics on bulk & dash. Since I see him many love fics on Fluttershy(Well that because that episode on season 4), I want to see a love fic about bulk & dash. I don't know why, at least as a Crackshipping.

Nice. I must say, I like it. Can hardly wait to see what you create next.

Where did you get the cover art?

How are you able to makes those hearts?


The coverart contains its own source.



I must say, writing a "fixfic" is a great risk, as sometimes the fix does not improve on the original. This, however, would most certainly be an improvement. If anything because it has more complex characters, and was far hotter than the original. Well done.

Well this isn't better than Buffing Up in the Buff, it's still pretty good.

I was expecting Bulk to get naked and encourage everyone to join in the new workout craze. Then everyone would be naked!



Thank you muchly for your time and attention. Your continued support helps make endeavors such as these possible.


Next time, perhaps... Perhaps next time.

Loved it, but I find the downvotes even funnier. So what, if it's not futa or inflation this site doesn't like it? Exhibitionism and ENF are rare art forms and you do both masterfully. Keep up the good work.


I imagine some of the backlash has been done with respect to my stated goals, but am understanding of that.

Nevertheless, your support is appreciated. Thank you very much!

I'm just gonna throw this out there...

This ain't "fixing". This is taking the scenery and completely changing the setup; like using the Helms Deep sets on Lord of the Rings for a Downton Abby segment. The point of the last one was exhibitionism as punishment. This completely changes the entire dynamic (and, FWIW, loses the opportunity to show a side of Rainbow Dash we don't see often enough in the show).

...I mean, it's really, really well-done clop, but come on. Buffing Up In The Buffwas good. Maybe not a masterpiece, but certainly a solid work of fiction. That was your first pick to "fix"? Meh. Dude, just write your own stuff. You're apparently pretty damn good at this. Don't imply that other people are substandard or mediocre. Don't drag others through the mud. Don't do less than what you're capable of by ripping others off.

(Also, on a side note, if you pulled this with my material, I'd be pretty pissed about it. Belgerum isn't, but he's more chill than a lot of people I know.)


The story was chosen at random as proof-of-concept. Perhaps not the best example with which to begin, but such is the nature of things. I do feel that the original work did not have a particularly strong characterization or voice for Rainbow Dash, though I suspect that much of that can be attributed to the comic series off which it was based. The ending was also rather startling and finished on something of a whimper. I cannot help but feel that Belgerum wasn't quite sure how to close off his story, although again that's merely my personal suspicion.

This was merely my interpretation of how to work from the same basic concept, so I accept that the final product may not resemble the original too greatly. I am more than happy to discuss with Belgerum any aspect of his story or writing as a whole, if he so desires.

It did not occur to me at the time to ask permission before writing and publishing this story, but I have contacted Belgerum with my sincere apologies. I will, of course, request permission from authors before publication of future stories.

Thank you for reading.

I liked the original better. It seemed like a real life scenario whereas this just seems like a crude mockery of a good story with unnessicary overtness.
That being said, feel free to redo my story P is for Topless.

I'm feeling extremely iffy about this, cause it seems more like a twisted version of the original, not that I didn't like it, which I really did. I'm just saying, I was more comfortable with the original.

5388456 Agreed cause if i were doing a workout female or male i would do it in the nude not giving a shit

Source of the picture please?

Cause you should never wait on the weights!

Bulk... you're alright in my books. I like you.

Very nicely done, and oddly tasteful for its content. I'm glad I took the time to read this.

I like this story for a multitude of reasons.

1) You resisted the urge to make it into a sex scene, not that we all don't love a good sex scene, but it was a good show of resistance. Considering I was practically leaning over my screen to see if Rainbow was gonna break or not.

2) Two words. Bulk Biceps. You made him just...perfect...I can't even start.

And lastly) Ya left room for a possible sequel if you ever wanted one. Cause I know I do.

no sequel? no...? no? 'aight.. just checking

Most excellent adaptation. I highly enjoyed this and found it even more plausible then the one it's based off of.

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