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Make it Snappy Cappy!

Who am I?

Hey there,
If you've happened to stumble across my page then I question your sanity. I'm a twenty some-odd from the Canada area. I'm into pretty much anything. I'm a heavy gamer, and I dabble in the arts of music. If you want to game or something, just PM me.

Keep it frosty people,

What would you ask of death?

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Hey, thanks for adding Human Nature to your favs! Hope you enjoy the ride :ajsmug:

It's a trap! There's an anvil behind the hedge!
*Your taxi is destroyed and the driver dies*
"Muwahaha! You'll never get me now!"
*runs back out the entrance of the maze*

1175964 *'convinces' the taxi driver at gunpoint to drive at full speed into the maze, destroying any plants in the way*

*runs into hedge maze*

1175956 Damn. :pinkiegasp:

*gets into a nearest taxi and yells at the driver*

AFTER THAT MAN! :flutterrage:

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