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Ms. Jupiter? I would like you to met Ms. Saturn. I going to lock this door now, you to play nice. :moustache:
Nice work sir.

I think I sprang a leak.

Comment posted by Von-Dragonblade deleted Nov 3rd, 2013

Still pretty damn good since the last time I read it. Hot then, hot now

Why does it feel like I know where I saw your user name from:duck:

You was told, You was even

i noticed these two errors, mostly because you forgot were and insted put was making it sound like slang but hey i like the story and just ry and notice those errors:pinkiehappy:

3439429 I'm from Youtube and Tumblr?

3439565 Thank you for letting me know. I'll fix that right away! :twilightsmile:

pretty good if I don't say so my self but the grammar was off.

hard working ponies play hard

One of the things you managed to do is sent out Ms. Harshwhinny

*send :twilightsmile:

you was just warming up a microwave dinner


She's been going out on dates since she's divorced

*she divorced

You was told that all was made up in the end


3439934 oh crap i read this story and didn't check the author, hey i've seen some of your youtube videos i like your comic sketches you put on tumblr too heres a mustache for a great guy :moustache:

You dished out 2 stories in one day. You, Mr. Gonzo, are very quick at coming up with ideas. You're already popular on this site

3441104 Actually, these were pre-written long before I joined this site. I just copy and pasted from my original Open Office Document files. (I can't afford Microsoft Word, so Open Office is really worth it.)

3441279 Oh. Still, way to stay on top of things. And welcome to the Fimfictin family

3441779 I'm certain that there are people like this here in cleveland, lets hope i don't encounter any of them.

nice story. Few errors, but what's a story without them. Also don't worry there are plenty of sites where you can download Microsoft word and use it to the fullest of abilities.

You was even

I cringed at this

3581196 It was difficult because this is in the perspective of the reader. Just couldn't quite figure out.

3582169 eh whatever. Other then that the sex was nice haha

Protip: it's "You were even"

The first time I commented on this I was perturbed by the facts that came to mind, but now I see it as a great clop fic and nothing more.

3705995 Don't sound so defeated by my words, what I mean is that the first time I read it I was being critical about it, now I just read it to enjoy it which brought out more of the greatness of it.

3708839 Well, now that you explained it, I do feel better. Thank you.

...I wish I was working with that cougar Harshwhinny...

As you wait for her return, you find out that when she gets frustrated, she takes it out on young stallions with rough sex.

*Sitting at desk reading the report*

"Well..." throws documents to the nearest corner* "Shit."

First time I read a fiction like this. :derpyderp1:

We need More Harshwhinny-centric fanfics like this one.

3714819 dude you make some good and werd stores man

"...there's another issue at hand.
How do you get out of an office building full of security cameras and guards?"
- perfect way to end the story. Lol.

You had to let her know, so you fought thru your euphoric experience and told her you're ready to blow, so to speak.

That should be "through". Still, this is a pretty good story.

5412475 DAMN! I gotta fix that.

Never, ever say "you was": it's either "I was' or "You were", but never both. :twilightangry2:

Ehrm... oh, sorry for that... it was pretty good, any chance there would be a sequel?

How do you get out of an office building full of security cameras and guards?

Just clean up and walk out the front door? Did I miss something? :rainbowhuh:

5802742 I think he mentions security cameras due to their filming of such and the guards for the fact that, unless all are conspicuously deaf, they would have heard hours of sex happening.

as a comic book hero once said "She's got the fire of the cheetah in her WRROOOWWW!!!"

You sure about that Romance tag?

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