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The year is 2062. 15 years after the fall of C.E.L.L and the defeat of the Ceph. Now 12 years after the events of the first Blacklight outbreak, New Manhattan Zero is a war zone with the infected, CELL remnant, and I.P.L.A attacking from all sides, and with Blackwatch and its allies are stuck in the middle. Now a Death squad consisting of Raptor squad led by lieutenant Lamar Qu Jameson delta force Nano-suit operations, and Reaper squad led by sergeant Mikelson and seconded by grenadier corporeal Cooper Conner Ex US Army Rangers, both squads are caught in an ambush with little hope of survival.
Little do the survivors of Death squad Zulu know that there lives are about to be changed forever. Can these hardened Blackwatch troopers save this new world from the coming storm and finally find peace, or will they be consumed by it?

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 36 )

This is good, but it could use an editor. Also, for a second, I thought, "blackwatch troopers aren't that stupid!" But then I actually thought about it. They are in fact that stupid.

5656996 Hey thanks that means a lot.

Ok spelling, no offence but I feel like you rushed yourself through some of these chapters. You rushed some of the interactions and you know that those infected with the Mercer virus that become the evolved (sorry been a while, forgot their names), can turn themselves into anything that they have previously consumed even back into their human forms.

The writing is crappy, but the action is good. Sometimes I just want to read something action-y without a lot of buildup.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

5668076 No duh i know the writings shit, i dont have an editor or a pre reader. And i write this while im at work on my boring 12 to 16 hour shifts. But thanks i love writing action sequences and i am glad someone likes them.

5668136 You could always find an editor to help you fix your issues. I know one guy who is decent at it.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

5779424 I am actually playing crysis 3 right now.
Ps what is wow?

Complete badass swag mode complete. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowdetermined2:

"That was Bad ass!" was the collective statement from the Blackwatch troopers.

i agree that was SO BAD ASS :rainbowdetermined2:

You are doing a fantastic job!

But you really, i repeat, REALLY need to work on your grammar. For example: its rifle, not riffle.

Secondly: you need to improve your writing a bit, because some spots here and there need to be altered slightly for there are words that seem out of place or just not necessary.

But still the story is great even though it is a little rough on the edges:pinkiesmile:

5816208 Thanks for the input, ill try my damnedest.

I'm sorry but I can't read this without my spelling and grammar nazi going crazy

You are doing great buddy:pinkiesmile: But your grammar isn't the best but story is still good.
Needs an editor though:applejackunsure:

The story line seems consistent which is why you keep your readers interested.

Castle of Glass by Linkin Park. I love you:pinkiesad2:

cant wait for the sequel! gonna be good.

Guess I'm the huntee.. Lol spitfire,cass,applejack,rainbow dash,raider

Nice terminate with extreme prejudice

Misspelling. A lot. Otherwise very good.

I was all like
But it dawned on me as I read the celeberty head shots comment and almost pissed my self laughing:rainbowlaugh:


I gotta say this first chapter sucks a lot less ass than the other one. Like, A LOT

Likin’ it

Little hard to read but still good

Last part was great, smiling

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