• Published 22nd Feb 2015
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Friends until the bitter end: Rebirth - Carmine Prophet

As tensions rise and is nearing its tipping point, Can blackwatch and the new Prince turn the tide in the war to come?

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Caves suck

"audio recording, Personal log, two days ago"

"This is Lewis young, Call-sign SWAT, I was a on a navy seal Nano-suit team, then i became a cop and everyone died, Now im in blackwatch... what the fuck. Well what ever um Lamar is still missing shocker, Agent Orion is out looking for him and once he finds something we have Razorback one-one on stand by. it has been boring as nuts around here we let twilight and her friend go off on there stupid adventures and sometimes we will run into a cell patrol in the everfree but is is nothing we cant handle. Any way there isnt much to say so this is Lewis Young, Call-sign SWAT signing off."

'WARNING Unknown shutdown. All systems impaired. switching to, core function mode, Life support priority'

'WARNING Unknown shutdown. All systems impaired. switching to core function mode, Life support priority'

‘warning, deep layer protocols engaging.’

‘Re-routing systems’

'we are all dead men walking'

“Who is this guy anyway?” a voice in the darkness said.

“I dont know it must be the new prince, you know the last male alicorn.” another voice said as it faded away.

"Ya what ever that's a bunch of hay."

‘systems recovering.’

“What is the matter he hasn't moved since we brought him here. here we are the pod. a new voice said. Still nothing just black emptiness.

‘systems recovered. Activate defibrillator’



‘Wake up Prince, this is no time for dying. Get your ass back in the fight!’

"ghaaaasp" The world suddenly came into view. Lamar was inside of a dark cavern illuminated with fires on the walls only the fires were green. He then looked himself over seeing that he only had some relay shitty pants on and was completely "unarmed". He then noticed that he was inside of some kind of cell, but his vision hadn't completely cleared. He then felt pressure on his horn and upon moving his hand to inspect it he felt what felt like a ring on his horn. He had learned about these from twilight they were magical suppressors.

“Ug fuck.” Lamar said as he rose to his hooves as his eyes cleared and he could see other cells and strange organic pods around him with other pony's inside. The fact that there were some large organic looking cocoons on the wall that reminded him of a certain quadrilogy directed by Ridley Scott.

“..... IM GONE.” he yelled before running to the cell wall and tried to break it down only to be promptly stooped dead by a previously invisible green magical shield.

“FUCK!” he continued to yell before taking a few steps back and sitting down since he wasn't going anywhere for a while.

"Hey let me the fuck out of here!"

"Hey shut up." a voice behind him said where he saw an obscenely bulky and gnarly looking dog thing. For some reason however everything went all black and white before he spoke.

"You must be out of your mind."

'Viral trace detected'

'I wander what the others are doing?' Lamar thought to himself as he absorbed the dog thing after crushing his head against the cell for about five minutes . Lamar then fell to his knees clutching his head and passed out before waking up some time later.

'Compatibility registration complete, New viral strain stored in deep layers.'

"Oh I bet these can do some damage'' he said chucking.


"I the great and powerful Tri...." 'BANG'

"no magical fighting in the market." Starnes said as he re-holstered his sidearm and quickly dispersing the gathered crowd.

'My god this is so incredibly dull.' he thought as he discretely consumed the corps of the blue unicorn he had dragged behind a dumpster.

"I just want something to happen." Cass commented as she sat at a marble bench spinning a bullet like a top.

"you think this is bad? try kicking a fucking trees for hours, Or god help you if you go on one of twilight and her friends stupid adventures. Did you know they don't even know what we do?" Starnes replied as he sat across from her, as they watched Lewis beat the shit out of an apple thief.

"He's a cop right? im pretty sure thats police brutality." Connor said as he to sat down but broke the bench he was sitting on.

"He's blackwatch now." cass said

"Remember when we used to be covert about this stuff?"

"When were we ever covert? We'd kick in your door shoot, you, your nabor, and dog and then blow up your building, we were never covert." Starnes said with a chuckle as he lit up a cigarette.

"Remember when those weird dog things kidnapped Rarity. So we went in got her and bombed the area."cass added

"Oh my god i had forgotten about that. could you imagine if Lamar had been here? He would have gone ape shit." Connor laughed

"Or the dragon that made all that smoke. so when Fluttershy and her friends made it back to Ponyville the 332nd shot that fat fucker out of the sky." Lewis added as he finally walked over and sat down.

"Have you found anything my little ponys?" A very familiar voice asked from behind them. The four troopers then bowed before answering.

"No ma'am nothing ye..."

"Nevermind. Get your sister, your niece, the elements, and whatever. lets go." Starnes said before they proceeded to the ship.


"grid two-delta-one clear. moving to last none location sector four-alpha-two and beginning sweep." a large stallion said as he lifted his weapon his .75 caliber, fully automatic, 30 round clip, 600 round a minute, Armor-piercing, high explosive round "SMG" (its about the size of an assault rifle). However the Prince calls it a "Bolter?" for some reason stating that the weapon was ripped off, right out of warhammer what ever that was. He then loaded a TNG into his TAC gun before He proceeded to leap into the air arching towards a rather large forest.

"Now what do we have here? A changeling?" He said to himself as he knelt down and flipped over the corpse of a changeling. 'snap'

"fuck no." he said before turning to face a bush before taking out his "bolter" and firing into the underbrush. (Use your imagination as to what you think this would sound like.)

The Stallion then began climing a rock formation following the signal.


It was time, the second official meeting of the changeling hives. 'gush'

Queen ambrosia had had agreed to have it held in one of the vast caves in her forest. and this would act as neutral ground where they would settle border disputes, a queen would discuss upcoming plans, and other issues. Today the queens present were Queen Chrysalis who was currently discussing her plans on an assault on canterlot. Queen Ambrosia who was playing with some bugs that hovered around the table they were sat at, Queen Miasma who was acting like she had better things to do and currently tapping her hoof bored and impatient with the lack of proceedings, Queen myxine who was going over documents, an read out of the resorces and numbers of each hive, and Queen Calliphora was currently conversing with Chrysalis. 'gush'

"Ok everypony now that we are all together we most discuss the Serious Issue posed by those strange ponys with CELL on there armor...'gush'" Chrysalis started before she was cut off

"What in Fausts name is that Banging noise!" she yelled.

"I have no idea but it is very annoying, and giving me a head ache." Ambrosia said holding her hand to her head with her eyes closed.

"Myxine didn't you send somepony to check it out?" Chrysalis asked

"Yes but they haven't returned..." she replied before two changelings entered the chamber one with blue detailing and one with green.

"The Prisoner from last night that we captured is awake, and is banging on the bars of his cell." the blue one said followed by the other reporting that princess Nymph had awoken.

"The prisoner? oh yes the stallion we captured with your niece Ambrosia." Myxine said as she stood and walked to the door as the other queens did the same. After a short walk they met up with Princess Nymph who hugged her aunt Ambosia and her adoptive mother Chrysalis. They then walked threw several rows of there guards and passed the behemoth guarding the door to the harvesting pod chambers, where the banging was joined by what sounded like the faint sound of a male singing. 'GUSH' That last bang didn't sound to healthy.

"Aaagh! FUCK! MY FUCKING ARM IS BROKEN!Fuck,fuck fuck!" they heard the male's voice echo threw out the cavern followed by a rather welcome pause.

"there we go." they heard as they rounded a a pod and one of the only Cells in the chamber came into view, After all these cells were only meant to act as holding until more harvesting pods were ether constructed or became available.

"Raptor!" Nymph yelled as she ran ahead of the five queens only to be stopped by the magical grip of her adoptive mother. The Changeling queens and Princess looked gazed into the Cell and what they saw was simply astounding. there in the cell was an honest to goodness Male alicorn, the queens were to put it simply shocked the last male alicorn they had heard of died from the plauge two thousand years ago. Yet here one was and what a specimen, he had the build, figure, and bullying swagger of a soldier. Yet he was short by alicorn standards only being the same height as Carapace meaning that he was still young and growing. At first it was difficult to see him do to his black coat, but once they got closer they could actually make out some noticeable details on his person. First of all was the cutie mark on his flank which was visible do to the ragged pants that were provided by the centurions that must have brought him here. The mark itself was quite strange it consisted of a yellow star and a pare of blocky yellow wings on ether side.

As they walked closer they could see that he was just standing there thinking to himself and they could see other markings on his body. One such marking was on his left shoulder which appeared to be the head of a snarling white dragon.
Below that on the side of his arm ending above his elbow he had the phrase "Into the fires of battle, Unto the anvil of war", And below that on his forearm he had another phrase which looked like gibberish to them "In'jamba a'guaga ne'ura' en'gey". They then saw him abruptly turn his head in there direction before turning to face them as they neared they then saw on his chest above his heart he had another marking worked around three circular holes (scares form bullet wounds) forming a downward facing triangle.

"What?" Raptor demanded crossing his arms but upon noticing Nymph let his arms fall to his side.

"Hey Nymph hows it going?" he asked as he looked passed the changeling princes to the five larger changelings behind her.

"Nymph who the fuck are they?" he finished, yep not your regular regal alicorn.

"Well My handsome stallion i am..." Miasma began before she was promptly cut off.

"I didn't fuck'n ask you!" the stallion yelled as they finally reached the bars.

"How dare you address me in such a way I am Queen Miasma, Queen of the second largest changeling hive in all of Equestria! I could destroy you without a second thought, you insolent worm." she stated proudly and angrily placing a hand on her chest for dramatic effect.

"well you smell funny." Raptor answers with a cocky smile.

"'ahem' Any way starting the introductions you have already met Queen Miasma. So this here is Queen Myxine, next to her is Queen Calliphora shes kind of creepy, next is my aunt Queen Ambrosia whos taritory we are in and queen of the third largest hive, And last is my mother Queen the largest and most aggressive hive queen Chrysalis." Nymph stated with pride.

"I am Prince Raptor Equenus. It is a pleasure to meet most of you." he replied.

"what happened to the other prisoner?" Ambrosia asked genuinely trying figure out the location of her newly acquired plaything.

"Um was it a weird dog look'n thing?" he asked her.

"Yes he was a diamond dog, that I captured a few days ago." she answered looking around the cell frying to find the beast is it was hiding.

"oh hes dead." Raptor replied nonchalantly

"how, and why!?" Calliphoria who had remained silent until now asked.

"I smashed his face against the cell for about five minutes. And i didn't like the way he was looking at me."

"Raptor was it? If that's true then where is his body?" Miasma asked doing a complete 180 from her earlier bitchy attitude getting a chuckle from him.

"uughuu" he replied shrugging his shoulders gesturing to the bloodstain on the ground near by.

"Any way. What were you doing with my Daughter last night?" Chrysalis asked crossing her arms.

"well after i killed all the cell soldiers in that shit ass town I found Nymph in a house and started my walk back to Canerlot, she just happened to tag along." he answered before they watched what looked like a line of black and red tendrils go from the tip of his horn to the bottom of his hooves as he rolled his shoulders and the next thing they knew he was in different clothes. (A sleeveless version of the blackwatch uniform. only with no collar,no bayonet, or right shoulder pad)

"How did you do that? You are wearing a Magic suppressor." Myxine asked actually tugging on the fabric of his vest to see if it was real and not some illusion, it was.

"It's none of your fuck'n business." he replied as he stretched his wings before giving them a few flaps before folding them back up. Raptor began kicking loos rocks into the barrier, or just crushing them with his armored "boot?" as Nymph explained what had happened after they had entered the forest the night before. The five queens then nodded to one another before addressing the alicorn again.

"Well Prince Raptor. In light of this new information we think you would be the perfect candidate to help us with a little issue." Chrysalis said as she deactivated the barrier.

"Well that depends on what it is?" he replied as he exited the cell. They then heard a loud bang from outside that shook the ceiling. And Raptor go stiff a second before he looked to them and pushed Nymph sending her into her aunt.

"GET DOWN!" he yelled as he tackle dove Chrysalis to the ground as a large rock smashed into the position she had once been. A Behemoth immediately lumbered into the chamber as a section of the roof collapsed. It then charged the Young alicorn who was awkwardly straddling Chrysalis before a figure emerged from the small dust cloud created by the rubble.

"Get some!" A male voice called as a Very large and tall stallion jump punched (super man punched) the behemoth. This stallion was absolutely massive standing about nine feet tall with bulging mussels. Much to there horror the massive stallion then proceeded to shoulder charge the behemoth knocking it to his level before kneeing it in the face and then ripping its lower jaw off, and proceing to pummel the beast.

"Bitch" he grunted as he tossed the jaw at the dying changeling before walking over and grabbed Raptor by the back of his neck with his massive left hand and lifted him off of the ground and back to his hooves. They then watched as ropes fell from the hole in the ceiling and four ponys three stallions and one mare lower them selves with the ropes, followed by the Royal princesses, six mares, and some royal knights. However the strangely armored earthpony stallion lost his grip and fell on his face, resulting on the other three strangely armed ponys laughing at his folly.

"...Jesus Christ, starnes." Raptor sighed.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the wait, and the quality of this chapter Im not very good at character development when it comes to non military people. And i had some serious writers block.

But the Regularly scheduled and general incompetence of blackwatch should continue soon.
Pleas let me know what you thought, and what you think i can do to better my character development and anything in general.

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