Friends until the bitter end: Rebirth

by Carmine Prophet


Five days had passed in Ponyville and Lamar had been given a room in Rarity’s boutique, Cooper was staying with Fluttershy, Starnes and Lewis stayed with Apple Jack, and Cass stayed with PinkiePie. In the five days since they had arrived here in equestria Lamar, starnes, and Connor have come to terms with being Evolved. And in this time the five had actually started going on Daily and Nightly patrols into the everfree forest.

"I don't know why the hell they are afraid of this forest." Cass said as she and Jameson walked ahead of the rest of the squad.

"That's an amazing question Cass." Raptor asked .

"I mean they avoid this place like it has the nastiest virus. No offence." she responded

"None taken. Hey starns were you able to fix my radio?" Raptor asked as they crossed a rope bridge.

"here." starnes muttered handing his CO the radio.

"Sweet. Ya bu.."

"Connor did you see that?"

"Flash of light, castle?"

"Ya, Zulus. Noise discipline, silencers, lights out." Lamar ordered attaching a silencer to his pistol and riffle before the lights on there armor deactivated leaving them little more than ghosts in the dark.

"Lets move. Lets get our frogman on." he whisperer as he and his group neared what looked like an old castle and he made a two fingered pointing gesture towards a large tree.

Starnes immediately aimed his right arm at the base of the branch firing a small cable from under his arm bayonet. The small three pronged device impacted the tree then it drilled itself into the branch before pulling him up.

As he got up to the branch he hooked a carabiner to the gable which he hooked to his belt and climbed on top of the branch taking a prone stature and for the first time since his arrival in this new word brought his Intervention to bear.

"Raider In position." he whisperer into his radio.

"Roger." Lamar said as he knifed handed the air in front of him before moving forward.

With that the group of three moved forward before they heard the sound of hoof falls and wing beats up ahead of them. So silently the group of four slipped into the thick underbrush to advance on the unknowns ahead of them. When they were in visual range they saw a group of pegasi that resembled the wanderbolts they had heard about from Rainbow Dash And a small group of pegasi with batwings bat ponies if they remember right, however these ponies carried crossbows and were at platoon strength.

"Shaka." Starnes started over the radio receiving green light in recognition.

"our five friends and that purple unicorn are inbound on your location." he continued

"Ask them if they know what the fuck they are doing out here, and if they know who these guys are." he received in a text message.

"They say they are here to retrieve the elements of harmony and defeat some some bitch named nightmare moon. And Ms Rainbow Dash said that the ones what looked like the wanderbolts tried to stop her before..... Yes sir." Starnes said as he lay above the main six they watched him drop down a small silver and black spinning disk and with a flicker of red light the six mares were amazed to see a full sized red image of Raptor with his 'hand bow' in hand.

"Alright whatever your doing out here better be important." they heard the hologram say firmly his right wing giving a small twitch.

"we are saving the world form nightmare moons evil." twilight replied

"Get it done. We'll hold them off you. Connor with me, Swat Cass fire support, Raider cleared hot." he said as he deactivated the holo-com before he sprang forwards and snatched up the closest hostile to him, while he had a hand over the mouth of the bat pony he held her head up from behind as he slit her through with his arm bayonet, then snapped her neck before he took his sidearm from its holster and double tapped another before rolling behind a rock to use as cover.

"Who the Hay is tha..!" another bat pony started before he was kicked into the wall of the castle and was pasted.

"Frag out!" Cass yelled as she tossed a grenade over the tree she was using as cover. After its short flight it landed on a crowd of ten hostiles who were promptly ripped/blown to bits by the grenade. She then raised out of cover and fired off a few rounds with her MP5 downing another three before she got back into cover before the enemy could get her location.

As Cass was doing her thing Lewis moved into a more defensible position flipped to semi-auto and laid into the enemy with his MP10 his years in the seals before he joined SWAT perfecting his knight fighting skills. In fact one of the Bat ponies had gotten to close so he shot him in the base of the spine and stomped on his face when he hit the ground. "Bitch"

"What the fuck?" Cass baked over the radio as she stabbed one of the shaddowbolts in the wind pipe.

"What is it cass?" connor asked as he fired an incendiary grenade pointblank into a ponys chest setting the soul on fire from the inside out.

"Its shows shadowbolts you kill'em and they turn to smoke and comeback some ware else." cass made known.

"Fuck. Ok try to push them back." Lamar said over the radio as he reloaded his sidearm and finally switched to his riffle


"Nice shot Starnes." Lamar said before he noticed Raiders Indicator flash green then red and Back to green.

"Everyone get to cover, NOW!" Lamar yelled into the radio, and much to the now 35 enemy's surprise the alicorn and the Pegasus just ran away.

That was there biggest mistake for the second Lamar and Cooper were behind cover there was a sharp hiss was heard before there was a sudden raise in temperature because it looked like the sidewalk in the middle of summer. However to much to there horror they watched as one by one half of the now remaining twenty-five remaining Batponys began exploding, as they seamed in pure agony from being cooked from the inside out

"Damn. Microwave round, that's Nasty." Lamar commented.

"Oorah." Starnes grunted as he loaded a normal round.

"hooah" Connor commented.

"Hooyah" Lewis uttered.

"here come's twilight and the others." Cass told the group as she and the others reloaded.

"Alright now our chance. Fire at will!" Lamar yelled hearing the civilians running up from behind him.

"Go, go go!" he yelled as he was shot in the shoulder with a crossbow bolt.

"Raptor, no..." Rarity started before they saw that the offending bolt shattered like glass on his armor.

"I'm fine, Fuck'n go!" he yelled as he dive rolled into a shadowbolt and threw it to cooper who grabbed it and with his personal arm bayonet, a forearm mounted hydraulic piston he punched the shadowbolt in the face resulting in the spike punching threw its head and out the other side.

"Clear." Lewis said he shot a dying bat pony in the head after a five ten minute fight.

'Nano vision enabled.'

"concealed hostiles inside. Cas, Lewis secure this door. Connor, Starnes with me." Lamar ordered and reloaded his sidearm before he leapt towards the closest Window to the eight heat signatures.

"Got it/Sir" Connor and Stanes yelled repeating their CO's actions

With the main six and the solar and lunar princesses.

"Twilight I told you that you needed to make some friends, nothing more..."


"Get down!" they heared a male voice say before they turned to see that it was Reaper who yelled it before firing his M22 into the corner destroying a section of the wall revealing a large ballista as it fired two of its five its large bolts at the solar princess they watched the bolt soar threw the air unable to stop the inevitable Equestria was about to loose its leader.

'Maximum Armor'

'Auto Armor'


'Nano vision enabled, Targets Marked'

Celestia watched in shier amazement as two of the very ponys she had saved mere days ago jump in front of her and take two ballista bolts unscathed. However what amazed her was that the one in front of her was an Alicorn but that didn't explain how he and other were able to take a hit that should have killed them and keep standing.

"Lets do this." Reaper said as he and the other two handed there weapons to the closest pony to them.

The civilians present watched as the lights on the three's armor turned on before turning red before there arms were covered in black and red tendrils. When they were finished they gasped in shock or horror as they saw that there arms now looked like glowing roots around a strange organic structure in the shape of an arm, and at the end of each of there arms were different bladed structors. Starnes's resembled two parallel swords that ended just above his ankles with a glowing organic spike separating the two blades, Reaper's looked like two shin length axe like blades with the top being flat and the bottom comprising the hooked like axe blade, And Raptors were two lower knee length double edged triangular blades with five spikes growing out of the elbow.

They watched the three whatever they were sprint into the hole that Reaper had made earlier and all they heard were screams, pleas for mercy, wet squelches, and wet slicing noises, and the sound crossbows being fired followed the sound of breaking bones then an eerie silence.

"That. Was. BAD ASS!" they heard a voice they didn't recognize yell.

"....wa" was all Twilight got out before three bat ponys came out of the hole Celestia was about to blast them when they saw them covered in tendrils and turn into the 'ponys' they knew.

"So you'r Raptor?" celestia asked as she stepped forward.

"Ya what of it."

"I have a proposition for you."